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NGD - Who buys this stuff?!?! Cozart SST10 12-String

Discussion in 'Other Guitars, other instruments' started by stillrockin, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. stillrockin

    stillrockin Tele-Meister

    Jun 9, 2010
    Central Ohio
    If you've wondered, "Who would take a chance on a $75.00 electric 12 string on 'that auction site'?", well, that would be me.

    Cozart Electric 12 String Guitar
    by johnmccann1, on Flickr

    If you're curious about what the guts look like, here's a slideshow:

    Cozart SST10 12-String Electric: I'll be using this 12 string for home recording. 12-string through a DigiTech RP155 amp modeler / effects pedal and then direct to BOSS BR-600 recorder. I love all of the old 60s folk-rock stuff. This will get the job done. What components might need upgrading? I've swapped out the white guard for a budget red tortoiseshell guard. Until and unless something actually breaks, that'll be it. Would I spend the $75.00 again? Absolutely.
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  2. Strat62

    Strat62 Friend of Leo's

    Feb 18, 2008
    Cambridge Vt.
    That's a steal at $75; you couldn't come close to building one for that money. Those pups are decent too-I put a set like that in my daughter's SX Strat. Big improvement. Congrats!

  3. benderb9

    benderb9 Tele-Holic

    Mar 3, 2011
    St Petersburg,FL
    I have a Tele 12 I'm working on, same manufacturer, from a kit. I got some pearoid buttons to lighten up the headstock, the tuners are Gotoh knockoffs that should be ok with proper tightening. I trashed all of the electronics...Fender Vintage Noiseless pups, Fender control plate/4 way switch/top hat knob/250K pots w/22 mfd cap/jack ferrel, Fender white pearl pickguard, pearl toped knobs, switchcraft 1/4" jack. The bridge is good though! I'd like to route it out for a Taipan Tone Bar but damn if I can figure out how to order one. The neck is straight and nice and wide (unlike a Strat 12 I have) and fits the neck pocket perfectly. The neck and top are antique yellow and the sides are a dark brown and the back a lighter brown. It's lacquer is curing now ready to be buffed out. The electronics are REALLY cheap, with the time/effort I've invested it wouldn't make sense to keep that stuff. All you put together adds up to the sum of its parts. The only niggle I have with the Tele is the back ferrals are off (hence the tone bar...I MAY just make one). I saw a used Tele/mandolin dual neck Cozart not too long ago at Sam Ash for $275.00 w/case that was actually pretty well put together, I was pretty impressed. Cozart makes some really weird stuff you can be sure...You got yourself a great deal there for $75.00!

  4. stillrockin

    stillrockin Tele-Meister

    Jun 9, 2010
    Central Ohio
    @Strat62-- I agree, the pickups are nice. They've got adequate output and they're plenty bright for picking up octave notes.
    @benderb9-- Shoot me a PM when you post pics of your finished 12-string tele project. I'd love to see it.

  5. IB62

    IB62 Tele-Holic

    Jan 12, 2010
    Nice ! never see deals like that ton this side of the water!

  6. stillrockin

    stillrockin Tele-Meister

    Jun 9, 2010
    Central Ohio

  7. mcarafa

    mcarafa TDPRI Member

    Mar 29, 2011
    Does anyone have the Cozart assembly instruction they can post? Love to have them as I misplaced mine for a tele. Thanks!

  8. hupur

    hupur TDPRI Member

    Mar 30, 2009
    kelowna b.c.
    I have the LP copy 12string from cozart,right out of the box it was sweet action,but the knobs all got smashed as well as the pots and wood around the pots during knobs and pots and hopurs of gluing ,filling filing and its back looks awesome,but the humbuckers are way to hot for a decent 12 string sound..maybe i need 250k pots.

  9. Dennis Brown

    Dennis Brown Tele-Meister

    Oct 31, 2013
    Lexington, NC
    Restarting the thread I suppose. I just bought one of these Cozart 12 strings at auction, new, for $101 (76 + 25 shipping). They usually for closer to 100, but I've been bidding on a series to get one cheap and got lucky. There is someone who always has a few of these and Teles up for auction at any one time.


    I was going to swap it around on a Tele body, but may just leave the two pieces together. The pickups are fair, but I have an old set of Reissue MIJ Strat pickups that will probably find their way inside, along with new pots (1 vol, 1 tone, I hate the vol. next to the pickups on strats...)

