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Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by grayn, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. grayn

    grayn TDPRI Member

    May 12, 2018
    I was looking for a solid state, simple amp.
    When I say simple, I mean no modelling, multi effects or multi channel affairs.
    The nearest I'd come previously, was an Orange Crush Super Pro 120.
    Which although a very nice amp, weighed a ton and to my ears, didn't have the tone I wanted.
    I'd recently sold my Fender Princeton and only had my Fender Mustang GT200 left, which is just far too fiddly, IMO.
    I wanted a max of 2 channels and not too heavy.
    I wanted to keep local, so went to Reidys (Blackburn), to try out a Vox Mini Superbeetle and a modern Peavey Bandit.
    I'd last owned a bandit, over 25 years ago.
    The Peavey is still an excellent value, 1X12, 80 watt combo.
    The controls are very comprehensive, although I don't like chrome knobs, as it can be hard to see what number it's on.
    The clean channel is pretty good and the gain channel is excellent.
    Peavey's Transtube technology is almost vintage these days but it still sounds bloody good.
    The Superbeetle is a single channel amp, with master and gain controls and boasts both Reverb and Tremolo.
    Where this amp shines, is on clean and mildly crunchy, where it sounds as good as any amp I have tried/owned.
    Using Vox's Nutube technology, this little amp sounds spot on.
    I wasn't so impressed with the full on gain sound, though.
    Not a sound I liked and funnily enough, was the sound the Bandit excelled at..
    But as I use pedals for overdrive/distortion, that's not a problem and this amp sounds good with pedals, although it has no send/return.
    The amp head is 50 watts and the mini cab is a 50 watt, 1X10, open back beauty.
    There's no doubt that this mini system screams 60s vintage and looks "fab".
    As it stands, it has enough volume for home use, or low level rehearsals.
    And BTW, the reverb and tremolo are very vintage and really nice quality too, although not foot switchable.
    However this diminutive amp head is 50 watts into 4 ohms and demands to be heard through a bigger cabinet.
    So I tried it through a Vox 2X12 and a Blackstar vertical 2X12.
    Now things get even better, louder and fuller.
    I did consider buying one of these 2X12 cabs, as with this head, the set up is loud enough for gigs.
    But the Vox was pricey, 8 ohms and heavy and although the Blackstar was lighter, vertical and 4 ohms, it totally clashed visually.
    So what? Well it just looked horrible.
    So I've now got a great practice amp and when I get a 2x12 cab, a very giggable set up.

    A few days later..............

    I recently got a Vox Mini Superbeetle Amp/Cab set up.
    A very nice little set up but the amp head is capable of more, when put through a larger cab, taking it from a practice to a gigging amp.
    When buying the Superbeetle, I tried the head through both Vox and Blackstar, 2X12 cabs and was impressed.
    So I decided today, to go check out a 2X12 cab, that was going for a bargain price, the Yamaha THRC212.
    This is a really well made cab, with both an Eminence Legend 1218 speaker (Left or top) and an Eminence The Tonker speaker (Right or lower).
    Although the cab is designed to stand horizontally, I have chosen to use it in a vertical position.
    And it's brown, front cloth matches reasonably well, with the Vox's diamond-brown cloth.
    Impedance wise too, this cab works very well with the Vox, as you have 2 separate inputs, one for each 8 ohm speaker.
    The Vox has 2 speaker outputs, that run in parallel and so the system is running in 4 ohms, which gives the amp it's maxinum (50 watt) output.
    There is a a single speaker input to run both speaker, but that is set up in series and therefore is 16 ohms.
    I have to say that the Vox Mini Superbeetle head and the Yamaha THRC212 cab sound great together.
    Really loud, if needed and very full, with the cab being rated at 300 watts and the head 50, all is handled very nicely.
    It's almost as if they were made for each other, which of course, they are not.
    The cab looks and sounds very good quality and is very solid, although not overly heavy at 24 Kg.
    The only problem is that the poor little 1X10 Superbeetle cab will not get much use because even at home, I prefer the 2X12.

  2. Mexitele Blues

    Mexitele Blues Tele-Meister

    Mar 7, 2018
    Westminster, CO
    Very cool. How does the one knob tremolo work? Does it adjust rate and depth?
  3. grayn

    grayn TDPRI Member

    May 12, 2018
    Yes, the speed and intensity increase together.
    It has a thick, vintage vibe overall.
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