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If your Squier works for the job, what's the problem?

Discussion in 'Squier Tele Forum' started by TeleOrLes, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. LooseJack

    LooseJack Tele-Meister

    Feb 4, 2017
    transit lounge
    Played an affinity and a MiM side by side in a shop through a Princeton reverb recently. Affinity held it's own, but I prefer my Squier Standard to both of them. I prefer the full thickness body on the standard to the affinity.

    Oh and the PR sounded awesome.

  2. Sparky2

    Sparky2 Tele-Afflicted

    Apr 15, 2017
    Harvest, Alabama
    The only problem is with people who have a preference (or bias) as regards brands and labels.

    Is it snobbery to want to own a genuine Fender but avoid being seen with a lesser-priced Squier?
    Same thing with genuine Gibsons and the lesser-priced Epiphones.

    My own wife, who I love dearly, is an unpretentious lady.
    She favors natural stones and hippie bangles over diamonds and golden tennis bracelets.
    She's happy driving an 18 year old car, and doesn't crave the latest and shiniest automobile.

    But, perplexingly, she won't buy inexpensive blue jeans.

    "Spark, why do you keep buying jeans from Walmart? You really ought to spend more on your clothes. They will last longer."

    "Beth, if they fit nicely and are comfortable and look good, I don't care what brand they are. And I'm happy spending $20 on a pair of blue jeans, versus $100 for some of those that you bring home from Crossroads."

    "I think you're just being cheap."

    "No, I'm just being practical. Plus, this saves money, money that I can use for buying beer and guitars."

    We all have our preferences and our priorities, I guess.

    Conversely, I myself do not crave a Squier.
    I have held a few, and even done the set-up on a few for some friends and neighbors.
    But with the exception of the Squier 51, which I find sort of appealing in an oddball way (because it's the only all-original Squier design), I doubt that I will ever own one.

    Same with Epiphone versions of the Les Paul.
    I just don't see the point.
    Save a few more dollars and get the real Gibson, that's how my tastes run.

    I guess I should state at this point that I am not one to modify guitars.
    I never change out pickups, and I don't feel the need to upgrade any of my guitars.
    If I check the guitar out thoroughly before buying it, and play it with my own hands before I lay down the money for it, then I can be guaranteed that the sound and tones are satisfactory in the first place.
    If it feels like crap and sounds thin or muddy when plugged in, then I won't buy it.

    My last bit of heresy, and I know that I will catch a boat-load of **** for saying this, but I never buy sight-unseen, and I never buy online. I only ever buy, in person, a guitar that I can play and check out with my own hands.

    This spares me the grief, it spares me the disappointment, and it spares me the hassle of having to ship a guitar back to the vendor.

    Two examples of how practice this has saved me a LOT of heartache;
    * Years ago I craved with all my heart of Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin. I looked at it online, and I drooled over photos of the guitar. I came this close to ordering one from Sam Ashe. But I held back.
    Eventually I came to hold one in person at a local guitar shop (The Fret Shop, on Jordan Lane).
    I just didn't feel right, and I didn't care for the feel of the neck, the sound, and the ergonomic geometry of the thing.
    So I passed on purchasing it.

    * Last week I finally laid my hands on a Gretsch Streamliner Center Block Jr, in walnut stain, with the Bigsby.
    I have been lusting over this guitar for over a month, after seeing it in a guitar magazine, and perusing it online non-stop.
    With great excitement, I pulled one off the wall at Guitar Center, and sat down and plugged it in and played it.
    Zero, zip, nada.
    It sounded okay, but felt like (I'm probably saying this wrong) a cheap and plastic thing.
    Never gonna buy one, accordingly.

    Am a jerk for being okay with buying inexpensive jeans and t-shirts from the discount barn, but not okay with owning Squiers or Epiphones? Am I a hypocrite because I actually do own (and love dearly) an Austin strat-copy and a Jay Turser copy of a Les Paul double-cutaway? Is it about brands and biases, or is it (hopefully) more a matter of buying what feels right, and that which sings to me when it's in my hands?

