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    one of the main issues when being in possession of high quality older technology is the fact that it is prone to failure due to dried out caps, internal batteries dieing etc. one of the the design flaws of the older gear is ithat the battery were sometimes soldered in place and not readily interchangable let alone the availability to locally source these gems, I have 2 such devices both are Peavey PC 1600X these fully functional midi controllers are one of the first fully functional midi controllers that cover all aspects of full midi implimentation , the cons to this device and the only one is these were made pre motorized fader, and have more fully assignable midi comands than that the behringer BCF/BCR 2000 units.

    I pulled these items out to check the internal batteries both registered in the 0.403 vdc range less than a half a volt each ( Dead) one battery was corroding and the acids from this battery could have easily destroyed the PC board traces the correct voltages were 3.6 volt 14 hour 6ma PC mount Nicads, I was able to source the same value batteries but require a battery clip to house them, the other issue was that the PC mount batteries positive terminals were soldered into two points on the PC board,

    Meet the Peavey PC 1600X Version 2.2


    this is the Nicad in situ


    I was able to fasion a battery clip out of a small piece of cable conduit , a spring from an old maglight, some small pieces of coppertape (used for gounding the inside of guitar cavities), 6 inches of wire and some electrical and 2 sided tape. notice the positive wire splits off into 2 tails.



    After assembally and soldering I secured the battery holder in place with 2 sided tape there was lots of room in side the chasis


    heres where the fun begins, I plug in the unit and i get cryptic gargage in the window, time for a break and a nap, reapproach the problem to ensure proper soldering contacts are made, all checks out , re seat any loose chips, all good, pull the multipin connectors and reseat .......wait one of the pins for the display is bent and and is not making contact, .....restraighten the pin slowly and carefully to ensure it does not snap off, reseat the connector,

    still getting garbage on the display , go online and after looking for the specific instructions " HOW TO DO A FACTORY RESET ON A PEAVEY PC 1600X " I was able to find the reset function that is not listed in the users manual turn the device over , hold down the Utility & the Enter buttons together , power on, to see those lovely words "INITIALIZING" ,"PEAVEY PC 1600X V2.2"


    while not brain surgery, sometimes you have to be adaptive to get your gear working , the correct batteries were for sale on Ebay from between 14.00 to 25.00 each plus shipping , I used the same batteries that are used for the Mac power PC towers, (6.00CDN locally sourced) they had the same spec, as the Varta Nicads

    hope you enjoyed this , Happy fathers day
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