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I must have done something wrong to deserve this

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by telleutelleme, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. JL_LI

    JL_LI Tele-Afflicted

    May 20, 2017
    Long Island, NY
    We had two appliances fail this year. First was the washing machine. The timer failed. But it wasn't a timer like in the old days. It was a microcontroller board for $150. That was easy enough to replace but a month after that the pump failed. I should have gotten rid of the thing with the first failure. At least the new washer washes better. Then a month after that an Electrolux refrigerator failed. This time it was the "mother board" which shorted out from a broken sensor in the ice maker. You'd think that the electronics components designers would know how to isolate failures, but that probably costs too much to bother with in a $3K ice box. We replaced it with an LG that fit in the newly vacated space. Better design, at least from the using it standpoint. I doubt it'll last longer. I wish I could least appliances. We lease an MB and a BMW. You don't want to own them a day after the warranty runs out and have to pay for repairs. The thought of replacing a double clutch transmission or a fire breathing turbocharged engine would keep me awake at night. I'd love to be able to replace appliances every three or four years and let the next owner enjoy the horrors of having them serviced.
  2. howardlo

    howardlo Tele-Meister

    Feb 16, 2011
    Hobart, IN
    I'm betting that the defrost timer or control went bad and the coil in the back of the freezer is iced up.

    Have you checked for dust on the coils under the refrigerator? Over time they get covered with a blanket of dust, etc.
  3. Toto'sDad

    Toto'sDad Telefied Ad Free Member

    Jun 21, 2011
    The guy delivered our dryer today, shiny and new, although the other one, the one that had gastrointestinal problems still looked pretty good too. I told Mike that I couldn't remember when we got the old one, he said, well, it's from the mid to late 90s. That kind of kicked off a bell, and I seem to remember getting that one delivered when we moved to our old house which was in 97 so I guess it lasted a long time. Man, just like old Willie said, ain't it funny how time just slips right on away?

    Last time he was here installing a stove, I told him we wanted a microwave over the stove. He even brought one that time. We went through the whole thing again. I think what he was saying is my wife is too short for a microwave over the stove, and that we shouldn't do that. I'm sure we had one at the old house over the stove top. Maybe the cabinets were different or maybe the wife got shorter. I dunno, but she'll probably keep on 'til she gets one. We have one sitting on the counter top, but NOOOOO that won't do.
  4. telestratosonic

    telestratosonic Tele-Afflicted Silver Supporter

    Mar 5, 2011
    Alberta, Canada
    Yikes! We bought a new double-door LG this summer at Home Depot in Edmonton. No ice maker or water dispenser though. I tried giving away the old refrigerator but no one around the village wanted it so I took the door off and hauled it to the local landfill. It was still there when I hauled my garbage to the landfill a couple of weeks ago. Hmmmm.

    We have the same warranty I think. Hopefully, we'll get some good years out of it. If it does go on the fritz right now, we'll be okay because it's 16F outside. We have a room off the kitchen which we use as a pantry. We keep it unheated so it's a good place to store vegetables and fruit. We also have a small deep freeze so we'd be okay with frozen foods. Sorry for your bad luck.
  5. Informal

    Informal Tele-Holic

    Jan 16, 2013
    I have my grandparents 30+ year old GE fridge/freezer in the garage for excess crap that won't fit in the house, I know it's terribly inefficient...But the house I bought last (the one I plan on being removed from when I'm I'm dead) Unexpectedly had a pretty damn nice solar system, that I didn't know about when I bought it at auction...

    It works like a champ, and it cost me zero to operate..... I'll probably replace my 5 year old GE before I replace the 30+ year old one in the garage.
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  6. bigbean

    bigbean Tele-Afflicted Silver Supporter

    Feb 6, 2013
    Hartville OH
  7. radiocaster

    radiocaster Friend of Leo's

    Aug 18, 2015
    I remember reading this thread with a weird feeling. Now happened to our fridge too, it's probably 15 years old though.
  8. schmee

    schmee Friend of Leo's

    Jun 2, 2003
    Newer appliances are terrible. But, my guess is it's the pcb "brain" that's the problem. Pretty typical for new appliances and why they aren't near as reliable as the old ones.
    I bought the first new fridge I've ever had in my life a few years ago. I've had many 30 year old fridges that worked fine. The new MAYTAG has been repaired twice. Yep it's the PCB board both times. I now have an additional $300 in it.
  9. telleutelleme

    telleutelleme Doctor of Teleocity Silver Supporter

    Jan 15, 2010
    Here's the update on the LG.

    Under warranty, both evaporators and compressor replaced. Cost was slightly under $500 in labor, including initial service call. Guy was really good and let me observe everything that was done. I'd say the most difficult part was cutting and braising the copper lines. He also had to blow out the existing lines. It took a long time to load the compressor and add the coolant. I have about 5 years left on the original 10 year warranty, so we will see if it makes it. I was satisfied with the warranty and with the guy that did the work.

    I asked him what the best refrigerator was, he said it didn't matter. Most are designed and built the same way.

    Good luck all.
  10. radiocaster

    radiocaster Friend of Leo's

    Aug 18, 2015
    Funny enough, we just put the food outside the window until we can get it fixed, it's below freezing.
  11. WetBandit

    WetBandit Friend of Leo's

    Oct 11, 2016

    That's because "they" aren't making
  12. 1955

    1955 Poster Extraordinaire

    Apr 10, 2010
    If it makes you feel better, in the last two weeks had to have the transmission replaced on my main vehicle. It's a common inevitablility with this vehicle of that year.

    Then my backup vehicle blew a head gasket, that happens to that year vehicle and it is going to salvage.

    I took the inside of the first vehicle apart to replace a failed electrical component, spent two days in ankle deep mud water pulling parts from a junkyard, seemed like I had fixed it after swapping all the main suspects and finally one part that was a real pain in the butt, put everything back together again and it worked for a mile before failing as well.

    That part on that year vehicle was a known problem that the manufacturer would not fix, I gave it my best shot.

    So at least now I have a more complete wrench and socket SAE & Metric set and more space in the garage.

    Seems like there are a ton of vehicles that all have their fatal flaws even with appropriate driving and maintenance. I seem to have only owned those over my lifetime.

    Couple months ago the washing machine finally breathed its last. I tried to fix it and went down the YouTube rabbit hole, ended up with one of the few newer machines at the store that had an agitator.

    Newer stuff is mostly built cheap, made to be disposable, costs more than it should, and is unreliable.

    I have people that I can count on, at least, but I will never be impressed or let my guard down with anything manmade these days.

    I don't think I did anything to deserve it, but a whole bunch of folks did all kinds of things, didn't do a bunch of things, and made a lot of money.
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  13. R. Stratenstein

    R. Stratenstein Doctor of Teleocity Silver Supporter

    Aug 3, 2010
    Loganville, Ga.
  14. MattyK-USA

    MattyK-USA Tele-Meister Silver Supporter

    Feb 22, 2018
    Savannah GA
    May as well pile on. Our super-fancy Samsung stopped making ice, then the freezer temp started fluctuating. We were told not to bother having a repair done. Did some research online, and found that pretty much, they all suck these days regardless of brand. Maybe Sub-Zero or Viking, but who wants to spend that on a refrigerator? We settled on a simple GE "Profile" (yeah, I'm sure it's really special) side-by-side, no fancy gimmicks this time. At least the ice maker gets decent marks.
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