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the closing time thread

Discussion in 'Epic Threads' started by mantis, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. mantis

    mantis TDPRI Member

    May 19, 2006
    Hi Folks,

    Here's an interesting idea (I hope) for an ongoing thread.

    The idea here is this; to only add a post from those of you who have just gotten home from their gig.

    Right now, it's 5am my time (Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada) and I've just driven home from my gig in Charlottetown PEI. A little spot called Hunter's Ale House.

    It was a good gig; I happened to break in a new Traynor 40 and an extension cab with an Ash tele replete with hipshot b-bender rig. Good fun.

    My other guitarist runs a Z. Clean spankin' tones all around.

    We actually had guys coming up and commenting on our clean tone who weren't guitarists! Gotta love that.

    High point of the evening - bonking a dude on the head with my mic because he wouldn't get off the stage. Good times.

    So there you go. Any of you late nighters just wrapping up a gig? Drop er' down!


  2. Big John

    Big John RIP

    Feb 1, 2006
    Austin Tx.
    Sweet dreams mantis ............... it's 9:14 AM here and i'm getting out of bed !

  3. Nick JD

    Nick JD Doctor of Teleocity Ad Free Member

    Closing time? I've just come in from outside watching the sun set and am about to cook dinner. :lol:

    Good to hear your gig went well, mate.

  4. mantis

    mantis TDPRI Member

    May 19, 2006
    Hahahah - wow! Thanks for the kind words - from sundown to sunset, heheh.

    I love it here. So many guitarists from so many time zones.

    Well...hope to hear some great stories. Would love to hear of the different bars, styles, gear, and so on that my fellow tele pickers could share.


  5. mantis

    mantis TDPRI Member

    May 19, 2006
    Figured I'd bump this by showing you pics of the last place I played - a nice little spot called "The Rare Bird Pub".

    It's located in Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada. A nice little spot off the water with some very friendly townsfolk.




    Great spot...and some tasty microbrew. ;)

  6. mantis

    mantis TDPRI Member

    May 19, 2006
    Any takers? I'd love to hear some stories. :)

  7. bendecaster

    bendecaster Friend of Leo's

    Aug 1, 2007
    I'll have to wait until Satuday around 3am. I'm doing my REAL job tonight!

  8. RickG501

    RickG501 Tele-Afflicted

    Oct 17, 2007
    Oklahoma City
    Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Man they believe in painting things in those subtle earth tones, heh?

  9. Tim Armstrong

    Tim Armstrong Super Moderator Staff Member

    Mar 5, 2003
    Austin, Texas
    Admin Post
    I'm gigging Thursday, Friday and twice on Saturday, I'll post after at least one of those gigs!

    Cheers, Tim

  10. woodman

    woodman Doctor of Teleocity Ad Free + Supporter

    Nov 28, 2004
    Mint Hill, NC
    i didn't post over the weekend, but i had two VERY different closing-time experiences.

    Friday, i played a hired-gun bar gig with a kid whose dad is paying old pro's good bucks to back up his 18-year-old son, who's a talented Santana-style guitarist but green as grass. they rounded up every piece of gear in the county and set up a massive PA suitable for a large hall. we were supposed to start at 10, but they didn't get the PA up and running til after 11. the few people who hung around left after about the fourth Santana song in a row. after the gig i felt hopeless, like why am i still doing this **** at my age, and woke up in the morning feeling crappy and burned out.

    then Saturday, my band (the Stragglers) played a show with a Cajun band opening for us and an enthusiastic crowd. it was our first full-band gig with a new keyboard player, and he knocked our socks off. it was one of those nights when you wish you could have played til 3 or 4 o'clock. the crowd loved it, and the band felt strengthened and rejuvenated. had to get up early Sunday morning for a family event, but felt great and the buzz lasted for two days. funny how that happens!

