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New Classic 50's Telecaster Lacquer

Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by Hiflyer, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. xtrajerry

    xtrajerry Doctor of Teleocity

    Did he change the price too?

  2. 73Fender

    73Fender Friend of Leo's

    Feb 28, 2010
    Jersey Shore
    He lowered it a little. He was asking $525 as a lacquer 50s, which got my interest. It is now listed at $500, I'd be a buyer at $400 or $425 I guess. It's also on e bay now, first bid of $499, no bids so far.

  3. AndyKC

    AndyKC TDPRI Member

    Sep 24, 2006
    Kansas City
    I'm really late to the party on this one but I have a question about the neck. The descriptions I've seen everywhere talk about it having a maple neck AND a maple fingerboard. That's led me to think it's possible it's got a 60s-style maple cap fingerboard rather than a one-piece 50s-style. Do any of you folks have any light to shed on this?

  4. Steddie

    Steddie TDPRI Member

    Jan 10, 2010
    Sydney, Australia
    I just had a look at mine, looks like a one piece to me.

  5. Robert.V

    Robert.V Tele-Meister

    Sep 4, 2011
    Neck is one piece.

  6. simonsp

    simonsp Friend of Leo's

    Jan 13, 2013
    I just took delivery of one of these fine guitars.


    My previous tele was/is a no-name Chinese deal that I upgraded quite considerably over time and i'm very happy with it but I did lust after a proper Tele! Originally I was looking at a 52 AVRI or the 52 Hot Rod but then I started reading about this model. It's half the cost of the others but by no means half the quality. In fact, it's downright lovely!

    I have never played with vintage frets and a narrow radius neck and was somewhat nervous as to whether I would like it. I needn't have worried. The neck, while not the beautiful boat oar that is the 52, is still a very full shape, excellent for the kind of chord play finger pick hybrid I stumble through.

    And weight. It is very light, the lightest Tele I've ever had. This was a key part of my choice, several posters have mentioned how lightweight these are and I can confirm it. I don't have scales but at a guess I would say 7.5 lb.

    Gripes? Only a couple of mild ones. The top E tuner was loose and needed tightening up with a screwdriver and the neck feels somewhat sticky, but I'm thinking that a few weeks play will sort that out, if not I'll take some wire wool to it but I really don't think it will be necessary.

    So, my first new Fender Telecaster in 28 years and it's a beauty.


  7. lewis

    lewis Friend of Leo's

    Mar 17, 2003
    Congratulations, thanks for the report.

  8. simonsp

    simonsp Friend of Leo's

    Jan 13, 2013
    Thanks. One thing i didn't mention is the pickups. They are less powerful than my previous one. I needed to raise volume on my amp to compensate for a noticeable drop. That said, the output they give is really brilliant. Sharp, pin sharp and with great chime. Great for country you would think, but in actual fact i wound up feeding it through flange, dc-2, delay and drive - it sounded freaking gorgeous! Thought i had died and gone to tone heaven. Teles rock :cool:

  9. xFallenx

    xFallenx Friend of Leo's

    Dec 15, 2012
    South Jersey
    I almost bought one of these awhile ago. Guy wanted $525 with a hardshell case mint condition. I never owned one with this type of finish and didn't know if it was for me. Sure look beautiful though :)

  10. simonsp

    simonsp Friend of Leo's

    Jan 13, 2013
    I've been playing my classic 50 laquer for a week or so now and i'm still liking it very much but it has needed some changes, stylewise and physical.

    The pickups are far lower output than my old chinese tele which had a stock bridge and an artec humbucker. The output might be lower but it has a crystal quality that is quite beautiful. Each note is clearly defined and seems to sparkle. (If i'm going into hyperbole here I should mention that i'm putting it through a DC-2 - hence the sparkle). But these pickups do bring it out in spades.

    In fact the neck pickup might be a bit too light. It doesn't give that chime you can get when both pu's are working together. I keep meaning to raise it up a bit, but the adj screws are under the pickguard. I've ordered a cheap mini humbucker in a black scratchplate from usa. If that doesn't work out I may up it to an SD firebird pu.

    So soundwise i'm loving it and an added bonus is it pushes me into different styles and chops. That's one of the things I love about some new guitars, they can open up new style to you.

    To acheive this musical nirvana I have had to down tune the guitar a semitone. For some reason the strings felt really tight before and I was finding pulls and bends erratic. Partly it was adjusting to the curved fretboard, but as I say, downtuning sorted it. But downtuning doesn't address what the problem with that 'tight' feel is. I don't think it's the nut height, it passes a visual inspection anyway:rolleyes:. Any other suggestions as to cause?

  11. LKB3rd

    LKB3rd Friend of Leo's

    Jan 10, 2013
    I am not sure about the cause, but you could go to 9's if you are using 10's. I think they actually ship with 9's, but I am not sure about that. A good setup can do wonders as well, if you are used to lower action than it has, that could be the cause of the tightness.

  12. simonsp

    simonsp Friend of Leo's

    Jan 13, 2013
    Thanks for the suggestion. In fact i changed the strings when it arrived to 9 - 41, pure nickels which i've been using for a few months now. I'm a home player at present so tuning down isn't an issue but i would like to find the cause of the tension in the strings.

    It is pulls and bends where it is most apparent, i'm wondering if the fretboard radius could be causing it. I do usually have brass saddles and this one has steel. But i can't see that this should affect tension.

