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NGD - Squier Affinity BSB Tele

Discussion in 'Squier Tele Forum' started by wrxmania, Dec 24, 2010.

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  1. wrxmania

    wrxmania Tele-Afflicted

    Aug 3, 2010
    Well, after many months curing the Nitro finish (read: not enough time to put it back together) the Squier Affinity Telecaster is finally finished.

    The spec is as follows:

    Daphne Blue nitro refinish - this was a full strip of the poly finish down to the bare wood, sealed with sanding sealer after much sanding and filling of a few dents and the 6 spare bridge screw holes front and rear, prepped again with Shellac, then a nitro white base coat applied 1 day apart from coats (probably 10 coats) then layers of Daphne Blue nitro applied in the same way - 2 cans worth of finish so easily 15+ coats - all paints came from Rothko and Frost

    Rothko and Frost

    The guitar then sat to cure for around 3 months + before I started sanding the guitar with progressively finer papers, then manual hand polishing with Meguairs #9 Mirror Glaze over a period of time. This was after I tried to polish it with a polishing bit, which caused the finish to heat up too fast and remove a bit from the back (as you can see on the left below)! I'll probably touch this, and a few small chips back in - but it's designed to be played and used so will look scruffy quite quickly. The ferrules are also not perfect but they are not bad for a hand drill job front to back and then manually widening them. They are well seated though and solid - and do the job perfectly.


    No lacquer finish has been applied as I do not want this to age and the guitar to eventually end up green as some I have seen.

    It has been drilled for through stringing, has string ferrules at the back, and a Fender USA bridge plate with Wilkinson brass compensated saddles. It has Fender USA tuners and a roller nut. It has Schaller strap locks fitted, a 3 ply black Fender guard (with black screws of course), the neck has been fret dressed and polished but has the original nut which works fine and the slightly narrower spacing suits the guitar, but in future I will fit a better, standard spaced nut.

    Electronically it has CTS pots, an orange cap, push cloth wiring, a 4 way CRL switch and an excellent set of early 50's spec flat pole Sonic Monkey pickups made by Joseph Kaye Guitars:

    JKG Guitars


    I have left all of the Squier logo's on the neck plate and on the headstock as well as the signatures on the neck - the markings on the body are now buried! I had debated changing the headstock logo but the body and neck wood are still the originals and although it's been vastly upgraded, it is still the same basic guitar, which was good enough to merit this work. My best guess is it is a 3 piece body of some kind of alder or basswood, but definitely all wood with almost no filler.

    The neck has been well played in as you can see, has most of the finish stripped lightly (it was very thin anyway) and then oiled. It also spent at least 6 months in a window picking up the best of the (almost non-existant Scottish sun!!, which made a significant difference).

    I am pretty pleased with how it has come out, helped along by great finishing advice from Joe at JKG Guitars. Eventually I will get my Esquire white blonde ash body build completed too - it also just needs assembly, wiring and set up etc.

    And the finished article:

    Really pleased with how it has turned out. Just needs to settle, be played in and set-up a few more times to get it spot on when it gets used to being back together again - it's been a while :p

    Brian. :p

  2. wrxmania

    wrxmania Tele-Afflicted

    Aug 3, 2010
    Finally, here she is - a video demo.

    The guitar sounds great (always did after the work on it) and now it seems to be much more of a completed article and a guitar that will stand up to the best of them for many years to come.

    I may yet change out the 4 way switch and go back to 3 way, but no inconvenience at the moment - barely use the new setting as it's just too loud on clean settings compared to the others, but useful to have that tone for a solo boost...


    Basic video details:

    2005 Squier Affinity Telecaster, with a lot of modifications including a refinish featuring JKG Sonic Monkey pickups. The guitar is plugged into a Line 6 Flextone III amplifier and is filmed using a Panasonic camcorder. I have tried to demo the wide range of sounds using 3 channels - clean, crunch and higher gain.

    The guitar has had a full, to the wood strip, followed by a Nitro Daphne Blue refinish, drilled for string through, with a Fender bridge, Wilkinson saddles, Oak Grigsby switch, CTS pots and cloth wire throughout, with black electrical isolation paint in the cavities. It has a Fender 3 ply plate, Fender tuners, roller nut, Les Paul Switchcraft jack socket & plate and Schaller strap locks. It also has a 4 way switch installed but, for the purposes of the demo I have only used the three standard positions.

  3. Oldboy

    Oldboy Tele-Meister

    Nov 25, 2014
    Warrington, England
    That looks and sounds awesome mate, it was this thread that helped me to choose the Affinity BSB so thanks for that alone, Ive just ordered a Wilkinson bridge with the 3 brass saddles I'm hoping the bridge will fit the same holes as the original but if not I may just fit the saddles on there own, nice guitar you've got there though :D

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