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Please give your advice on Eventide H9 Max

Discussion in 'Pedal/Effects Owners Clubs' started by chris m., Sep 14, 2017.

  1. chris m.

    chris m. Poster Extraordinaire

    I'm very close to taking the plunge on this. I would really like to hear from those of you who have incorporated it into your live gigging and how you have approached it on stage so that you can focus on playing and not on messing with the pedal very much.

    I've seen lots of videos, read all the threads I could find here at TDPRI and elsewhere. I really like the iOS based interface-- seems really slick, making it a lot easier to edit presets and also set up the pedal the way you like it. I really like the fact that this should be able to handle just about every effect except dirt: reverb/delay/modulation/chorus/phaser/univibe/leslie/tremolo/autowah:wah. I also realize they have a lot of custom algorithms that create very unique sounds, although they often could use a bit of rolling off the extremes for more practical use in anything other than an ethereal sort of band. The MAX is costly but when you are essentially getting dozens of pedals in one with no limit it seems pretty amazing.

    I'm thinking of getting the MAX as well as an expression pedal and seeing how well that works for me to start. I would be also using my OD3, maybe TU-2 (although the H9 has a tuner), and that's about it. Possibly a boost pedal in the front just for when I use weaker single coil guitars. I play in a funk band and generally play pretty clean. I don't use effects much at all, but it would be fun to spice things up here and there....though $700+ is admittedly a bit expensive for a little fun.

    What I really like is it seems like something really easy to program, mainly due to the iOS control interface. Sounds like it should be easy to hone in on maybe 10 very useful, giggable sounds and then set them up as the available presets for the show.

    I also like the fact that the sound quality is stellar. I don't care how cool it is and how many effects there are if they sound too digital and fake.

    My biggest worry is how giggable it will be. I think I will be OK. My approach will be to have one effect that I am interested in using in a song, that's it for starters. So before the song I can set the pedal up to be ready to play that effect. That way, at least for now, I can just toggle it ON or OFF: I don't need to worry about it being cumbersome to switch to a different pre-set in the middle of a song. I know there are a few options for making switching among presets on stage mid-song more feasible:

    - setting up the tap tempo switch to change pre-sets....although then I guess you lose the ability to use it for tap tempo.
    - using dedicated, programmed aux switches and setting them to go up and down between pre-sets. Then there's a little complication on how to hook those up along with expression pedal using adaptors for TRS jack.
    - maybe having the iPAD on a stand on stage and using that to toggle from pre-set to preset if that is ergonomic and not too dorky.
    - buy another Eventide Core unit and then I can easily set up two effects good to go for each song. This seems a bit more expensive way to go, obviously, than trying to use aux switches and a single H9.

    The other key contender in my mind was the new Boss MS-3. I could have my favorite dirt pedals in the provided loops, and mainly use the Boss's built in effects for time-based and modulation effects. It might actually be easier to string together multiple effects and then toggle them on and off since more switches are provided and you can set it up so the switches toggle on and off the effects you've set in the line. On the other hand, the programming interface is likely a bit more difficult. It is a lot cheaper, but the sounds by all reports are not as high quality.

    I am aware that in theory the H9 only allows one effect at a time. But many of the effects actually combine mod+reverb+delay so that's not really an issue. Plus, I can use amp reverb and my Carbon Copy delay on my board if I really feel it's necessary. I generally find using one time-based effect at a time is often a good way to go, anyway, to keep things from getting too muddy. And/or tweaking the H9 pre-sets to create nice-sounding effects that have several things going on but still cut through.
  2. tonyp145

    tonyp145 Tele-Meister

    Sep 19, 2010
    Kent, WA
    Resurrecting a zombie thread, amazed no one responded to you. So did you get the H9? How did it work out in your gig rig?

    I just ordered one so I'm doing a little research while I wait.
  3. 24 track

    24 track Doctor of Teleocity Silver Supporter

    Nov 6, 2014
    kamloops bc
    I love mine in the studio, I blue toothed it to my Ipad , and my laptop ,(both apple) they just released an android version as well
    the H9 Max is free lifetime upgrades to the algorithms as they become available ( nice feature in itself) also if you get an H9 max you can run 4 more H9 cores, with access to all the algorithms making them all H9 maxes as well,

    the sounds are top of the line, very full, dead quiet, and easy to access , plus if you mod a sound you can save it out to create your own library of sounds , I have spent hours working with this unit with guitar , synth, (guitar synth GR55) and the kaos pads & Kaosolator, and have used it as an insert effect , I love it worth every nickel, no regrets at all

    Eventide has just released a new rack unit that has 16 H9 Max's in one rack ( Unfricken believable) check the link below ( this will run 16 H9 algorithms at one time! plus all of the algorithms of H series harmonizers{ too Cool})

    I posted a thread about it but got no responce, this unit is pricy but it looks kick ass for sure

    I mounted the Ipad and H9 on my mic stand on my pedal board so it is right there when i play

    P1011925.JPG P1011924.JPG
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2018
  4. chris m.

    chris m. Poster Extraordinaire

    I love it. I have programmed about 14 very classic sounds that I really like and they basically are all of my modulation sounds. This includes:
    slap back echo
    phase shifter
    wah wah
    whammy pedal/octaver

    Plus a few weird sounds that I occasionally use--

    organ sound
    doubler that makes it sound like a 12 string
    unique synth-like arpeggiator
    another interesting "crystals" arpeggiator
    backwards sound

    I never mess with any of the settings while playing live, and actually haven't touched anything in months after getting sounds that work for me. I still use a Carbon Copy delay so that I can, for example, have wah wah and delay at the same time-- the Eventide doesn't allow you to have multiple effects at once. (Not entirely true-- some of their presets are a combination of effects so if you can adjust them to work for you then in fact your one preset is actually a combination of effects-- such as reverb + echo + chorus, for example.)

    If I were messing in the studio and trying to do some really avant garde or techno kind of music I would love to explore the millions of other presets available on the H9 Eventide Max. But I'm perfectly happy just using it as a meat and potatoes device that gives me all my modulation sounds in one pedal.

    Also, the iPad/iPhone interface is brilliant for adjusting presets. I never use the controls on the pedal itself to do that. I just use the controls on the pedal to turn it on and off, to scroll among my presets, and to activate and deactivate its tuner. It also let me take the tuner off my board since its built in tuner works just fine.
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