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Joyo American Sound - amazed by this pedal (npd)

Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by Treeface, May 18, 2017.

  1. tele-bastard

    tele-bastard Friend of Leo's

    Mar 27, 2011
    Lowell, Mass
    I love my joyo American and California Sound

  2. jklotz

    jklotz Tele-Afflicted

    Jan 10, 2012
    Atlanta, GA
    I got one because of this thread - works wonders to turn my Roland Cube Artist, which is a tweed flavored amp, into a blackface sounding one. It's a really cool pedal, especially considering the price.

    Mine has an issue though. On, it seems to work just fine. When switch off, with the signal running through it, it buzzes and crackles. I contacted the seller a few days ago, and have not heard back. Any idea of how to go about troubleshooting it?
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  3. Nickadermis

    Nickadermis Tele-Afflicted Silver Supporter

    Dec 18, 2016
    Camden Point, MO
    Grounding issue ?

    I'll have to try it. I don't think I ever turn it off. I either have it Tweedy or Scoopy .

  4. JelloCaster

    JelloCaster TDPRI Member

    Jun 24, 2010
    I originally got mine as a safe way to practice when I found out none of the outlets in my house were grounded. Even after that problem was rectified, I still haven't touched my beloved Vox Pathfinders in months.

    American Sound > stereo reverb > mixer > headphones

  5. Grodad

    Grodad TDPRI Member

    Jan 26, 2016
    Will the Joyo American sound work directly plugged into a cab? My understanding is it’s an amp in a pedal or does it need something in between?

  6. SolidSteak

    SolidSteak Tele-Afflicted

    Apr 27, 2016
    No, unfortunately "Amp in a box" doesn't literally mean amp-in-a-box... it is only an effect pedal. Still needs amplification.
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  7. rze99

    rze99 Poster Extraordinaire Silver Supporter

    Feb 26, 2014
    South London UK
    it has no amplification stage. It is just an effects pedal.
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  8. jonrpick

    jonrpick Friend of Leo's

    Mar 17, 2014
    Marietta, GA
    It won't power a speaker. Though I've used the Joyo AC Tone directly into a powered PA speaker and it worked well.
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  9. mgreene

    mgreene Tele-Holic

    Jan 27, 2010
    south carolina
    After extensive listening on u-tube, I chose the Tech 21 Blonde because one showed up on my local Craigslist :D

    Actually, for what I wanted - to get an "all mids" tweed on 11 type sound, at low volume - I thought the Blonde was a little more convincing.
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  10. Dennyf

    Dennyf Tele-Holic

    Feb 9, 2011
    Charlotte, NC
    Joined the club a couple days ago, using it to replace the Voodoo Labs Giggity and ADA GCS-2 cab simulator as the "amp" in my direct-to-PA pedalboard rig. Favorably impressed so far.

  11. PhredE

    PhredE Tele-Meister

    Sep 25, 2017
    Suburban PDX, OR
    I've got an American Sound (AS) too. I love it. Best $35 I've ever spent on a pedal.

    For kicks, I saw your post last night and then went and hooked a cable straight out of the AS into a speaker box (8ohms, homegrown by yours truly).. First, I tried a conventional 14GA speaker cable -- no go, mostly just farting noises. Then, I swapped the speaker cable out with a standard guitar cable, and.. voila! It wasn't loud by any means, but it was definitely a level anyone in the room would at least notice and sound quality was quite acceptable. I've heard of other owners of the AS doing the same; I didn't believe it until I tried it myself. I've seen many other cases where guys are just bypassing or even ditching big amps in lieu of these things (and ones like them). For Fender tones, they are a lot of fun.

    I have been known to stick a boost or tube preamp in front of my AS to warm up and overdrive the tone somewhat -- I probably shouldn't suggest anyone else doing that because the signal can get quite potent by the time it hits the front of an amp..


  12. PhredE

    PhredE Tele-Meister

    Sep 25, 2017
    Suburban PDX, OR
    For a true 'amp in a pedal' unit, look at the relatively recent Class D 'mini' type amps like the:

    Quilter Micro Block 45 (45W @ 40hms, 33 @ 8, etc)
    Mooer Baby Bomb (30W @ 8ohms)
    EHX 44 Magnum

    Hope this helps. The Joyo American Sound is great fun to have/use -- get one if you can.
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  13. Junkyard Dog

    Junkyard Dog Tele-Holic

    Mar 7, 2016
    Walmart had them on sale for $25 last week, so I bought one. Haven't tried it out yet, but hopefully it will be useful on some gigs where bringing an amp is difficult...e.g. downtown gigs involving subway travel.

