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Asher Guitars WD Music Products Amplified Parts Mod Kits DIY Nordstarnd Pickups

How many people here are using a Yamaha THR10?

Discussion in 'Modeling Amps, Plugins and Apps' started by teleamp, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Hiwhat

    Hiwhat TDPRI Member

    May 9, 2007
    Munich, Germany
    I found a preset I really like for loud, clean tones on the editor - it`s called "Hot Funk Rock Cutting". Add a bit of plate reverb, and it sounds really good - warm, clear, and dynamic.

  2. lothar34

    lothar34 Tele-Meister

    Jan 12, 2013
    It's called THR because its supposed to be your '3rd amp'... As in not your gig amp, not even your main practice amp, but for other scenarios where one needs to be quiet. While I would rather be pushing air, I don't get to very often, so out of 5 current amps, the THR is the only one that gets turned on almost daily. I wish the clean channel was a bit louder, but since i have other options for that, its not even a gripe for me. I have the SCx2 head as well, but I wouldn't say they overlap. My THR mostly gets used either late at night or as a stereo through the aux for jam tracks from my iphone while I play through one of my bigger amps. I haven't tried to record through the Scx2 yet but the THRs USB is quite remarkable.

  3. patzer

    patzer TDPRI Member

    Aug 27, 2013
    Washington, DC
    I'm a bit flummoxed as to Yamaha's THiRd amp strategy. I mean, that's one scenario, but not the only one. I'm (impatiently) waiting for my 10C to arrive tomorrow after shedding my heavy combo a couple of years back during a cross country self-move.

    Now the 10C will be my only amp. We've got a small house and kids who go to bed early. Anything louder that the THR wouldn't make sense for me right now. I need to practice and enjoy the tones I hear. Only *then* will I be ready to play out and about or jam with others (am eyeing a Vox Pathfinder 15R for a budget for a budget friendly jam amp down the road).

    So, for me, this is my *first* amp.

  4. sbpark

    sbpark Friend of Leo's

    Feb 10, 2009
    The West
    I think it's interesting how some complain of the (lack of) clean tones on the THR10 and/or the fact that the clean tones don't get very loud. I think these people may just have had way too high hopes for such a small amp, or just missed the entire point of this amp. I can get super sweet clean tones out of mine (the original, cream-color version) and it's plenty loud for what I use the amp for (noodling around at home, while I'm sitting on the couch or at my desk, etc.)Granted, yes, the other settings get much louder, but that in no way means that the cleaner tones are faint or too low in volume. I will admit though, I rarely use anothing other than the 'Crunch' setting, and that's even for my clean tones. Kind of gives me that clean, with just a smidge or the tiniest amount of gain that you would get with an old fender amp. I also have a '59 Bassman RI LTD and a 70's Fender Champ (that's currently being rebuilt my MUCHXS) that I never use because of the THR10. I only keep the Bassman RI because I scored it super cheap and it's mint, and the Champ is just a cool old amp that will sound amazing once I get it back. But I use the THR10 for 95% of my playing at home, and even will through my iPhone in front of it using the voice memo on the phone to just capture quick, on the fly ideas that I can later record into Logic Pro or GarageBand. I really don't think you can go wrong with THR10.

  5. JayFreddy

    JayFreddy Poster Extraordinaire Silver Supporter

    Nov 6, 2006
    Dallas TX USA
    There you go. You just said you rarely use the clean.

    If you like clean with a little bit of dirt, that's great, all of the THRs are good at that. If you want clean with a whole lot of clean (with some extra clean on top!), the THR10C is the only one I've tried that does that well.

    Not complaining, just stating facts.

    Starting to see a lot of these on the used market... I still like my THR5, but I'm glad I got it on sale. ;)

    If you like true pedal steel type cleans, go directly to the 10C.

  6. teleamp

    teleamp Poster Extraordinaire

    Oct 17, 2006
    Prairie Hill, Texas
    my 10c is going no where, i thought about selling it, but i'm not going to

  7. CostaRicaJones

    CostaRicaJones Tele-Meister

    Jul 4, 2011
    Reno, Nevada
    I test drove one at GC the other day. Didn't like it. In my opinion: Way over rated soup du jour.

    Not to sound like a Roland Cube fanboi, but I thought the Rolands sound much, much better-- for the same (or less) money.

    Just my .02. YMMV.

  8. Middleman

    Middleman Friend of Leo's

    Aug 29, 2007
    MV, CA
    The secret to this amp cannot be found in the stock sounds in the unit. You have to use the software where you can get at the fx and cabs which are not accessible otherwise. I was not that impressed either when I brought it home and played it. After loading up the software and then tweaking the sound, you can then store back to the presets locations on the unit and get some pretty amazing tones at the touch of a button. The compressor, gate and some fxs are not accessible from the knobs only found in the software.

    I own a lot of amps such as an 81 VR, 08 DRRI, 77 Princeton, AC15C1 and Marshall Class 5. I can come very close to all of these amps from the software. This is an amazing recording device not to mention practice amp. You wouldn't know this from just demo'ing in the store. Not aimed at you CostaRica, just letting others know.

  9. dink

    dink TDPRI Member

    Mar 7, 2013
    charlotte area,nc
    I concur. After using the software my contentment with the THR increased many fold!! A whole new world!!

  10. Dr_Twang

    Dr_Twang NEW MEMBER!

