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Some days you just don't feel like playing the gig

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by thesamhill, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. thesamhill

    thesamhill Tele-Holic

    Dec 20, 2010
    Harrisburg, PA area
    You know? I mean, there's no question that you DO play the gig. You sit there beforehand, just got out of work, gotta grab a bite but your stomach is acting up a little, you gotta load all the stuff, take a drive, unload it all, navigate through the narrow doors with big ol' cases, find a power outlet, get it all wired up, try to figure out why no sound is coming out, and then try to convince yourself that you are all fired up to... entertain people? Aw hail no

    But you're a professional amateur, so you drag your ass out there. And then by like song two you're having a blast and it's all forgotten :)
  2. viccortes285

    viccortes285 Tele-Afflicted

    Jan 14, 2017
    You summed it up good
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  3. deech54

    deech54 Tele-Meister

    Jul 31, 2014
  4. Jupiter

    Jupiter Telefied Silver Supporter

    Jun 22, 2010
    Osaka, Japan
    I don't gig often enough to get this feeling.
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  5. uriah1

    uriah1 Doctor of Teleocity Ad Free Member

    Feb 12, 2011
    Get paid for lugging equip. But that goes away. :)
  6. thesamhill

    thesamhill Tele-Holic

    Dec 20, 2010
    Harrisburg, PA area
    You should, it's great :)

    Welp, time to get a move on, all that stuff ain't gonna load itself, lol
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  7. brookdalebill

    brookdalebill Telefied Ad Free Member

    Nov 15, 2009
    Austin, Tx
    I only have one regular gig I dread.
    I've done it for far too long, and it is criminally "phoned in" and done by rote.
    I'm obviously not the leader, or I would remedy how tedious it is.
    As I have posted many times, I still love to play, and I play with lots of different people.
    Variety keeps me engaged, and sane.
    I keep showing up for it, but the money is the only reason.
    Money is my least favorite motivation.
    I don't know for how much longer I'll do it.
  8. thesamhill

    thesamhill Tele-Holic

    Dec 20, 2010
    Harrisburg, PA area
    @brookdalebill Well, I can't pretend I know what it's like to be a gigging musician in Austin- that's a few steps up the ladder from where I am now, lol! But I agree, money is my least favorite motivation too. Well stated.

    For what it's worth, I suspect the still audience enjoys it even if it's getting tedious for you. There's a player in our area who has his act down to the smallest detail, and sometimes I wonder if he's getting a bit tired of it himself. But he's a hell of a player, and the band is tight, and I enjoy the show regardless. It probably won't make up for a gig you don't enjoy, but if you're there anyway, it might make things a bit more pleasant to get through.
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  9. rarebreed

    rarebreed Tele-Holic

    Jul 26, 2010
    I get the same feeling. The closer it gets to the date of the gig,I get feelings more and more of " I'm dreading this " and all the hassles that go with it. A great majority of the time I have a good time playing the job but again it's all the other hassles of the gig you have to deal with. When the band does have a dry spell of no gigs for a few weeks I find that I don't miss playing like I used to in my younger days. Been doing this for a bit over 50 years, I guess I'm getting too damn old.
  10. RevMike

    RevMike Poster Extraordinaire

    Jul 15, 2004
    Raleigh, NC
    Did a gig with a wicked case of the flu once. About the only time I didn't feel like doing it. Chills so bad I went out to the hot car (in summer) to warm up during a break. I soldiered up and took a mess of Tylenol and such and did it. Nobody was the wiser. The things we do for music!
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  11. -Hawk-

    -Hawk- Friend of Leo's Silver Supporter

    Oct 14, 2015
    IL, USA
    I'm in the "don't gig enough to feel that way" camp as well. With family commitments, once a month is all I can manage to pencil in and each one feels more like an event than a job for me. I anticipate them all and have that feeling you get when all the Christmas present are opened when it's over.

