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  1. bobbystahr

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    I have, and I may have posted about this before, a 1958 Supro 3/4 size single bridge end pickup[actually a magnet in a metal covering, heh heh heh] but over the years the tail piece and bridge have gone missing. The only tailpiece I've found online or anywhere similar to the original has a 2 1/4 " string spacing and as my axe is 3/4 size I need a 2 1/8" max spacing.
    Here's a shot of the parts I need...any ideas

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  2. Dan German

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    Hey, Bobby!

    What's the bridge made of? In the pic it looks like wood, which is odd, but anything is possible with a guitar like that. If it's wood, I have an archtop bridge that would work if the spacing between the posts is right. (It's never been slotted for strings, so overall spacing is yet to be determined.)
  3. charlie chitlin

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    Mar 17, 2003
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    My Supro has a wood bridge.
    I think most do.
  4. voodoo_idol

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    Mar 1, 2009
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  5. bobbystahr

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    Indeed,all the tailpiece models I've seen seem to have wooden bridges
  6. bobbystahr

    bobbystahr TDPRI Member

    No I hadn't but many thanks...the tailpiece there requires a body 2" thick and my 3/4 size axe is 1" so it will take a bit of revision but the length seems about right so I'll probably go with that one, and they also have an un-notched wooden bridge that seems a reasonable price so you may well have solved my problem....thanks again, and to all who responded to my plea...awesome forum . .. ...
  7. bobbystahr

    bobbystahr TDPRI Member

    In case any one is curious the serial number of my Supro is T14580 and I bought it with a on/off/volume only, 2 input, 3 tube Supro amp with a T14669 serial number which puts them mid 1959 as near as I can tell
  8. voodoo_idol

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    Mar 1, 2009
    Pasadena, CA
    They don't list the string spacing, so I'd confirm that before ordering. Just in case. And don't make the mistake of ordering an archtop bridge for a flat top guitar. Seems obvious, but I did it last year. If your guitar still has the bridge studs in place then you don't need the base, but you'll need to confirm the stud spacing matches the bridge holes.

    Here's a guy in France who sells Valco bridge reproductions:

    Listing is expired but he probably has more.
  9. DrumBob

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    Jul 23, 2009
    Highland Lakes, NJ
    They were all wood back then. I have a '57 Supro Belmont that I use for slide, and the wooden bridge was cracked and in bad shape. My tech had a brass bridge that fit perfectly, so that's what's on there now. No complaints from me at all.

    I would check out the repro tailpieces.
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