    The neck is quite good, needs just a tweak on the rod, maybe a 16th bow up when I got it. It is nice and wide at the nut, like an acoustic 12 string, so much easier to actually play arpeggios and traditional chords. Tuners are typical "good" Chinese. The finish and body is actually really nice, even nicer than the photos show and much nicer than they show in the auctions. Very professional. Bridge is good enough to keep and you can set intonation for each string individually, to a degree. Haven't looked inside, but going to change pots and shield it regardless.

    The whole guitar is insanely light, well under 6 pounds. It is a bit neck heavy, but not annoyingly so (this is one reason the strat is likely a better guitar for 12, since the longer horn shifts the center of gravity towards the headstock). No skunk stripe on it, but still seems substantial without feeling like a 2x4. Intonation is tricky to setup but not too bad. Plenty playable out of the box, but I'm upgrading the electronics so I can drag it on stage for a song or two. Play wise, it plays exactly like an electric 12 should, not much more effort than a 6 string. I can pick on it for an hour without getting tired. Factory strings were a bit rusty, of course.

    Worth $200+ pretty easy, which made getting it for $101 that much sweeter

  10. Torz Johnson

    Torz Johnson Tele-Afflicted

    Jun 9, 2003
    When I was selling my '79 strat, I had a guy offer me one of these in trade. The pic didn't show the headstock, so I asked what it was, he said it was a Cozart, "hand made custom". I guess since it was made from a kit, it was a "hand made custom". :) I did a little research and made the tough decision not to trade my '79 for a $100 guitar.

    Looks really good for the money though.

  11. Dennis Brown

    Dennis Brown Tele-Meister

    Oct 31, 2013
    Lexington, NC
    Yeah, glad you didn't either. And if I needed a 12 string for making money, I would spend the money for a nicer one. It surely isn't a 1200-1700 Fender 12 string, but Fender could spent an hour on setup/details, add some better pots and tuning machines, slap a Fender label on it and sell it for $600 pretty easy. PUs are already in the MIM range, I'm just changing because I have the MIJ 57s and haven't done anything with them in 15 years, as I play Teles. The finish itself is at least as good as any MIM Tele I've owned, which is quite a few.

    But if you wanted to screw around with a 12 string that is pretty good right out of the box, and can be made damn good with a little effort, I highly recommend them. Especially since 100+ is dirt cheap. The neck alone is worth that.

  12. stratocast25

    stratocast25 NEW MEMBER!

    Jul 20, 2015
    Bergen County, NJ
    I am also one of those who won auction for Cozart 12 string

    I just "won" an auction for a Cozart Tele 12 string as well. I paid just over 100 USD (including shipping) for the instrument and it arrived in perfect condition in 2 days. I havent plugged it in, or even tuned it yet. (arrived yesterday) I was thinking about replacing some of the hardware with bonified Fender hardware. The bridge and pickups for example. My guitar has 6 holes in the body for 6 of the 12 strings, the other 6 get strung through the bridge. My first impression of this instrument was a good one. It looks like a beautiful 12 string and except for the headstock it looks remarkably like a Fender Telecaster.:lol:

  13. jimbcac

    jimbcac TDPRI Member

    Feb 23, 2010
    gold bar wa
    Just to keep this going

    I have a few Cozart guitars, including the 12 string tele.. The guitar
    has a great sound and for the money can not be beat.. My only
    concern is that the bridge/string suspension hardware is kind of
    small and unique to this instrument.. If the parts ever break or get
    lost one could be in deepish doo doo. . So as a performing professional
    instrument....well maybe not... But for home or small venue use it
    is a pretty good deal.....and for a hundred bucks shipped.. whacha got
    to lose??

    jim in gold bar

  14. rockinstephen

    rockinstephen Tele-Meister

    Apr 21, 2011
    I recently bought a Cozart 12 string Thinline Tele on an Ebay site for $144.00. This is an AMAZING guitar! All I had to do was tune it and it played perfectly right out of the box. The quality is unbelievable for such a low price. Mine is the beautiful light blue with white binding. For such a low price, you would expect low quality, but that just isn't the case. There are no sharp fret ends and they seem to be level. The electronics work fine - at least for the level at which I play. The guitar stays in tune well. The necks on these aren't finished. I may go with tung or linseed oil to preserve the wood. I can get a great jangly tone through the bridge pickup with my Superchamp XD set on voice 7 (British) with light chorus. A 12 string has limited applications and I just couldn't justify paying big bucks for a Ric. Take my word for it. For such a small amount of money you will be pleasantly surprised. What are you waiting for?

