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Let's talk about some good things and things that we are looking forward to

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by blowtorch, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Mrbob135

    Mrbob135 Tele-Holic Silver Supporter

    May 21, 2014
    Franklin, VT
    My band played a wedding this weekend, and it was one of those nights that everything just came together. I was loving my tone. Everything I was hearing in my head came out through my fingers almost effortlessly. It isn't always that way.

    Tonight I get to watch my youngest daughter at her gymnastics class. She is six, and continues to amaze me with her determination and grit, not to mention raw talent.

    Thursday I get to chaperone my middle daughter's (14) field trip to a museum, always a treat to spend some quality time with her. I also get to watch her play field hockey on Friday night, she has grown so much in the last year. I walked by her room the other day, and could hear her playing her flute. I recognized the melody, so I stepped in to check it out. She had her MP3 player on, ear buds in, and was figuring out Come Sail Away by Styx by ear. She figured it out start to finish within about 10 minutes...proud daddy musician moment there!

    My oldest daughter (24...the national bagging contest runner up for those of you with great memories) just got engaged to a hard working young man that treats her like gold. We approve, and are looking forward to them starting their life together...

    That about covers it for now...I'll be back if I think of anything else. Thanks BT!

  2. tery

    tery Poster Extraordinaire Silver Supporter

    Sep 21, 2012
    I am looking forward to Oktoberfest . Three days of polka band competition , food , drink and laughter .
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  3. BigDaddyLH

    BigDaddyLH Telefied Ad Free Member

    Ah, sweet romance!

    Did I guess right?
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  4. bullfrogblues

    bullfrogblues Friend of Leo's

    Jun 5, 2011
    Southeast Florida
    A long time friend of mine recently divorced, invited me over for dinner last night. He's been learning to play guitar some over the last year or so. As a gift I gave him this swamp ash Telecaster that I made! He was like a little kid at Christmas! did my heart good.
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  5. 24 track

    24 track Poster Extraordinaire Silver Supporter

    Nov 6, 2014
    kamloops bc
    Very cool there is not enough of that gtoing on!, good for you!
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  6. cousinpaul

    cousinpaul Friend of Leo's

    Jun 19, 2009
    Nashville TN
    Back in the Spring, my wife and I moved into a 30's cottage home near the river. After unexpected issues, battles with the contractors, etc, we've finally turned the corner on the renovation and it's looking good! We finished the kitchen over the weekend and are moving on to the den. We moved a couple of walls and, for the first time, I'll have a small room for my guitars, amps, and DIY projects. We think we'll be very happy here.

    Also, will be playing at the local biker bar tonight. Always a good time.
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  7. Harry Styron

    Harry Styron Tele-Holic

    Aug 2, 2011
    Branson, Mo
    Got through performing at a wedding Saturday without screwing up. Rehearsed with a big band for the first time last night; even though I was awful, they gave me charts and asked me back. I'll start community choir rehearsal Thursday for a December concert. Lots of new music in my life!

  8. 24 track

    24 track Poster Extraordinaire Silver Supporter

    Nov 6, 2014
    kamloops bc
    GOOD MORNING EVERY ONE, another sunny gorgeous day in Kamloops , its my wifes birthday and we are going to cruise all day long, go swimming in the AM go for breaky , then tonight go for sushi , come home and do the cake and gift thingy and I dont work tomorrow either , so its guarentee'd to be a great day, I hope every one has a brilliant day!

  9. Obsessed

    Obsessed Doctor of Teleocity Silver Supporter

    Nov 21, 2012
    He first kinda inherited the family heirloom. A Squier Mini Strat that my wife (his grandma) and then my stepdaughter (his mom) learned guitar on and then for his 6th birthday his 13 year old cousin gave him her classical acoustic. He has an uncle that is presently taking guitar lessons too, so we are gonna have some jam sessions in the future.:)

  10. davo8411

    davo8411 Tele-Meister Silver Supporter

    Nov 8, 2011
    Pensacola, Florida
    My wife and I are going to Austin for the first time later this month. I can't wait to hear some great music and see the town.

  11. adeiderich

    adeiderich Tele-Afflicted

    Jan 14, 2011
    Medina, Ohio
    Still waiting on my Mosky Reverb pedal from China! Should have been here last week but it is stuck in the Shezhen shipping dept. The mailman is my friend!
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  12. boris bubbanov

    boris bubbanov Telefied Ad Free Member

    Things were nice and quiet on the Nantahala on Sunday. And this time of year, the release water is not 48 degrees but more like a free flowing river. When the water is not ice cold, you can mess around a little harder, since a flip does not = an ice cream headache. Oh, I'm talking about kayaking, of course.

    Sycamores and Tulip poplars are dropping leaves, but the color is just late blooming flowers and some red foliage from the Sourwoods and Dogwoods. No real "fall color" yet, but the change in the angle of the sun, from Labor Day, is so evident. Deep, deep greens in oaks, beeches and chestnuts. Finally getting really cool overnight, even at just 2,500 feet. Some plants are still cranking out new growth but others have quit - in between times.
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  13. Jack S

    Jack S Friend of Leo's Silver Supporter

    Sep 25, 2008
    Berwyn, IL
    My band has some good things going on that I am anticipating impatiently. We performed at a great club last month and my daughter's boyfriend set up mics and recorded the show. It was a GREAT recording and we are having it tweaked and will probably be a live recording release once it is put together.