  14. chris m.

    chris m. Poster Extraordinaire

    One thing I'm not clear on. The Tech 21 Blonde has a separate switch so you can toggle between having it be a regular dirt pedal or having amp sim turned on. With the Joyo clone is it in amp sim mode all the time, or is it minus the amp sim? For going direct to PA or recording board you would want amp sim ON. For going into a guitar amp with typical mid-hump, you would normally want amp sim turned OFF to avoid an overload of mids.

  15. PhredE

    PhredE Tele-Meister

    Sep 25, 2017
    Suburban PDX, OR

    I don't own a Tech21, but according to the manual for it, the Tech21 does a cabinet emulation. The 'amp emulation' is a really in how you set the controls. Want a Bassman? Turn Level up (4:00), Voice to a min (8:00), Drive to about (9:00). Want some Tweed screech? Level up, Voice to 12:00 or 1:00, Drive up to 2:00 or 3:00 -- just experiment. It really can mimic most Fender amp tones quite well -- be sure to output to a decent speaker (if available). The EQ controls combined with the Voice control, give you incredible flexibility.. experiment a bunch. You'll find what you're looking for sound-wise, after a period of experimentation and getting familiar with it.

    I think Joyo's design is 'heavily influenced' (uh-hum..!) by the Tech21, so based on what I can see/hear of both, the cabinet emulation is built-in intrinsically (eg; I don't see a switch anywhere to defeat it) and Joyo didn't do anything differently that I can see (the path of least resistance?)

    Either way, it still sounds great. The 'dirt' really is a COMBINATION of how your set Level, Voice, Drive controls -- not by just Drive alone. It is tremendously flexible in it's tone stack and gain/voicing structure.

    One small, but important technical point to keep in mind:
    Input impedance is 1Meg ohms
    Output impedance is (going from memory here).. something like 1k-10k ohms

  16. chris m.

    chris m. Poster Extraordinaire

    Sorry, I meant cab simulation....which it seems would be a bad thing to have turned on when going into a guitar amp, but I guess folks like how it sounds.

  17. PhredE

    PhredE Tele-Meister

    Sep 25, 2017
    Suburban PDX, OR
    As I understand it, it's basically just a very modest high-end filter.

    No worries on the terminology. It would have been nice if they would have built in a way to disable it.. but, I'll still strongly recommend the AS. It's a good way to get authentic Fender tones in an inexpensive way. It *can* get noisy if you crank VOICE and DRIVE up simultaneously -- but I never do that.

    Hey, have a great day and good luck.

  18. JCL50

    JCL50 Tele-Meister

    Jul 31, 2017
    I really love my Harley Benton (Joyo in Europe) American sound. It is giving a second life to my old Fender Eighty-Five solid state amp. With the american sound in front of it, I feel like having a good Fender amp. And drive and fuzz pedals which sounded awful in the 85 alone now sound great.

    I've recorded that for last week twanger backing track with just a Tele into American sound into Fender 85 (+ a fuzz in the second part of the track).

  19. Iago

    Iago Tele-Afflicted

    Sep 18, 2006
    Joyo is speaker sim always on. People at FreeStompBoxes dissected one of them (the Voxy one - AC Tone?) and verified that for us.
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  20. PhredE

    PhredE Tele-Meister

    Sep 25, 2017
    Suburban PDX, OR
    JC, ahhh very nice. You've got the 'touch of break-up thing' going.. well done.

    I think the AS/HB does the Blackface Twin type sound the best -- eg; the big, clear, clean sound. There are a lot of 'shootout' / review type things online where people compare the AS/HB with an actual Fender tube amp -- sometimes, it is REALLY difficult to identify the 'real thing' from the AS/HB.

    Thanks for posting. :cool:

    Oh, there's nothing wrong with those old Fender SS amps (well, provided they work of course). I used to have a Princeton 112+ and LOVED it. Great Fender cleans from it.
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