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Reverb Pedal vs Amp. Reverb...

Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by KnopflerStyle, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. KnopflerStyle

    KnopflerStyle Tele-Holic

    Jun 22, 2005
    Guys! i dont use to be here since i dont have too many pedals and im not a effect fanatic. Neither i manage very well those.

    I have realised that i only use my amp reverb (always) and maybe some delay+compressor, but sometimes since i love the clean tone of my amp.

    Since i always use reverb, i am thinking in a Reverb Pedal, since i use it everytime and maybe give me more alternatives.

    So is it worth the extra money?

    Im thinking in a Biyang since its cheap. In case that it is not good enough... i am temped with the Hall of Fame2.

    Biyang Rv-10 / Hall of fame 2

    note: My reverb comes from a Blackstar Artist 15 and HTR1.
  2. bigben55

    bigben55 Friend of Leo's

    May 19, 2010
    Cincinnati, OH
    The Biyang doesn't suck. Unbeatable for the money. A big step up is the Wampler Faux Spring Reverb.
  3. KnopflerStyle

    KnopflerStyle Tele-Holic

    Jun 22, 2005
    USD 230 ufff...

    Wampler Faux and Hall of Fame2 is way better than an amp reverb? Is it worth the 150 / 200usd?
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  4. Pickin N Grinin

    Pickin N Grinin Tele-Meister

    Mar 9, 2008
    New Jersey U.S.A.
    I like quite a bit of reverb at times. I currently have Vibrolux Reverb and Bandmaster Reverb amps, a separate Fender reverb unit (reissue), and one of the Holy Grail reverb pedals. I don't know if it matters but my pedal is one of the earlier ones, not the "2" model. (Obviously not all used at the same time)

    As to quality of reverb I think I would rate what comes out of the Fender reverb unit #1, followed by the reverb built into the amps as #2, and lastly the Holy Grail Reverb pedal. Not that the pedal isn't good, you can get several different reverb sound out of it. But I think I like the sound of the separate unit a bit better.

    Correction, I have the Hall of Fame pedal, not Holy Grail.
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  5. bluesholyman

    bluesholyman Tele-Afflicted

    Nov 10, 2013
    Greater Atlanta
    The [digital] reverb on my amp was uninspiring and it took me a while to find a reveb pedal I liked - a while being about 9 months of shifting things in and out.

    I think reverb is one of those pedals that you get what you pay for and if you want a good sounding reverb, you need to spend for it. Now "good" is in the eye of the beholder and while a lot of guys play a Hall of Fame, including Larry Carlton, it wasn't my bag of tea.

    I ended up with a 'verb pedal that is $250 new, but found it about half of that used in a store - a happy accident. I was done with reverb, had settled on a light delay and then found this pedal - not gonna say what it is because its really about what pleases you and I am not trying to promote a specific pedal.

    The only reason I didn't go with the HOF is because I wanted to run it in my effects loop, and my amp lost its dynamic when I did that - wasn't willing to sacrifice the dynamics for reverb. Found a pedal that I loved how it sounded, didn't impact the amp in the effects loop in a negative way, and I was good to go.

    Trying some out until you find one you like - its worth the time...but thats just my opinion...
  6. Milspec

    Milspec Friend of Leo's

    Feb 15, 2016
    Depends on how saturated your reverb choice is. I run mainly out of 60's Blackface heads so a pedal becomes important to get reverb. If you are going for some Dick Dale kind of stuff, a pedal will never do it, but for more mild stuff, I think it does well enough. I use the TC Hall of Fame pedal right now and did use the Holy Grail for a long time before that and they both do a very good job. In each case, a pedal will always have a drier signal than a tube reverb in the amp or external reverb enclosure for that matter, but it probably doesn't matter to most ears.

    Running the numbers, you can get a tube driven reverb tank for around $700, a high-end boutique pedal for about $250, or a lower end pedal for about $120. Which one you want will depend on your ears.
  7. J-Flanders

    J-Flanders TDPRI Member

    Aug 4, 2016
    The reverb in your HT1R is pretty generic: big room / small hall kinda.
    It's definitely not bad but nothing really special either, it simply gets the job done and doesn't annoy (me) in any way.
    It's a stereo reverb hower which makes the headphones out (together with the very good speaker emulation) quite excellent.

    The biggest difference in using an 'external' reverb pedal is that it will be before the preamp instead of after. (since the HT1R does not have an effects loop)
    Especially when playing with some overdrive or distortion from the amp, having the reverb before the distortion instead of after, will give a distinctly different sound/tone. You'll be distorting the reverberation instead of reverberating the distortion.

    I'd suggest some kind a spring reverb as that is a classic for guitar, either analog with a real tank, (surfy bear kit is less than 100$ including the tank) or digital.
    But if you're not into spring and more into shimmer or plate or something else you might be better of with a digital reverb pedal that has different kinds of reverb.

