My (modified) CV BSB is now my fav guitar. Tell me about yours!

Discussion in 'Squier Tele Forum' started by ElectricKaibutsu, May 26, 2019.

  1. ElectricKaibutsu

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    Oct 13, 2016
    Philadelphia, PA
    Is your favorite guitar a Squier? I want to hear about it! Include pics if you can.

    I'll go first if you don't mind.

    For the longest time, I had a list of guitars I wanted, or maybe I should says aspects of guitars that I wanted. I wanted a vintage style Tele, a guitar with a maple fretboard, a guitar with P90s, a guitar in Surf Green, a guitar with a relic'ed look (since my other two electrics I keep in good condition, and, so help me, I think relic'd guitars look super cool), and a guitar with one of those lightning guitar straps that the guy from Weezer has. I also wanted to try my hand at modding and refinishing. These were just ideas and I didn't plan on them all going into one guitar. I found a CV BSB Tele on LetGo so I could check Tele off my list, but I still wanted those other things.

    My wonderful nieces were playing around with the Tele and dropped it. It significantly damaged my concrete floor (kidding) and put two good chips in the finish. Hey! Here's an opportunity to try my hand at refinishing and I might as well check everything else off the list while I'm at it. I bought a cheap Alnico V P90 from China for the neck PU, a 5 screw 3 ply P90 pickguard, and some "Catalina Mist" (i.e. Surf Green) Krylon spray paint and went at it. I actually made a refinishing thread for this here if you want to see pics of the process:

    Now that it's done, it has quickly become my favorite guitar. I also have a 1987 Fender American Standard Strat and a 2013 Gibson Les Paul (LPJ Pro) and they're great and I'll probably never get rid of them. But the Tele is just how I wanted it. I love the CV neck. It's beautiful and plays great. I can get sounds out of both the neck and bridge pickup that I can't get close to with my other guitars. The main thing though, it's just fun. It's hard to explain. Maybe it's because the Strat is getting into vintage territory so I feel like I need to treat it with kid gloves. Also the LP has some nice pickups, but I've owned dual humbucker guitars ever since I started playing the guitar. The P90/Tele bridge combo is completely new to me and it's so much fun seeing what kind of sounds I can get out of it.



    I wrote more than I meant to. But anway, let me hear about your favorite guitar!
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  2. rockymtnguitar

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    Aug 30, 2012
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    Yes, my Squier CV BSB is my favorite guitar... I converted it to an esquire years ago and L O V E it. Works for me. I've got a Squier Cabronita that I keep telling myself to sell... And then I play it... and then it stays with me for a few more months... But the CV is amazing for me.

    Stock pickup, changed the wiring, Eldred mod. Simple, aggressive, fun, inspiring.
  3. viking

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    Jan 23, 2007
    I have two CV vintage blondes , and two CVC models , one Sunburst the other one black with matching headstock.
    They all have 4 way switches , and one CV recently got a new body , it was just too heavy at 9.2 pounds.
    They are all really good , solid guitars !
  4. fender4life

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    Sep 18, 2011
    los angeles
    I can never say one guitar is my fav, but my CV50s is the one i seem to gravitate to most and i am absolutely in love with it. Plus if i had to keep just one the cv would be the one i would probably at least agonize over. I've always been a strat player mainly so that would make choosing hard because i can't imagine being stratless.

    It's got some mods but the pickups are stock and sound great. That after trying my fav tele set in it. The stocks just sound right for this guitar. I really can't say i have ever had a better guitar because when i try and think about what i;d want to change besides the mods i have done and to to most any guitar, i cannot think of a thnig i would change. A fantastic guitar that should have cost a LOT more. Funny how much difference a decal makes to some people.
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