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    Feb 8, 2019
    So we've got single coils with 12 pole-pieces now. I know you couldn't get as many windings with the same gauge, not even on a normal humbucker probably (still not positive why it's so much bigger than a regular HB unless it's windings) but you could put those CuNiFe pole pieces in one if you had the tooling. Has anybody done something like that?

    Pretty much I'm a fan of the traditional bridge and curious what that would sound like. I'm thinking like a SD Quarter Pound, but I'd be fine with being wrong there.

    Would be cool in a strat too. I've got one of the newer WHRB's that was in the neck of something, hacked a parts strat up to fit it at the bridge. Sounds alright.

    Also interested in a hidden coil for humbucking kinda like Kramer did in the 80's. Any relevant conjecture is appreciated.
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