NGD-Squier Standard Telecaster VB Indian Laurel

Discussion in 'Squier Tele Forum' started by junkosc, May 16, 2018.

  1. junkosc

    junkosc TDPRI Member

    May 5, 2018
    Eagle Rock
    Beautiful guitar. Plays and sounds great. The neck is not the prettiest to look at but plays well, no fret ends sticking out, they will need to get a polishing. I’ll see if I can get that Indian Laurel a little darker after I polish the frets. I have the Bullet, Standard and CV now, I’m is good!
    29A8AA26-0F8E-44AC-85A9-C4B8479ACA93.jpeg E2C10B6D-D0BD-4E42-ADDD-449DEE1D624B.jpeg 85B55E0D-A02B-4EA1-83CE-F0B0015B5ADA.jpeg
  2. Powertrip240

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    May 6, 2018
    PHX, AZ
    Love the color! But you still need an Affinity to complete the collection! ;)
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  3. Solszewski1963

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    Apr 21, 2018
    Missoula MT
    IMG_20180802_195401.jpg I've have the Affinity with the Indian Laurel fretboard. I bought it on a lark, mostly because it was SOOOOO orange! Maybe I got lucky, but I'm kind of blown away by both the quality/feel/look of the fretboard, and the sound of the stock pickups. I read somewhere that Squier is putting Highway 1 pickups in their Affinitys. Can anyone confirm or deny this? The Affinity isn't on par with my 2014 AST, but it's pretty dang close. It stays in tune, has good intonation, and twangs like a mofo!
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  4. nicod98

    nicod98 Tele-Afflicted

    Jul 7, 2014
    I'm actually torn between a blonde standard and the FSR Seafoam Green... since both look so nice...
    The Indian Laurel looks pretty dark in this picture (and pretty in general too), so i'd probably leave it at that!

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  5. KennyWTelejazz

    KennyWTelejazz Tele-Meister

    Oct 6, 2011
    The Planet Tele X.
    I recently picked up a Squier Affinity Tele in Racing Green with the Indian Laurel Rosewood neck ...
    The slab of rosewood is pretty thick actually .
    I'm wondering what is going on with how good the stock pick ups sound ...
    I bought this guitar w out playing it first through an amp since I was more interested in the feel of the guitar .
    I was thinking I wanted to put my unused Duncan Broadcaster pick up in it once I got it home and changed the strings but I liked the way it sounded so much I kept it stock .This gtr sounds decent just the way it is ....

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