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Neck relief different on bass and treble sides

Discussion in 'Tele Home Depot' started by Verzila, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Verzila

    Verzila Tele-Meister

    Not sure what's going on here, but I just fitted a new neck to my tele copy and something's up with the relief.

    It was my first time working on a new neck. Scary, so I found as many tutorials as I could lay my hands on before I picked up my tools. Soon I was feeling confident enough to have a go, so with some trepidation I leveled (flat beam) and crowned (concave file) the frets, smoothed and polished them (finer and finer grades of sandpaper, 0000 wire wool, metal polish) filed the nut slots, etc. and despite a few hiccups along the way I'm sure I did everything right - but now this:

    I'm checking the neck relief - capo on the first fret, and fretting the string on the last fret, checking the string height around the 7th and 8th frets. On the treble side it's pretty much spot on, just enough to slide a business card under. On the bass side it's a very different story - about 1.5-2mm. No problem I thought, just need to bring the bridge down a little on the bass side...until I remembered that with the strings fretted at the last fret, the bridge doesn't come into what's the story?

    Is it possible I've gone horribly wrong somewhere with my first fret job? Just as I was feeling quite pleased with the way it turned out, nice shiny mirror finish to the frets and all...

  2. Commodore 64

    Commodore 64 Friend of Leo's Ad Free Member

    Mar 1, 2010
    Kent, OH
    2mm? That's where you should be setting the action!

    2mm of neck relief on one side and 0.3mm (ish) on the other? Is it twisted?

  3. Ronkirn

    Ronkirn Doctor of Teleocity Vendor Member

    May 1, 2003
    Jacksonville, FL
    to determine if the neck has a twist... remove the neck then the tuners... place it on a flat surface... place a straight edge across the face of the headstock... eyeball that straight edge relative to the edge of the flat surface the neck is resting on... they should be parallel..

    or as shown in the photos, can be done without removing the tuners..

    Ron Kirn

    DSC_3399.jpg DSC_3400.jpg DSC_3401.jpg
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