Neck pocket gap(not on sides!)

Discussion in 'Tele-Technical' started by theDST, Dec 8, 2018.

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    That pic was for an example. StewMac has them available in multiple angles, can be stacked and/or reversed, depending which end of the pocket needs shimming. I did not intend to open the "can of worms" discussion over the wisdom or not of shimming, simply pointing out the best method! A skilled woodworker could make their own, but I suspect their time is worth more than what StewMac charges!

    And here's a dramatization of what CAN happen (and I've seen it) with a shim as in the OP's @theDST guitar!

    Neck Shim.jpg

    Just Sayin'
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    I was giving an example of why I'm using a shim, was just making discussion, no problems with your post. I agree with you.

    Mine is an unusual situation where both the neck and body are a little out of spec. On any other body the neck would be fine and with any other neck the body would be fine.

    It's not buzzing like a sitar and the saddles are not flat on the bridge, but I would prefer a little more down-force . . . It's a vintage 6 saddle.

    On my other Tele, the tops of the saddles are too far above the bridge for my tastes.. Hmm, maybe I should switch the necks?

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    In Excel ....
    Shim degrees in A1
    Distance from front of neck pocket to saddles in A2
    Formula for bridge saddle height change in A3 ...

    0.5 deg shim
    240mm from front of pocket to saddles
    Height change = 2.1mm (0.08")

    There are probably a few assumptions here (eg that the string line changes by the same angle as the undersurface of the neck heel in the pocket), so regard the answer as approximate.
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