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Moments like these are priceless...

Discussion in 'Music to Your Ears' started by RollTide, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. RollTide

    RollTide Tele-Meister

    Dec 25, 2012
    I am a lover of moments. Moments in my life, or in others lives, that make you feel something - love, reverence, admiration, respect, etc. - and once that moment passes it shall never be again. I especially love a moment that comes unexpectedly (most are I guess, but some you can see coming a mile away).

    I was watching "It Might Get Loud" the other day for the first time. I know it's been out a while, I just never got around to it I reckon. Anyway, I am a HUGE Zeppelin fan, I really like a lot of what U2 has done (earlier stuff mostly), and I completely respect what Jack White does with his style of music. It's undeniable that all three of them are phenomenal at what they do. So during this little rocumentary of sorts, there are times when they teach each other a song of theirs, just show the chord changes and riffs, etc., and they jam a little bit. Edge shows I think "Sunday Bloody Sunday," Jack shows "Seven Nation Army," and Jimmy shows "Ramble On" I believe. Regardless, during those jam sessions each of them gets very interested in what they are being shown, as any musician and music lover would, I imagine. And it's nice to watch. Cool moments, each of them.

    But then. A big moment. A whopper. Jimmy picks up his LP and rips right into the "Whole Lotta Love" riff. Now anyone who has anything more than jelly between their ears knows right away that it's a Zeppelin/Page riff, regardless of whether they know the song or the band that well. And most music lovers would understand its place in music history. Musicians - specifically guitar players and members of this forum - truly understand what that riff means to music on a global scale and the place it holds in music history. It's monumental, period. It's one of the riffs of all riffs, no argument can be made against that. And seeing Jimmy belt it out is a rare treat for anyone. Great moment...but that's not the best part!

    The best part of this moment is when Edge and Jack both get a grin across their faces that was not contrived and could not be held back by any force of nature. Edge had to stand up and move closer to take it all in. Jack tried to stifle his grin a bit at one point but was unsuccessful - it broke through. You can tell that both of these men, each of whom are tremendously successful musicians and have experienced many amazing things along their life journeys, were in total awe of what they were watching take place. They knew they were witnessing something great - something that was bigger than many things in rock history. They weren't even watching to learn the riff like they did for the other songs, they probably already knew it anyway. They were soaking in the moment. They had a deep appreciation for what was going on. What was happening was so great that the producers (thankfully) were smart enough to realize the important part of this moment was their faces and not so much the riff - so the face shots got more airtime than the riff being jammed. When you watch their faces you see what all Zeppelin/music/Page/guitar/rock-n-roll lovers feel when they listen to something great. An emotional response to something so special it can't be denied, reproduced, or outdone. It's THE MOMENT. Edge and Jack will never forget it. It will never happen again, and I'm glad I got to see it. Even if it was only on a video recording.

    I am sorry for the long rambling session. But like I said at the beginning, I'm a lover of moments. And this one struck a chord with me. I hope you guys enjoy it half as much as I did.


  2. Rich_S

    Rich_S Friend of Leo's

    Dec 29, 2006
    Potsdam, NY
    Yup, that's my favorite moment in the film, as well.

  3. Post Toastie

    Post Toastie Poster Extraordinaire

    Jul 16, 2008

  4. jaimed

    jaimed Poster Extraordinaire

    Those are great moments in the film.

    Jimmy's live "Stairway" on the double-neck Gibson was good stuff.
    Looked like he had the neck selector in the middle position.
    Think it allows sympathetic vibrations on the twelve while he played the lead on the six.

    I liked the "slide off" during the Blind Willie Johnson's "Nobody's Fault But Mine," towards the end of the film.
    The Edge has a unique slide style.
    Jimmy's 350T is a beautiful guitar.

    I didn't know what to expect in the film, despite the enthusiastic response on the board.

    Sure was interesting. Don't know if you read the credits. Jimmy was the executive producer.

    Watch "It Might Get Loud" film on YT.


  5. RollTide

    RollTide Tele-Meister

    Dec 25, 2012
    I came across another great one! I was watching the Kennedy Honors this afternoon on YouTube - specifically the Zeppelin portion of course - and saw this. Here is the whole Zeppelin segment, but the moment I'm speaking of is right at 19:10 and intensified at 19:20. The first point is when the back curtain opens up and appears a huge choir belting out Stairway, and they are all wearing bowlers hats in honor of John Bonham! When Jimmy, Robert and Jonsey see it they are in awe, and at the 19:20 portion Robert just about loses it. His eyes are so welled up with tears he can hardly contain himself. At that moment you can feel the love and admiration he has for Bonham, the music, and Zeppelin in general. Pure epicsauce!

    Is there really a better band in the history of rock? No sir, there isn't. Enjoy.


  6. ac15

    ac15 Poster Extraordinaire Ad Free Member

    May 9, 2005
    Another cool aspect of that, is that most of us have played that riff at some point in our lives and heard many other players do it, but when Page plays it in the movie it's the only time I've heard someone play it where it sounds exactly like the record. So as simple as it is, only he really plays it like that.

  7. PeteMac

    PeteMac Friend of Leo's

    Yep . . . . at that point of the movie I got goosebumps !

    That was a moment

  8. timmytVA

    timmytVA Tele-Holic

    Nov 15, 2009
    Reston, VA
    By far my favorite part of that movie. Two kids in a candy shop.

    "Holy ****, Jimmy Page is playing THE riff on THE guitar. Right in front of us!"


  9. rokdog49

    rokdog49 Friend of Leo's

    Mar 22, 2010
    Having seen that myself I too thought it was very cool.
    It's too bad something like that couldn't have been done with George Harrison, John Lennon or Paul McCartney.
    Can you imagine the looks on the faces of those present when the intro to "I Want to Hold Your Hand" or something like that so well known was played.

  10. raito

    raito Friend of Leo's

    Nov 22, 2010
    Madison, WI
    The great part on that Page is listening to Link Wray in the same way that Jack and the Edge listen to him.

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