    The three most used/suggested pedals in that case are:
    Boss RV5
    TC Electronic Hall of Fame
    Digitech Polara

    All three can be found under 100$ used.
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  8. KnopflerStyle

    KnopflerStyle Tele-Holic

    Jun 22, 2005
    Ok thats really important. The Artist has an Effect Loop despite of the HTR1 as you said doesnt ... If fact my delay sucks through the HTR1 (BOSS DD3).

    Well i play country, so the reverb plays a embellishing role, but to me, very important. I dont need those spacial ship sounds or rare effects.
  9. Milspec

    Milspec Friend of Leo's

    Feb 15, 2016
    Sounds like the HOF pedal will work well for you then. Pick one up cheap and give it a try.
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  10. bigben55

    bigben55 Friend of Leo's

    May 19, 2010
    Cincinnati, OH
    If you have amp reverb, that's "usually" better. If its a tube driven, spring tank, it's almost always better. But some amps have cheap onboard digital reverb. Pedals can sound better. Pedals are for those amps with 1)bad reverb, or 2)no reverb.
  11. 4pickupguy

    4pickupguy Poster Extraordinaire

    May 12, 2013
    Fort Worth, Texas
    Reverb is more a set and forget thing unless it has a little more to offer. The HOF with a couple of slots for sounds other than a spring reverb would allow more mileage out of your investment. Using a very short room verb as a slap back replacement (I actually prefer this to slap echo) for example or a modulated verb for ballads etc... The four knob HOF can be had for under $100 used and is worth every penny.
  12. -Hawk-

    -Hawk- Friend of Leo's Silver Supporter

    Oct 14, 2015
    IL, USA
    I'd vote for Boss RV6.

    I'd vote twice for trying some different options for yourself.
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  13. Penguinchit

    Penguinchit TDPRI Member

    Jul 14, 2017
    I have the HOF2 and it's pretty good. I was enticed by it because of the MASH button and found out that that function is pretty bunk. If I could do it over, I would go with the HOF and save me some dough. MASH button just doesn't really do anything noticeable.
  14. raysachs

    raysachs Tele-Afflicted Silver Supporter

    May 21, 2017
    Near Philly
    In the past I had amps with very good spring reverb units. Had one that was amazing and one that was really good but not quite amazing. Now my amps have digital reverb units that are just barely OK and I’ve had other amps with digital reverb that was terrible. So now I have a pedal (a Boss RV-6, but that’s just my preference from the few I tried, not to say it’s better or worse - I didn’t love the HOF, but lots of people do) and I prefer it because I can get the same dialed in reverb sound with any amp I plug into.

    The one downside to a reverb pedal in front of the amp is it doesn’t work well with the amps overdriven sounds. I use my amp as a clean platform and add OD before the reverb on the pedal-board and it all sound great. The few times I used the amp’s OD, having the reverb in front of the amp sounded terrible - duck farts at best... Maybe it would work better with an effects loop, but I don’t have an amp with a loop...
  15. ellisvertellis

    ellisvertellis Tele-Holic

    Nov 29, 2012
    I'm doing a blues jam opening with some friends this friday and we got together yesterday night. I will be playing a Hot Rod Deluxe, which is fine by me (not my first choice). But seriously thinking of bringing a pedal for the reverb: that onboard spring reverb is just plain awful!! It's loud and pushy if you want long dwell, or too short at usable volume.
    Sometimes pedals are just better I guess! :D
  16. mad dog

    mad dog Friend of Leo's

    Jun 27, 2005
    Montclair, NJ
    A lot of my favorite amps don't even have reverb. Others do, but quality varies wildly, even amp to amp of the same model. So I use either a CB Topanga or Map Professor Silver Spring pedal. Even when the amp has reverb, I more often just use the pedals. Love how they sound, and know exactly what I'll get when using them, so I usually forget to try the amp reverb if it is available.
  17. -Hawk-

    -Hawk- Friend of Leo's Silver Supporter

    Oct 14, 2015
    IL, USA
    Yea it's terrible. Was very surprised the first time I heard it.
  18. nic'o'caster

    nic'o'caster Tele-Afflicted

    Apr 10, 2004
    Middle Earth
    I absolutely love the lush reverb of my Carr Rambler. Used sparingly it adds a bit of space in tiny rooms or rehearsal places. That said, when I need something more spacious or fully configurable I use a reverb pedal (now the great MXR reverb). It all depends on what you're playing... Before buying new, consider the used market : many good reverb pedals can be found nowadays.
  19. artdecade

    artdecade Poster Extraordinaire

    Dec 6, 2010
    Amp reverb. Pedal reverb. Meh.
    Just play bigger venues.

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  20. Bob M

    Bob M Tele-Afflicted Ad Free Member

    May 11, 2011
    North of Boston
    Lots of reverb talk lately. I used a HOF for a long time, and it's still on my main pedal board. I bought a VanAmp Sole-Mate which I absolutely love. It's a spring unit, not cheap at $285, but it sounds great with every non-reverb amp I've used it with. It's on all the time.
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