    That being said, I do get more excited for some of them. We play to a home crowd most of the time and they are like a built-in fan club. When we play an away-game it's not quite as exciting.
  12. rjtwangs

    rjtwangs Tele-Holic Silver Supporter

    Jan 18, 2010
    Reston, Virginia
    I see that you're from Harrisburg, I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, used to gig with a rather popular( at the time, and still going )area rock n' roll band. We had a regular gig at a very well known club, called the Decade in the Oakland area of Pgh, home to both the U. of Pgh., known as Pitt and CMU....but I was young, we all were then, and there were nights where they had to come find at almost 70, I just gave notice to a regular Wed. night gig....I just don't know how I'll feel on any given rather that cancel, I go dreading every minute....but once I get there it's usually a good time....but it is on a Wednesday night and sometimes there's like 15 people there....and I have a hard time getting fired up to play, and that is NOT FAIR to the guys I play with( killer guys by the way ) nor is it fair to the folks coming to burn off a mid week funk....I'd rather be an invited guest or just go sit in with friends every now and then....I've lived the life of the road, both in gorgeous tour bus's and tiny cramped vans, flown first class, thought I was going to die in prop planes?? I just want to have fun on MY terms...when I feel like playing I know exactly how you feel....I've never wanted to be one of those guys " phoning it in " but I feared I was becoming just that....didn't like the feeling.....rock'n roll has been good to was my turn to treat it with the respect it deserves.....ymmv....

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  13. LeftyF

    LeftyF TDPRI Member

    Oct 28, 2010
    New Fairfield CT USA
    There's one club we play regularly that I dread. It's in a busy city with 0 parking. You have to double park with the emergencies on, rush the gear in, drive a block down the road and park in an overloaded parking garage. We then cram an 8 piece band onto a tiny stage with a PA that was wired up by someone that must have been on something really good, as it makes no sense. We finally started bringing our programmable board and just use the mains. Even then half the time the monitors won't work and we end up getting it worked out like a minute before we go on, which puts our lead singer in a foul mood for the first song. Then we click in and have a great show. Always tons of people dancing and stay to the end. I miss having roadies and a sound man...
  14. Jim W

    Jim W Friend of Leo's

    Mar 17, 2003
    Played weekly for almost 20 years. Mostly not a problem to get ready for a gig, but sometimes it became a "job" which took away a lot of the fun. Once there it was usually not a problem. Various levels of commitment and preparedness was also a issue at times.
  15. dougstrum

    dougstrum Tele-Holic

    Oct 6, 2015
    blu ridge mtn cabin
    Roadies and a sound man:)

    Yeah~hauling equipment and setting up can be a drag...
    but once it's all working and folks are responding, it's
    game on!!!
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  16. Tony Forman

    Tony Forman Tele-Meister

    The key is to keep your gear as small, light and as minimal as possible. However trying to convince "rock" folks of this can indeed be quite a challenge.
  17. Dennyf

    Dennyf Tele-Holic

    Feb 9, 2011
    Charlotte, NC
    The OP sums up how I feel about almost every gig anymore. Including the end of the post, which is why I still do it. ;-)
  18. String Tree

    String Tree Doctor of Teleocity

    Dec 8, 2010
    Up North
    Moving equipment, where the Glamour wears-off the fastest!
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  19. thegeezer

    thegeezer Tele-Holic

    Jul 5, 2010
    West Michigan
    Yeah, there's still nothing like it when the room is full, the band is hitting on all cylinders but...

    There's the load in and load out, the slow nights, the nights the singer steps on half your solos or forgets to come back in and leaves you hanging until your fingers are cramping up. And honest, some nights I don't feel like leaving home but then I do and I have fun.

    I mentioned in a post yesterday that I'm at 49 years and counting when it comes to playing in a band. I'm sure I'll make 50 but 55 years might be a stretch. I'm not there, but I'm beginning to feel it coming.
  20. macatt

    macatt Tele-Meister

    Jan 10, 2007
    silverdale wa
    I see I'm not alone. At 69 with over 54 years put in. I'm pretty tired but there's really no end in sight.

    S Mac
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
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