  11. getbent

    getbent Telefied Ad Free Member

    just got home from playing a car show (hot rods) in a little tiny town in the parking lot of the store/restaurant... it was pretty dang fun... the bass player and steel turned way up and made it tough for me... I have pretty much decided I'm gonna buy a silver face twin after this gig... then, there is pretty much no ceiling for me....

    The promoter brought us beers and tri tip sammiches when we finished AND helped load gear and offered us several more gigs and paid in full and cash! Pretty good gig and the band played okay and several people told us we were "great"... we play an elks lodge tomorrow night.. and we have a regular thing at a local honky tonk next month and in oct...

    things are good... right now.

  12. mantis

    mantis TDPRI Member

    May 19, 2006
    Hi Guys,

    Diggin' the stories!

    Just finished playing to five people at the Five Points Lounge in Moncton, NB - a tiny little maritime pub that feels more like my extended living room than a bar.

    I kicked back, grabbed a nylon string guitar, and played all the Willie Nelson songs I knew.

    It was a few bucks and a kick in the a$$, but man, I just love laid back gigs like that sometimes.

    Hope this becomes an ongoing thread. It's truly interesting to hear from all you pickers out there. Makes me feel I'm not so alone. :)

  13. Daddydex

    Daddydex Friend of Leo's

    Feb 15, 2007
    Just got home from a packed house at The Saloon in Wilkes-Barre, PA. 5 piece band every Wednesday night for the last 6 years. I have a bad cold but the band played so well tonight I forgot I was sick.


  14. crawdad

    crawdad Tele-Afflicted

    Mar 19, 2006
    Tonight was a family adventure for me. My daughter and my son went out to an open mic gig. Since my son is visiting from San Francisco, me and Mrs. Crawdad went out for the fun. I brought my mandolin and Martin and sat in with some of the performers--like my kids--and then I sang a couple tunes on my own. I had a blast--and it was one of those rare "play for free" gigs.

    Tomorrow I will be in a club in Birmingham, Michigan--a paid gig. Friday will be an outdoor concert and Saturday is also an outdoor show. Sunday is a solo gig. I can pass on tales from those gigs after they happen. Being a musician is definitely an interesting life!

  15. crawdad

    crawdad Tele-Afflicted

    Mar 19, 2006
    OK. Tonight was a club date in Birmingham, Michigan with my classic rock band. The place is called Edison's and has a motif based on the inventor. We start at 9pm and do three one hour sets. When we started, there were about six people in the place, but by 9:30 it was pretty much full.

    It was a great night for me. Many friends came out and my son, who is visiting from San Fran came, as well as my wife and my daughter, who sang with the band on a number. We got several audience members up to play cowbell and tambourine--or to just be a part of the music on stage. It was a pleasure. Crowd reaction was great and we had a lot of dancers as well as listeners.

    I used my Tele, Allen Old Flame and a few effects for the show. Crowd reaction was excellent and the time flew by. I got to drive home with my son, talking about life, music and making a living.

    I really feel blessed to be able to make music at my age--to have such wonderful friends and a strong family. It all came together tonight. I'm not getting rich, but I am wealthy when I consider that I have such a wonderful set of family and friends and that I get to put a guitar in my hand to make a living. It is priceless, really.

    Tomorrow is the Johnny Cash Tribute Show. Our friend and member here--Rockin' Carl--is also doing some of these shows, so there is a common bond for that show here on the TDPRI. Until then....

  16. winny pooh

    winny pooh Friend of Leo's

    Jan 24, 2006
    South London
    Finished up a small gig on bass last night in Covent Garden in London, Pretty diverse members, 1 Italian (vox), 2 Brits(keys & vox), 2 French guys (drums & perc), 1 Belgian (on trumpet)and unclassifiable me, playing groovy latin funk folk.

