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Tele Neck Strat Body, why not?

Discussion in 'Squier Tele Forum' started by Hippieway, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. Hippieway

    Hippieway Tele-Holic

    Mar 15, 2009
    Simple question, I have a 20th anniversary Squire tele neck and an old Fender Squire Series Strat body is there any reason other than appearance that I can't put these two together.

  2. cdollar1

    cdollar1 TDPRI Member

    Jun 21, 2016
    Pell City AL
    You may have troubles with intonation. The tele neck has a square heel that prevents it from sitting close enough towards the bridge on most STRAT bodies since the neck pocket is rounded. Sometimes you get lucky though and have enough adjustment on the bridge to compensate. I've made it work before.

  3. Lost_N_Austin

    Lost_N_Austin Friend of Leo's Silver Supporter

    Feb 18, 2004
    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
    Normally the butt of the heal is shaped differently. The Tele being squared off and the strat rounded. You would need to compensate for those differences without affecting the length from the nut to the saddles. Also the Balance, although slight, could be noticed.


  4. dsutton24

    dsutton24 Poster Extraordinaire Gold Supporter

    Dec 29, 2010
    The neck pocket in the Strat body is curved at the heel. If you put a Telecaster neck in a Strat body you'll have a small curved gap where the neck heel meets the body. Not a big deal, you can cover the gap with a pickguard, ignore it, or modify the neck heel to fit. If you go the 'ignore it' route, the mounting holes in the neck won't line up with the holes in the body. You can either fudge the holes in the body, or plug and redrill the holes in the neck. The intonation will be off a little, you probably have enough travel in the saddles to make up for it.

  5. DSharp

    DSharp Tele-Holic

    Apr 26, 2003
    Southern Indiana

  6. Hippieway

    Hippieway Tele-Holic

    Mar 15, 2009
    Thanks everyone, I knew you guys would know.

  7. Ira7

    Ira7 Poster Extraordinaire

    Jan 8, 2008
    Coral Springs, FL
    It's rounded.

  8. robt57

    robt57 Telefied Ad Free Member

    Feb 29, 2004
    Portland, OR
    Unless you have this type pocket route, or are willing to modify a body to this:


  9. orangeblossom

    orangeblossom Tele-Afflicted Silver Supporter

    Back in the day I often put my 69 Tele neck on my 62 Strat with no problem. Just to get a Strat sound for a change. I didn't care for the Strat's neck much.

  10. Silverface

    Silverface Poster Extraordinaire Platinum Supporter

    Mar 2, 2003
    Lawndale CA
    As long as it's not a vintage guitar just modify the shape of one or the other. Swapping necks between the two has been a common "mod" since the 60's!

  11. chris m.

    chris m. Poster Extraordinaire

    Just to complete the discussion, I believe that going the opposite direction is easier, is it not? I.e., you can put a Strat neck right onto a Tele with no issues at all.

  12. Tony Done

    Tony Done Friend of Leo's

    Dec 3, 2014
    Toowoomba, Australia
    I did it. I had to reshape the end of the heel, but since it was a 22-fret neck, it was hidden under the fretboard extension. Intonation wasn't a problem.

  13. JeffBlue

    JeffBlue Tele-Afflicted

    Oct 24, 2012
    Southern California
    I prefer a tele neck (and I really like reverse headstock) on strats and teles.

  14. Tele5015

    Tele5015 Tele-Meister

    Dec 29, 2015
    I prefer a strat neck on a tele over a tele neck on a strat.

  15. hippychip

    hippychip Tele-Meister

    Dec 7, 2015
    Rounding the corners of the heel is a simple operation---I have done several over the years using a coarse file, and a sanding block!
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  16. Tony Done

    Tony Done Friend of Leo's

    Dec 3, 2014
    Toowoomba, Australia
    yes, easy enough, but a bit more difficult with a fretboard overhang. I mostly used a sharp chisel and a file.

  17. Obsessed

    Obsessed Doctor of Teleocity Silver Supporter

    Nov 21, 2012
    I prefer a strat neck on a strat and a tele neck on a tele.
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  18. 4pickupguy

    4pickupguy Poster Extraordinaire

    May 12, 2013
    Fort Worth, Texas
    I dont play strats much anymore but for a couple of decades MOST of my strat and strat builds had tele necks on them. My first one was a no name body w/a very chunky 66' tele neck on it. I think it looks better than a strat neck, always have.

  19. blackspider57

    blackspider57 Tele-Meister

    Mar 10, 2017
    Great Falls Montana

  20. Sollophonic

    Sollophonic Friend of Leo's

    Somewhere there is a classic shot of Hendrix playing a Strat with a Tele neck, just like there was Claptons Blind Faith Tele which had a Strat neck.

    My beater Affinity wears a Squier SE Strat neck, because the profile is a bit chunkier.


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