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Re: effects stompbox or digital multi effects?

Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by FRETCOM, Mar 18, 2003.



    Mar 18, 2003
    Morrow, Ohio
    Hi fellow tdpri'ers,

    I need some feedback. I play out with my band primarily rock&blues...a little twang and funk as well. I play a Gibby SG CLassic with P-90's and/or a G&L ASAT Special with the large P-90 looking pups. I play a Fender HRD that I just had re-tubed with Svetlana power tubes and JJ preamp tubes. I love the sound until I plug in my usual device into the effects loop that I have been using JUST FOR chorus & delay EFFECTS...a pod.

    As soon as I put it in my effects loop the volume drops considerably and the tone is squeezed. I had been using the tube preamp setting with a flat eq, no amp model, and just the chorus or delay that I wanted.

    I have heard from others at tdpri that the pod is not designed for this and I understand that. I am looking for a better way and have the following questions:

    Will most any/all other digital multi effects processors do the same to my tone?

    Is analog hands down the better way to go given my style and setup?

    Are stompboxes flat out the better way to go?

    Do I need to be concerned with a hard bypass if I go the stompbox route?

    I assume that the effects loop on the amp should be used with chorus and delay (in that order).

    All I need really is a chors and delay. I use the amp overdrive/distortion. I hear that the Arion chorus sch-1 is a great chorus. What is a great/in-expensive delay?

    Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks a lot



  2. jordanl

    jordanl Tele-Holic

    Mar 18, 2003
    Farmingdale, NY
    stompboxes or multi fx

    I would check into the level of the effects loop, and see whether it is designed to work with pedals or line level(rack) type gear. I have heard the Arion is a good chorus, some other chorus pedals I like would include Boss CE-2 and DC-2. As far as delay I'm partial to the little guyatone MD-3, its a warm sounding digital delay. Analog delays are warmer in tone but they have shorter max delay times, which may not work in some applications.

    You may want to go with a rack processor for your delay and chorus effects. I'm unable to advise you in that direction though.

    As you've come to realize the pod is designed to take the place of an amp,

  3. hippietim

    hippietim Friend of Leo's

    Mar 17, 2003
    cheap delay

    I am very happy with the cheap little Johnson delay. I got mine on Ebay for $33 brand new. Here is the auction I won:

    E-mail the guy, he lists them all the time. He also has the Johnson analog chorus and flangers for $29, I'm thinking about giving them a shot.

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