  15. 61fury

    61fury Tele-Afflicted

    Aug 28, 2009
    knoxville, TN
    Do one set of strings topload?

  16. Dennis Brown

    Dennis Brown Tele-Meister

    Oct 31, 2013
    Lexington, NC
    Yup. Each saddle is split in two with a sliding mini saddle for the extra string, which slides under the back of the saddle and through the back. The main 6 are thru body, like most Fenders would be. Intonation is, well, hard sometimes, but not too bad. The bridge is pretty much like all the strat 12 string bridges you see for sale. the guitar is worth the price if just for the parts.

  17. jimtr6

    jimtr6 NEW MEMBER!

    Apr 8, 2016
    I just ordered a Cozart 12 string Tele, just under $150 with shipping, it's assembled. I am new to electric guitar and wear fingerpicks as I've played steel for quite a few years but am familiar with Telecasters and love them. The reason for the 12 string is I am missing a tip of a fretting finger and cannot get clean chords so I need a little more space, I will be using it as a 6 string, at the price I paid I will be modifying it. Here are two questions, what is the wood type on the Cozart, the other question I always wondered about concerning the Telecaster, why is the pickup slanted so the treble strings are even more treble, I would think the compensation would be to slant the other way. Thanks, this is my first post, love Telecasters...long live the Hag!

  18. Silverface

    Silverface Poster Extraordinaire Platinum Supporter

    Mar 2, 2003
    Lawndale CA
    Any of you who know me know I play a lot of custom instruments, build high-end guitars, collect vintage gear...but am always on the hunt for the "craptastic" bottom-feeder deals that seem too good to be true.

    I've ben selling of a bunch of my low-end and unused gear, mostly for financial reasons (medical bills). But I'm also on the lookout of things that fit very specific "tonal holes", primarily for recoding purposes. Just got a beautiful '80 Ric 320 short-scale, 3 pickup jangle-monster...but I've been missing the 12 string sound.

    I had a 320-12 and couldn't stand it, and gave a couple 360-12's an extended test drive....but they just didn't "click" as far as overall feel goes.

    I saw one of these Mozart "Strat-ish" 12's on eBay and initially laughed it off. But then I rad quite a few reviews by experienced players who were dead serious about the sound, neck feel, balance etc. So I happened to hit on one that cost me $117 showed up without the listed "padded gig bag" and the seller got hold of me, telling me he was mailing it!

    Uh - what? That just doesn't happen.

    It was delivered in THREE days from a US address, double-boxed and padded, with bridge and true rod wrenches and a 10' cable (cheap, but I stick cables in every case as backups)

    Immediately inspected it: probably a Pawlonia body as the weight is only 6.8 lbs (which for me is a Godsend) - and I discovered years ago that Pawlonia can be an excellent tonewood, much like lightweight alder. Maple neck, clean, even fretwork (just touched up the ends to round them to the "bullet nose" I prefer); well-cut nut that I modified later when changing to Rickenbacker/Pyramid things.; stable sealed tuners and a behind-the-nut hold-down bar like the old Strat 12's; typical small pots, cheap switch and bottom-mounted ceramic magnet pickups (but interesting - DC resistance of only 2.87 ohms but output roughly the same as the "Abbys" in my '54 Commemorative Strat!); and a really superb, well-designed bridge with full adjustability on all 12 saddles! That last part was REALLY unexpected!

    (I ordered a set of Duncan Lipsticks - lucked into them for a low price, and real ones - not "Duncan Designed", which are close in "jangle" to Rick pickups - but these cheap ones sound so good I may put them back on!

    Get balance on the strap, the neck feels great - I set it with almost no relief, low action at the first fret and all the way up with NO leveling/ dressing, didn't have to touchtone intonation...and it sounded absolutely stunning. A nice cross between McGuinn "jangle" and Page's Fender-12 on "Stairway" (for those who don't know, Page id NOT ply his double-neck on the studio version - he used a Fender 12 string).

    THEN I changed the strings to a set of Rickenbacker (made by Pyramid) compressed-wound strings (almost flatwounds). Holy crap! It really opened up, more definitive tone, more "Rick-like".

    After I make a decision on the pickups I may look at modding the bridge to reverse the octave string to Rickenbacker configuration.

    Maybe I just got lucky, but based on reviews I don't think do - I just think these are not just an incredible guitar for the price, it's an incredible guitar *regardless* of price!



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