    We have three gigs in a week coming up that will be very fun, including a private party at a popular Chicago nightclub where I will be doing double duty playing guitar in my friend's band and also in my own band opening up the show and party.

    My daughter's band has a show coming up Friday that I am looking forward to, also, since she has a whole new collection of songs she has written. She is a brilliant performer with a great band and I love seeing her performing live.

    We are also planning to go into an all analog studio probably in a few months and record live in the studio, in a very old school approach.

    We continue to build our repertoire with new songs we keep writing, so this fertile period has got all of us really jazzed.
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  14. gitold

    gitold Friend of Leo's

    Mar 25, 2009
    Greeley Co.
    I’m retired at 63 and I’m financially fine. I was feeling old lately so I started delivering Meals on Wheels twice a week. Now I feel like a spring chicken. I have 5 healthy adorable grandkids and my kids all waited until they were in there 30s and established before they had kids! I put new tires on my vehicle BEFORE winter hit. I live by myself and I really love it ( grew up in a family of 12, moved in with 5 buddy’s at 18, got married at 21, had 3 kids by 27) Me and the ex get along. I made myself stop watching 24 hour news every time I eat and discovered Rick and Morty.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2017

  15. kidmeatball

    kidmeatball Tele-Meister

    Jan 17, 2016
    Delta, BC
    I get to move into my beautiful new house in BC in a little less than two weeks! Looking forward to getting my man cave setup, the workshop in the garage, and the gourmet kitchen cranking out fine eats for family and friends!

    Looking forward to finding a new job too. Should be fun!

  16. Nubs

    Nubs Tele-Afflicted

    Aug 16, 2014
    Houston, TX
    Hey I've been doing the same thing lately. I call it self-evaluation. Not sure what brought it on, but I realized that there were A LOT of improvements I could make to my attitude and outlook on life. I was pretty bad...being angry, bitter, jealous, and just pissed at the world for dumb stuff. So I am now making the effort to be more positive and relaxed which has helped in every area of my life. Good for you on working on improving. It's not easy by any means especially when you've acted a certain way your whole life and decide to change. But I know it's worth it & I will continue to improve.

    I know most of you will get your pitchforks out over this one, but I traded in my MIJ blonde tele for a Les Paul Tribute. Going back to what I was saying earlier, I decided to open my mind and try things I normally would stay away from. That's how I came to own this beauty:


    When I tried it, I immediately connected with it. I have been vastly improving my playing with it, but I believe most of that is attributed to learning to quiet my mind and relaxing when playing. I realized I got too excited when I would start playing which resulted in me playing way out of control & sloppy. Now that I'm reelin' it back, I see the improvements.

    In other news, my buddy & I are going next Saturday (10/14) to see a band I've been waiting to come to the Houston area for a while now. It's a more obscure band from Ft. Worth called the Quaker City Night Hawks. My buddy turned me on to them & I dug them right away. Pretty much every song they have is good IMO. So I'm stoked to be going to see them.

    Finally, I'm working on getting a band together to play local gigs. I reached out on an FB group asking if anyone would be interested & got a few responses. So I look forward to seeing how that will develop.

    That's about all for now.
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  17. tonytrout

    tonytrout Friend of Leo's

    Mar 19, 2003
    Brasstown/Murphy, NC
    After nearly a year, this Sunday, October 8, 2017 I've finally got a gig with the band I'm in at a folk school festival here where I live. The only downside is that it's always a stinkin' "freebie" and we don't get paid. :(

    Other than that, life is good.
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  18. Humscruddle

    Humscruddle TDPRI Member

    Mar 4, 2011
    Newton Aycliffe - UK.
    Thanks again for all the nice messages!
    I've got another (somewhat bitter-sweet) bit of good-ish news. I quit my job of four years in July due to stress at work etc. I'd often felt like people didn't really believe me when I said that the job was terrible... BUT... it's just been reported in the national newspapers(!) that the company I worked for has been "ranked as the country’s worst public sector workplace".
    So yeah... Not exactly "happy" news per se, but I feel somewhat vindicated and massively relieved that I wasn't just imagining how soul-destroying the job was! Hah. I feel oddly optimistic now. I've worked for the worst employer in the UK for 4 years so the only way is up from here, surely? :D


  19. 24 track

    24 track Poster Extraordinaire Silver Supporter

    Nov 6, 2014
    kamloops bc
    I worked for the most thankless beast imaginable for 25 years "The Canadian Government", I loved the people I had as charges all 125 of them, and to this day I still get hugs from the girls, I was in a managment possition that was entirely thankless and at points ruthless, I retired the day after my 25th aniversary, due to a cut back clause that was put into place that would cut my life time benifits from 75% to 50% if I retired after April 1, 2015 , the problem was we were unofficially informed in late Dec. 2014, and it was ratified on feb 2015, not leaving enough time to give the manditory 90 day notice of intent, I read the writting on the wall and retired on March 30, 2015 so I got my full bennies, and my 25 year watch, I just pity the poor buggers who didnt see it comming , then it got worse , much, much worse.

    so I hear you and kudo's on your ability to see into the chrystal ball and get out sanity intact.
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  20. 24 track

    24 track Poster Extraordinaire Silver Supporter

    Nov 6, 2014
    kamloops bc
    Great thread thanks BT, great idea!
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