    Its our first gig after 2 2hr rehearsals and we did pretty good :D
    Watched the following band, had some snacks with the wife and got home early.
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  17. zoppotrump

    zoppotrump Tele-Afflicted

    Jan 12, 2005
    nuernberg, germany
    i just got up out of bed. we played a charity event for severe ill kids in our neighbour town. weather was fine, beer was cold and food was plenty and a lot of people showed up, so they got a lot of money collected for these kids. PA was ok, there were 4 bands beside us and at the end there was a big session on stage, which ended up as a big mess, because three singers ( of different bands ) started an argument on stage ...which next song to do...what key...who´s singing lead.... and so on. it was a bitter drop in a nice day.
    then something wonderful happend , when all the other fellow guitar players and me joined together and imagine or not, we all had the same opinions and headshakes about our front men discussing in front of the audience. so we started playing not giving a darn about them.... giving them a real hard time to come in....
    i think only a few out of the audience took notice of this mess, so the people enjoyed themselves very well and had a great day...


  18. Tim Armstrong

    Tim Armstrong Super Moderator Staff Member

    Mar 5, 2003
    Austin, Texas
    Admin Post
    I just got out of bed, too, forgot to post last night. My brother and I did our acoustic duo thing at a local restaurant (we play there most Thursdays). It's a low-key kind of gig, we play while folks are eating dinner, so we don't get very loud (Mike plays his really sweet Martin D-41 and I play my bass into a Yamaha Magic Stomp into the PA system). As is usually the case, there were very few folks left for the last set, so we had some fun, did some songs we've never practiced ("Behind Blue Eyes" was particularly fun!).

    The beer was cold, had some really excellent sushi before the gig, and I got paid, so I reckon I can tolerate being ignored by diners...

    Cheers, Tim

  19. crawdad

    crawdad Tele-Afflicted

    Mar 19, 2006
    Tonight was a Johnny Cash Tribute Show in Wayne, Michigan. For this show, I play my Tele and a martin acoustic on a few tunes, and I do some harmonies and a Carl Perkins cover to give the "Cash" impersonator a break.

    It was a hot and muggy night, but there was a crowd of about 350 people who were Johnny Cash fans, eagerly awaiting the show. I got there early. Part of the deal was that the band would get dinner. Well, dinner turned out to be salad and some two hour old pizza which I passed on.

    Finally, the band before us finishes and we get set up. For me, most of the show is clean Telecaster into my Allen Old Flame, with a bit of slapback echo. Once I get that dialed in and soundcheck my Martin, I am good to go. The stage is big and we have a pro sound company--big mains and real nice monitors.

    We get a good groove happening right from the start. The bass player has a new upright semi-solidbody bass and it is getting that beautiful thump that you only get with such an instrument. The drummer is cracking with crisp energy and our frontman is in great form. I have the Tele set up for that Luther Perkins kind of twang and it is real fun to lock into that stuff. At some points, its almost like early electric Dylan--cool!

    We do a chronological pacing of Cash's hits and we have a girl who does the June Cash character. It goes over REALLY well. At the end we do "Jackson" and the crowd brings us back. We do "Hurt". When we finish that song--ten seconds of dead silence--the audience isn't sure that the song is over 'cause it ends abrubtly, but them the applause comes. It is real satisfying. An hour and a half of music and we are all soaked with sweat, but smiling because its gone well. We've done a credible and inspired tribute. I feel like a million bucks because I get to do this stuff. I'm hot and my clothes are soaked, but I drive home, blasting the air, and think about how good it felt to make music tonight. I know all my gigs won't have this kind of payoff, so I bask in the moment and look forward to the next gig tomorrow.

  20. toadman

    toadman Tele-Afflicted

    Mar 5, 2007
    tonight we played the local gin mill(we do it once a month) normally we play 9:00 till whenever they close(usually about 12:30 or one.) with a first set of about 2 hours, take a break and then play till whenever.tonight we decided to break early and do a marathon 2 hour set and close. we got about 8 songs into the second set (about 11:00) and the bartender gives us the "two more songs" sign. we were a little dsmayed but cashed in early nonetheless..
    it was a bit of a dissappointment because the crowd, whil small in numbers, was big in enthusiasm. oh well.... we got paid the same!

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