    Aug 14, 2012
    Cambridgeshire UK
    I bought a THR10 a couple of days ago and have so far been thoroughly impressed. For me a big part of the attraction was the USB interface and the bundled copy of Cubase AI that has turned my fairly low spec laptop into a (portable) digital recording studio. In the space of a few hours yesterday I put down a clean rhythm track, a very big sounding overdriven lead track, super realistic sounding drum pattern and used the amp's dedicated bass channel, a bog standard Squier Precision and my meagre bass playing talent to record a half-decent sounding bass track as well.

    I have two big combo amps - an old Marshall 50 and a JC120 so having the high gain tone at really low volume is great, but where this amp really scores, for me at least, is as a recording and practice tool.

    Incidentally, the clean sound on the THR is much more tubey to my ears when compared to my Roland so I'm guessing the software modelling is working overtime even on the completely clean setting.

    As for level - this is my first ever mini amp, but I'm frankly astonished at the volume from something so small.

  11. sbpark

    sbpark Friend of Leo's

    Feb 10, 2009
    The West
    I know I have posted a few times int his thread and am obviously a big fan of the THR10. I recently picked up an EP Booster pedal as a boost for my Silverface Champ and BMRI LTD and never thought of using it with the THR10. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it sounded. I used the 'Crunch' channel with just a little gain for a small amount of breakup with the EP Booster in front. I was shocked when it sounded like a tweed amp being pushed, no joke!

    I also started messing around with the software and like it. Very intuitive for a person like me that doesn't care much for stuff like that and don't have patients for pedals with more that 4 knobs, internal trim pots, etc. Very straightforward layout.

    If I had one gripe though about the THR10 it's the fact that I cannot seem to find a way to adjust the output into Garage Band when going in directly via USB, and the input level function is greyed out in Garage Band with the THR10 connected. I did a little research, and apparently some devices work and will let you use the input level in Garage Band, while others don't, and this is a normal occurrence unfortunately. I'd rather use Logic, but my one friend who I collaborate with that lives in another part of the country only uses Garage Band, so I'm stuck using that, otherwise I still dig the THR10.

  12. Frodebro

    Frodebro Doctor of Teleocity Ad Free Member

    Aug 17, 2012
    The USB/AUX knob should adjust the volume going into your computer, use it to get your levels.

  13. sbpark

    sbpark Friend of Leo's

    Feb 10, 2009
    The West
    Nope. doesn't work.

  14. Frodebro

    Frodebro Doctor of Teleocity Ad Free Member

    Aug 17, 2012
    Strange... How about the guitar volume (right next to the USB/AUX)?

    I don't remember which one it was, but I was able to control the output from mine with one of those when using it as a USB interface.

  15. sbpark

    sbpark Friend of Leo's

    Feb 10, 2009
    The West
    The volume knob just makes the amp louder but doesn't increase the signal to Garage Band. The Aux/USB knob doesn't do anything!

  16. Noclue

    Noclue TDPRI Member

    Dec 15, 2011
    Just ordered the 10C, mostly for the variety of blues amp sounds, recording and effects, as well as portability and low volume. Way cheaper than getting it all done just with my tube..

    But what really interests me now I read your post is: When and how did "ersatz" make it into the English language? I knew of kindergarten, autobahn and "über...", but ersatz!?

    Cool though to see, that some of our words make it across the border...



    Jan 21, 2014
    Late to the party but I love this amp. Never had a problem with the clean tones, I notice keeping the guitar volume and amp gain just un-dimed keeps the cleans clean. The Acoustic model does a good job with clean tones too.

    Yamaha did a great job, tight models of the 5 most useful amp sounds you could want, 80's cleans to Classic Metal and anything in between. I can play my bass through it, I can use it to record my acoustic, does everything. Had a Line 6 Spider when they first came out, hated it. Sold it & got a PODXT, that lost its luster quickly. Sold THAT and got a Vox Valvetronix, same problem. Too many models and most of them range from Meh to Bleh. Not the THR, that one's a keeper.

    Though the ultimate honor is reserved for my Pignose 7-100. Upon my death I have instructed that my body be cremated and that the Pignose be made into my urn, and someone has to play play Iron Man once a year on my birthday or I will haunt your ass. THR kicks mega-ass but the Pignose is PERFECT.

  18. Sideways Jaye

    Sideways Jaye Tele-Meister

    Sep 10, 2013
    Charlottesville, VA
    Okay, a THR10 is 7"x14"x5.5 inches and a hair over 6 pounds. The Super Champ (and I own and love an XD) is 15 x17.5 x 9 and *24* lbs! Why on earth would you compare these two amps or expect the THR to have the oomph of a Super Champ?



    Jan 21, 2014
    I dunno, I play at night after everyone else has gone to bed. "Oomph" is not a primary attribute for me. Good models and good response to my playing are all care about and the THR is excellent in both fields. It sounds great in GarageBand too. I like the Super Champ, but it wouldn't do someone like me any good - at best it would be a real expensive Amplug cause I could only play the thing thru headphones. I have a Champ 600 and never use it. I can barely use my Pignose with my schedule. Very happy with the THR, oomph notwithstanding.

  20. Tele-toter

    Tele-toter TDPRI Member

    Jan 22, 2014
    I have a question. I don't know if this has been asked as of yet and if so I apologize. I am on the fence about which THR10 to order. I want the cleanest headroom of the series and assume it is the THR10c or the regular THR does anyone know or tried them in person who could help me here?


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