    I dunno.
    I don't think that even Sigmund Freud could figure this one out.


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  3. Sjnoring

    Sjnoring Tele-Afflicted

    Jan 26, 2017
    Just put in some aftermarket upgrades and steam the word Squier off the headstock, and those same players who looked at you before like you had fleas will say "dood that rawks, what is it?"
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  4. richey88

    richey88 Friend of Leo's

    Jul 28, 2009
    philly suburbs
    My go-to is a CV Strat. Bought it with a brass block with the trem arm hole off so no whammy. Added Raw Vintage springs and she rings like a
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  5. TeleOrLes

    TeleOrLes Tele-Meister

    Apr 11, 2017
    Oak Creek, WI
    As ridiculous as postage is, anythingarrivingbustedosis is a condition that should have been wiped out long ago. I thought guitars fell prey to this malady alone but some violin bows died a horrible death in the mail. Now, some vendors can aggravate this problem with idon'tusemyheaditis, like sending violin bows through the mail packaged in a thin plastic envelope without anything else besides the plastic to protect the bows. I hope that my Stradavarius coming from China with free shipping gets here in one piece! (LOL :lol:)

  6. RoscoeElegante

    RoscoeElegante Friend of Leo's

    Feb 19, 2015
    Seems just a status thing, to me.

    I have Squiers, MIM Fenders, MIA Fenders, etc. Love seeing that Fender logo, love to buy American when possible, love the MIA lore. I understand the sense of connection a holy name can give. Hell, I've got a '57 Plymouth's "Belvedere" chrome logo on my Vox AC15, because I love my connections to Americanness. Empty Pall Mall and Lucky Strike packages on my shelves. Coke ads, and I don't even drink Coke.

    But what works, works. Yankee practicality (from a Red Sox, Orioles, & Cubs fan), pardner!

    My Squiers are not only very good guitars in and of themselves, but fantastic value in terms of quality relative to cost.

    I particularly love my J Mascis Jazzmaster. Amazing tones and versatility in that thing. It's like a Strat voodooing a Tele and a Gretsch. Sure, some junky parts, and it's not up to Custom Shop flawlessness, but it's more than good enough to host great tones, and has a lovely neck.

    I also love my Squier Cabronita w/ a Bigsby. Previous owner had swapped in rail pickups (not sure of the make), and it rawks and sings. I wish its neck were beefier, but there's nothing wrong with the quality of it.

    There's also that lingering association of "Squier" with its lower QC days' products, its shabby pseudo-versions of Fenders, from days of yore. That's fairly reasonable. (Took me 10 years after owning a Vega to own another American-made car.) But beyond that, yeah, it's just a status thing. After all, even truly junky stuff can have eloquence squeezed out of 'em, and counter-snobbery snobbiness can be fun (if it too doesn't become a dead-end "value" in itself):
    Last edited: May 20, 2017
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  7. Minimalist518

    Minimalist518 Tele-Afflicted

    Mar 5, 2017
    I love mine. I have no shame in her heritage at all.
    That said, there isn't much Squier left in her. The guitar should suffer from an identity crisis: a Squier with a MIM Fender neck, an Esquire that says "Telecaster" on the headstock...
    But I bought it as a Squier and still think of it as a Squier and introduce her accordingly if anyone asks what I'm playing.
    I got the guitar with the original neck and only changed it because the neck was frankly awful, not because I wanted a Fender decal on it. I bought it for the sound. I plugged it into a Fender Champ at the guitar store and I swear when I hit a few power chords the guitar made that little amp leap off the floor.
    I used to have a '68 Telecaster, but it became a case queen. When I realized how much I loved my little Squier mongrel and how little I was playing my “valuable” guitar, I sold the Fender to pay some bills. My wife cried and I confess I was a little heavy-hearted, but I had come to feel like it owned me, not I it. I felt like I was sitting on money we could apply more responsibly. Ultimately, it was liberating and I'm so much happier with what I have and actually *use!*
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  8. Brazen

    Brazen Tele-Meister Silver Supporter

    Jun 3, 2016
    Since you're a former pro player, this is what's going to happen.

