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Nobels ODR1 - mine sounds harsh, other options ?

Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by JohnK24, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. JohnK24

    JohnK24 Friend of Leo's

    Mar 16, 2003
    Western PA
    I got a Nobels overdrive a couple of months ago and while it is better than tubescreamer like pedals with my Vox AC15TBX, it sounds sort of on the harsh side, dare I say sterile ? I'm using it with the gain at 1 o'clock and the tone (contour) at 10 o'clock with my tele (mostly Nocaster bridge).

    I was looking for the contemporary country tone, in the Brad Paisley throaty gain territory. I use a Dyna Comp to keep things punchy. Any other other ideas ? I'm thinking that a more boost like pedal would be better - right/wrong ? Fulltone Fat Boost ? Pharoah Class A Boost ? MXR Micro Amp ?

    Others I've considered, but don't have the option to try would be the Drivetrain by Revered or Barber Direct Drive.

    Your comments welcome.



  2. Lance

    Lance Friend of Leo's Silver Supporter

    Mar 17, 2003
    Charlottesville, VA
    My ODR-1 experience

    I picked one up during a brief "collect them all" O/D buying fest. (it's sold) The ODR1 does a reasonable tube screamer thing but I also found it rather uninspiring when compared to my Fulldrive 2 or modded tube screamer. The construction was also a little flimsey. It was somewhat more nasal with the mid hump (which is why people get their tube screamers modded).

    The clean boost thing (Fatboost/SHO/microamp/etc) is fine if you're really looking to use push your amp a touch more into its own natural overdrive sound. So, if you like the OD sound of the amp, maybe this is the right choice. Clean boosts also add back sparkle to the sound which you may loose from a chain of other effects. I use my Zvexx SHO just to add back the sparkle and not as an OD although it can be used to OD the amp.

    Something I did find with all these pedals was that I backed off on my treble. On the guitars, I rolled the tone almost completely off. On the amps, I dialed it back as well. This, coupled with the OD, seemed to nail the country sound much better.

    In general, I found that you may just have to try a few OD pedals to find the right one for your rig. While all similar, they all color the sound in different ways...and one will surely be right for you. If possible, maybe see if there are other local players (TDPRIers?) that would like to get together for an OD "tasting".

  3. halouis

    halouis Tele-Afflicted Ad Free Member

    Mar 2, 2003
    my $.02

    since its basically a TS9.808 typoe of pedal, I'd say its just not suited for the VOX> the VOx which I have the same amp AND love it!! just doesn;t sound good with TS style boxes. its already got the mids. so you end up with more mids. not needed. and therefore doesn;t sound good.

    I have a TS9 which is great, but only with my modded bassman and my SUper Reverb.

    for my Vox, I like to either just crank it, or use a HotCake, or MXR MicroAmp, both for just juicing it up a bit. FOr more dirt, a RAT sounds terrific into these amps.

  4. div

    div Tele-Meister

    Mar 18, 2003
    noo yawk

    its wierd, I think these nobels pedals must be really inconsistant. Setting the gain @ 1 o'clock on mine will get you just about no gain at all with single coil pickups. And I can get a very transparent sound, but only with the "spectrum" knob turned almost all the way up. With the spectrum knob where you have it, it would sound terrible.

    I think it sounds pretty good with my PV C30, which is an el84 amp, but then again I'm not that particular.

    Everyone says the hotcake is the one to get for el 84 amps but I've never had a chance to try one and they are a little expensive to buy just to try out. Anyone know how they differ from ts type pedals?

  5. MLT

    MLT Tele-Meister

    John, I've owned two of them

    The first time, I was using it right in the middle of a big pedalboard (about ten pedals). I used to leave it on all the time in a more or less neutral setting (Gain=12 o'clock). I felt it restored some of the shimmer lost by just having so many pedals in the signal chain. I used to hit it with a Rat when I wanted to really go over the top. The combined sound was MUCH better than either of those two pedals alone.

    Flash forward a year or so. I'm not using nearly as many pedals but that sound just kept haunting me (it was THAT good). So I buy another ODR-1 and a Rat. Not even close. I sold them both within a day I was that disappointed. I don't know if the ODR-1s are inconsistent or my rig just changed so much that I couldn't recapture that mojo. The second ODR-1 sounded really fizzy and artificial to me.

    At this point, I'd like to ask if you've tried any Barber pedals?

    I've tried just about every OD device ever invented. I really like these Barber pedals a lot.

    I used a Nuance Habenaro for almost two years (a Barber design). I just picked up a 6-knob Burn Unit and 6-knob Tone Pump. The Burn Unit just really does it for me. Very smooth and natural sounding. I like it so much that I haven't even plugged into the Tone Pump. These pedals clean up exceptionally well with the guitar volume control... no dead spots or rude jumps in volume... just lots of tonal shades ranging from almost clean to nicely saturated and spongy.

    They aren't cheap but are worth it IMHO. I paid $175 each for the used BU and TP, both in mint condition. I'll probably sell one at some future date but I'm in no big hurry. I can't see that I'll need both of them.

    I also like the Menatone Red Snapper for a REALLY transparent light OD sound. Again, cooperates really well with the guitar volume control. Set it and forget it.

    BTW, didn't much care for the Hotcake. I found that pedal VERY harsh in much the same way the ODR-1 is. Also, Rats are very harsh and quirky - super small sweet spot on the Filter control - most of adjustment range is rip-your-head-off bright.

    Just some stuff to think about.

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