  13. LKB3rd

    LKB3rd Friend of Leo's

    Jan 10, 2013
    The small frets can cause your fingers to drag on the fretboard, causing more resistance and feeling tighter when you bend. On larger frets there is less drag as your fingers are suspended higher off the fretboard. You could try gripping it lighter, or just get used to it. I always overbend on bigger frets at first because I push with the effort required for vintage size.

  14. boris bubbanov

    boris bubbanov Telefied Ad Free Member

    Simon, could it be some finish on the frets that is helping resist the string's motion across the fret in bends?

  15. xFallenx

    xFallenx Friend of Leo's

    Dec 15, 2012
    South Jersey
    Yeah I am having no problem with bends. Classic Series 50s model so it's the same neck shape/size, 7.25 radius and frets. I think these have nitro on the neck though as where mine is poly. Maybe it's a bit sticky on the fingerboard and its fighting against the OP? Mind you mine is also a 2006 so it's had time to be broken in. I know you mentioned the finish on the frets ,but I know I feel my fretboard under my fingers with the vintage frets. I don't know much about nitro. So it's a question for the OP and myself as well :D

  16. simonsp

    simonsp Friend of Leo's

    Jan 13, 2013
    Thank you everyone for your suggestions as to what could be causing the string tension. To answer Boris first, I don't see any finish on the frets. The neck has a nitro finish but this doesn't cover the frets, in fact the neck finish is very high quality imo. But I take your point, I've seen numerous guitars where a poly type finish is just laid over everything, but this one is not made that way.

    I think that LKB and Fallenx may have come up with the answer.

    I think that these comments may have nailed it. The nitro is indeed quite sticky (altho on the back of the neck it's already getting duller so that's a good sign). I think that this, combined with the vintage (read small, low) frets and the unfamiliar radius give an impression of tension.

    Sometimes when it was tuned to E , when pulling a string it would feel like I was running out of fretboard as it rolled away with the narrow radius. This, combined with the sticky new nitro and the low frets adding friction all added up to that 'tension' I was feeling in the strings.

    My gut feeling is that if I just play it in for a month or two I will find that tuning up to E again will not be a problem. It's easy to forget what sophisticated, precise instruments fingers are. My previous instrument had a quite flat board with no finish at all combined with meaty frets. I think I'll follow Mick Ronson's excellent advice to "Play Don't Worry".

    Now if I can just beef up that bass response a bit...

  17. simonsp

    simonsp Friend of Leo's

    Jan 13, 2013
    Been playing in my Classic 50's and finally solved the problem I had with too much tension on the strings (which I had 'solved' by tuning down a semi-tone). Turns out I had the bridge saddles set too high. :oops: The bridge had been set in a hump backed bridge style, to match the neck radius I guess. The hump back was very high in the middle, thus giving the tension when bending. I finally noticed it when I took it apart to see if installing mini humbucker was feasible. Dropping the middle saddle down to a more user friendly height resulted in dropping the tuning by 4 semi-tones! I play with the ash tray cover in place so it was a case of out of sight, out of mind (that's my excuse anyway - boy do I feel dumb). So cool to have it resolved anyway.

    Re. fitting a mini humbucker, it would require enlarging the pickup trough. I do have a nice bakelite black guard that fits exactly with the existing holes, but I'm going to leave it for now as I found that raising the neck pickup (esp. on bass side) is resulting in a better balance when both pups are selected. It's not quite the sound that I get from my old guitar (which I fitted a full size Artec humbucker in) but it's pretty good and I'm lacking the will to start hacking at a new instrument. I'll leave it for a future rainy day.

  18. bensophoto

    bensophoto TDPRI Member

    Jun 14, 2013
    Hi Simon
    I have this guitar and found what you found initially -- that, while lower output, the sound was fantastic. I was ready to go $2k or higher for Nocaster or 52RI but preferred the texture and 'breath' of these pickups.
    My opinion hasn't changed -- and I think you are on the right track -- set up of any guitar is very key to enjoying it -- action too high, too low, pickup height etc. My suggestion is keep tweaking these things before making it like a guitar it isn't with routing. I have found great enjoyment geeking out and getting things just right -- and my neck's still fairly 'slow' cause of the finish but I love it and my style of playing will smooth it where needed over time.
    I changed to brass saddles for the 'traditional' look. I honestly can't say there was or wasn't a huge sonic difference -- I did it solely so I could look down and see brass. Geeking out :)
    Enjoy your beautiful guitar. And then if you put that time in and still wanna rout - -you'll know it was the right call and not a reaction to 'newness" all the best

  19. simonsp

    simonsp Friend of Leo's

    Jan 13, 2013
    Thanks for the feedback Ben.Having had it a while now, I'm happier than ever, it's shaping up be a great player. I'm definitely leaving it stock for the foreseeable future, I like the stock pickups just fine, they have a delicacy that I think I might loose with higher output pu, and after toying with the heights i've got them in a sweet spot for my style.

    I put brass saddles on initially but like you noticed v little change and put them back to stock and used the brass on something else. In fact the only thing that I've done is to rub down the back of the neck slightly and that's dulled down some naturally now too. Great guitars, no regrets.

  20. one guitar

    one guitar TDPRI Member

    Jun 9, 2013
    I just ordered one of these. Apparently it weighs in at 6.9 lbs. Could any of you allready-owners post your actual weights? I like my Tele to be around 6.5/6.6 lbs no less no more (don't laugh).

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