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Asher Guitars WD Music Products Amplified Parts Mod Kits DIY Nordstarnd Pickups

Nashville Push Pull for neck + bridge?

Discussion in 'Tele-Technical' started by pint07, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. pint07

    pint07 TDPRI Member

    Feb 6, 2013
    So I'm looking at replacing the Tex Mex Pups on a Nashville Tele with some CS Nocasters, and I would like the option to run the neck and bridge (nocasters) at the same time. I heard that you could wire in a push pull pot to allow this to happen. What exactly do I need to do to go about doing this? Where can I find a wiring diagram? The Nashville already has a 5 way switch, what I'm trying to do is add in a push pull to the tone knob so that the neck pickup will be active whenever it's pushed regardless of switch position.

    I'm guessing I'll need:

    Orrrr could I use this?

    Am I right?
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  2. sjtalon

    sjtalon Poster Extraordinaire

    Yes, put it as the tone pot.

    BLUE wire goes to the switch terminal with the neck pickup wire, that would be a white wire coming from the hole going to the neck pickup.

    RED wire goes to the outer volume pot terminal. Not the one with the tone cap on it.

    pull the knob up and the neck will be added to anything the sel. switch has engaged.

    Very simple.

    GREY wires on my the right. I just happen to add the bridge pup, either way the p/p adds it to what ever my sel. switch is on.

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  3. PhatBoy

    PhatBoy Tele-Afflicted

    Mar 17, 2003
    OKC, OK
    Is the cavity that big?

  4. sjtalon

    sjtalon Poster Extraordinaire

    That's why you have to make it the tone pot. It is routed deeper under there.

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  5. JohnS

    JohnS Friend of Leo's

    Mar 18, 2003
    San Jose, CA
    I thought the Nashville Tele gave you the B +N option? I made my own and used a Megaswitch from Stew Mac. Super easy.

  6. sjtalon

    sjtalon Poster Extraordinaire

    That's on the Am B Bender.

    It doesn't have middle only.

  7. macatt

    macatt Tele-Meister

    Jan 10, 2007
    silverdale wa
    I use the bridge pickup alone a lot more than the neck pickup alone.
    As alternative:
    If you do too, you might want to wire the push/pull as a bridge on switch. That way you can toggle between the bridge and the bridge/neck combo without messing with the switch.

    S Mac

  8. roger-harris

    roger-harris TDPRI Member

    Mar 16, 2013
    fredericton nb
    I installed seymour duncan five-two pickups at the bridge and neck positions and removed
    the five way switch and wired in a three way switch to a standard tele two pickup,then added a pull pot as the tone control to activate the center great

  9. vintage clubber

    vintage clubber Friend of Leo's

    Apr 12, 2012
    Mechanicsville, VA
    I used a mini switch between the volume and tone pots as an on/off switch for the middle pickup and kept my tele pickups wired to a 4 way switch.


  10. bblumentritt

    bblumentritt Tele-Afflicted

    Dec 3, 2012
    Austin, Texas
    I use the Old American Standard Tele wiring, which makes use of a mini-toggle to turn on the bridge pickup. This accomplishes the same effect as a push-pull switch.
    1. Bridge
    2. Bridge+Middle
    3. Middle
    4. Middle+Neck
    5. Neck
    Activating the mini-toggle adds the Bridge pickup to positions 4 and 5, so they become
    4. Middle+Neck+Bridge
    5. Neck+Bridge​


  11. sjtalon

    sjtalon Poster Extraordinaire

    Am. DELUXE (not Standard) which is just as the Deluxe Series Nashville's are: Strat-O-Tone.

    That one looks SWEET btw !

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