    You're going to unpack your stuff and people are going to whisper or make stupid comments. Once you start playing, they're thinking: how the hell is he getting those sounds out of a Squier! Be ready for even more stupid comments, questions and compliments.
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  9. nathanteal

    nathanteal Tele-Holic

    Mar 8, 2014
    Rochester, NY
    If a Ryobi works for the job, why do I need a Milwaukee?
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  10. TeleOrLes

    TeleOrLes Tele-Meister

    Apr 11, 2017
    Oak Creek, WI
    One guitarist that used Squiers was the late great Jeff Healey. He made that Squeir Strat howl!

  11. MuddyWolf

    MuddyWolf TDPRI Member

    May 11, 2017
    Paradise, Ca
    Bad joke alert.

    Are you sure he knew it was a Squier?
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  12. TeleOrLes

    TeleOrLes Tele-Meister

    Apr 11, 2017
    Oak Creek, WI
    I have two blind friends (they get really PO'd if I say visually impaired & I don't mind if they call me a retard :confused:) that play guitar. One is really good & One is so-so to ok. The one that's good would probably say "I don't need to know, just give me a f**ing guitar!". Both would probably tell me they can read the label like braille. It's a great joke though. Kinda like Did you ever see Jeff Healey's house? :twisted:

  13. knopflerfan

    knopflerfan Tele-Afflicted

    Mar 18, 2012
    In the woods
    rze99 - that is a really cool color. I wish we had that color in the States.

  14. TeleOrLes

    TeleOrLes Tele-Meister

    Apr 11, 2017
    Oak Creek, WI
    Saturday I jumped for joy because I got a package from Bulgaria! Inside were two, pristine, Russian PIO capacitors. I then opened another package from Hong Kong that had the A250K pots that I needed. Of course I was wiping tears from my Squier Pro Tone Tele because the pots had 1/4" bushings & my guitar required 3/8" bushings. I can use the 1/4" pots in other projects but I wish that ONCE, just once, I would set up shop & have all of the correct parts! Sorry for whining. All of the other packages, (China, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc.) had all of the right stuff but I really wanted to put the .033 cap in to brighten up that humbucker neck pickup :(. The 1/4" pots will fit my Cozart Tele copy. Go figure, the oddball pots will fit the rip off guitar! Hopefully these will fix the "all or nothing" feature of the factory pots & the Russian cap will sound better than the cheap green film one installed. I hope that all of the other "Mod Squad" members have had an easier go of it this past weekend! (;))

  15. ndcaster

    ndcaster Poster Extraordinaire

    Nov 14, 2013
    let's say you had a good neighbor who made guitars for a reasonable price. one day, you discovered you could buy a similar guitar from another country for about 1/3 less money. after a few years, your neighbor, like other neighbors you know, went out of business.

    but you? you saved a few bucks and bought a new pedal.
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  16. xafinity

    xafinity Friend of Leo's Silver Supporter

    Dec 24, 2015
    my Mom's basement
    whats yer point?
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  17. ndcaster

    ndcaster Poster Extraordinaire

    Nov 14, 2013
    David Ricardo was right, but he was a lousy neighbor.
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  18. TeleOrLes

    TeleOrLes Tele-Meister

    Apr 11, 2017
    Oak Creek, WI
    I should have mentioned that the diy knobs would be made very well & unique. Birch dowell base, centered, & sanded & finished to look great (at least with my eye). I'm not talking about a ball of sculpey that's drilled to fit.

  19. TeleOrLes

    TeleOrLes Tele-Meister

    Apr 11, 2017
    Oak Creek, WI
    I dunno, maybe some of you builders may have had some results from hand made control knobs. Maybe someone that had some creativity left after designing the guts of the box that makes the guitar sound awesome & unique.

  20. TeleOrLes

    TeleOrLes Tele-Meister

    Apr 11, 2017
    Oak Creek, WI
    That's a great idea for naming the gain & fuzz knobs on a multi purpose distortion box! Thank You!!! ;)

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