Songs of a band where the original guy AND his replacement play on.

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    Well we had two separate threads about bands with one about unlikely and sometimes unwelcome line up changes and the other where the new guy is such a perfect fit that people wouldn't know any better.

    But there are instances where during recording sessions both the departing band member AND his replacement play, which leads to interesting results.
    These two are Simon LeBon and Andy Taylor of Duran Duran, seen here during the band's 1984-85 world tour. When that tour came to an end the band was exhausted and by the time they went into the studio to record their album "Notorious" Taylor had expressed to several people that he had no intention of being part the band anymore.

    When Taylor attended a Missing Persons performance, one particular person he expressed that feeling to was THIS guy.
    Warren Cuccurullo knew an opening when seeing one and promptly offered Duran Duran his services. Joining them as a session guitarist and as a touring guitarist before officially joining them full time in the early nineties.

    "Notorious" was the only Duran Duran album on which both Taylor and Cuccurullo played. But there was one song off the album on which they both played: This one.

    The first solo is Andy Taylor, the second solo is Warren Cuccurulo, the difference in their way of playing is striking.

    So any more instances in which that happened?
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