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Netflix series suggestions

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by geoff_in_nc, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Torvald

    Torvald TDPRI Member

    Feb 10, 2018
    Kingston WA
    Roma, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
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  2. kelnet

    kelnet Telefied Ad Free Member

    Apr 17, 2008
    Port Moody, BC
    The events on that ferry happened in 1993. In the present timeline, the characters took a plane to Norway.
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  3. Aaron1061

    Aaron1061 Tele-Holic

    Feb 9, 2015
    Troy, AL
    the office (not too sure why no one has recommended the best tv show of all time yet)
    Parks and Recreation
    the 100
    Stranger Things (THIS)
    The Haunting of Hill House
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  4. Lawdawg

    Lawdawg Tele-Meister

    Mar 13, 2018
    For a Westworld fan I have three recommendations:

    Thematically, Black Mirror is probably most similar to Westworld in addressing the relationship between humans and technology/AI.

    If you don't mind the subtitles, I've really been pushing Dark which I thought was one of the best and smartest sci-fi series I've seen in several years. It was a bit under the radar, probably because it's German, and it does take 4-5 episodes to really get going. The last 4-5 episodes of season 1 were simply mind-blowing.

    Last, not a Netflix show, but The Expanse (initially on SyFy but recently acquired by Amazon) deftly blends political intrigue with hard space sci-fi.
  5. iamarobotman

    iamarobotman TDPRI Member

    Dec 13, 2018
    Tour Van
    Schitt$ Creek! Seriously, the best show I've watched since The Office.
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  6. Greggorios

    Greggorios Tele-Meister Silver Supporter

    Jun 18, 2016
    Patterson, NY
    Agreed. It's intelligent with good writing and performances.
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  7. Stubee

    Stubee Poster Extraordinaire Gold Supporter

    Jan 22, 2007
    We just started and I’m surprised how much I’ve liked it. I’m not much of a TV series guy, but find the Netflix series closer to watching a long movie with intermission every hour than a typical series. They are very well done.

    We went through Stranger Things and Mindhunter in just a few nights. We’re nearly done with Making A Murderer. All were very good.

    On my list are Ozark, American Vandal, Five Came Back and a few others.

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    ROADMAN Poster Extraordinaire

    Shameless....William H Macy kills
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  9. Mr Ridesglide

    Mr Ridesglide Tele-Afflicted Gold Supporter

    Dec 11, 2009
    Bloomington, MN
    The Tunnel
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  10. GearHund

    GearHund Tele-Meister Silver Supporter

    Apr 9, 2008
    East, Tx
    I'll be the first, (maybe the only) to recommend the Netflix series called "Lilyhammer." Steven Van Zandt plays a gangster who is sent to Norway under the witness protection program and starts to build a crime empire there.
  11. studio1087

    studio1087 Telefied Silver Supporter

    May 10, 2003
    Near Milwaukee
    There are some fantastic reruns

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    Mad Men

    Breaking Bad

    Better Call Saul

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  12. MilwMark

    MilwMark Poster Extraordinaire Ad Free Member

    Apr 29, 2013
    near Arnold's
    I will admit that Blacklist is a guilty pleasure. Though it repeats the same plot lines, sorry lines and “aha” moments incessantly. I can’t help but chuckle that these super human agents are completely blindsided by the same damn thing, over and over.
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  13. blowtorch

    blowtorch Telefied Ad Free Member

    May 2, 2003
    It's still the Viking era, just so you know :cool:
  14. geoff_in_nc

    geoff_in_nc Tele-Afflicted

    Jul 9, 2007
    Once again folks, thanks for all the suggestions!
  15. dburns

    dburns Friend of Leo's

    Peaky Blinders

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  16. 24 track

    24 track Doctor of Teleocity Silver Supporter

    Nov 6, 2014
    kamloops bc
    I mostly watch documentaries ( except for the viking series ) I have purosely avoided game of thrones ( for now) and will watch it at a later dated through episodes 1 to adnausium
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  17. thunderbyrd

    thunderbyrd Friend of Leo's Silver Supporter

    Dec 21, 2004
    central ky
    I thought it was a show with a lot of depth. i'm sorry i'm not a student of philosophy enough to really discuss it. I saw what I identify as Gnostic themes being played with.
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  18. thunderbyrd

    thunderbyrd Friend of Leo's Silver Supporter

    Dec 21, 2004
    central ky
    i'm watching Dark on your recommendation. i'm on about #4. it hasn't exactly kicked in yet, but i'm hopeful.
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  19. telepraise

    telepraise Tele-Meister

    Feb 27, 2017
    Palmetto, Florida
    If you like westerns/westward expansion/US History- Hell on Wheels is great.
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  20. esetter

    esetter Friend of Leo's

    Sep 1, 2011
    Longmire for sure!
    The Last Kingdom
    Parks and Recreation
    Meat Eater
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