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How important is your DNA/ancestry to you?

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by TheGoodTexan, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. otterhound

    otterhound Poster Extraordinaire

    Dec 14, 2008
    Manheim Pa.
    While I am a bit interested in where I came from , I am far more concerned about where I am going .

  2. peterpicker

    peterpicker Tele-Meister

    Oct 24, 2010
    Surrey, BC, Canada

  3. Tonemonkey

    Tonemonkey Poster Extraordinaire

    Energy can neither be created nor destroyed .....

    Hope that answers your question.

  4. 24 track

    24 track Poster Extraordinaire Silver Supporter

    Nov 6, 2014
    kamloops bc
    I know all my ancesters , My liniage goes back to GROC the Neanderthal and my realatives had a summer home on the tip of the Rock Of Gerbralter

    My only problem with this type of information is that your liniage is stored in a data base and a sample of your DNA that you have willfully given up is open source for any government agency to have access to. You know Big brother is watching , am I curios? ,Yes, is it imprtant ? , No.
    If you dont believe that things like Face Book photos are not used as a repetiour data base for Gov agencies or that Google Chrome is attached to the NSA to track your on line activities, you are being niave. google, "GOOGLE Chrome and the NSA" if the link is still up. hey even your finger prints are on file if you've ever had a govmt job or a police they have your DNA and face book photo, next step is chip implants , they do it to dogs!

  5. Sparky2

    Sparky2 Tele-Afflicted

    Apr 15, 2017
    Harvest, Alabama
    I purposely did not read any of the previous postings on this topic, since I want to answer the original question, and I don't wish to insult anybody who feels strongly about their heritage and their family lineage.

    Me personally, I really don't feel strongly about any of it.
    I know from my brother in law (who is quite a genealogy buff) from exactly where in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Austria-Hungary my ancestors immigrated, but it really doesn't inspire much excitement or romance in me.

    I'm a Heinz 57 mongrel, the same as most of my friends.
    Who needs a drink right about now?

    (Was that the Irish in me speaking, by the way?)
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  6. william tele

    william tele Doctor of Teleocity Ad Free Member

    Nov 7, 2009
    Kansas City, MO
    Precisely! The worms will be extremely energetic and thank you for the meal...:D

  7. otterhound

    otterhound Poster Extraordinaire

    Dec 14, 2008
    Manheim Pa.
    I asked no question . Hope that answers your question .
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  8. Frontman

    Frontman Tele-Holic

    Jul 10, 2014
    I’ve been curious, but such kits aren’t sold in Japan. Here there is a very strong sense of personal privacy, and even what are routine medical tests in America and Europe are hard to get done here.

    When my wife was pregnant, she took a test which can detect for genetic abnormalities in babies. The test also determines the sex. However, though we had to pay some $2,500 for this test, some of the results were blacked out, including the sex of our baby.

    But in Japan there used to be a class of “untouchable” people. They were considered only one-seventh human. Even today, any link to this underclass can make it hard to marry or get a respectable job. There is an underground industry which tries to keep track of those people from this class, and sells this information to those who don’t want to sully their families by accidentally marrying one of these people.

    For my family, my aunt (on my father’s side) was the family geneologist. She spent decades digging up birth, church, and hospital records. She traveled to the east coast, and then to Europe, and was very diligent in her research. She ended up with an amazing record of names, photos, news clippings, and rubbings from tombstones.

    My name is Scottish, but actually immigrated to Americanfrom France after the French revolution. They settled in the northeast, but all male members of fighting age volunteered for the confederate army. At the end of the Civil War, they refused to return north, but could not stay in the south, so they moved west.

    On my mother’s side less is known. My grandfather was scots-german, my grandmother was an Acoma indian.

    My wife’s family comes from Kyoto and Nagoya. In Kyoto there is a district and street named after her ancestors, some relationship still live in the neighborhood. Her ancestors in Nagoya became merchants after Meiji revolution. Her grandfather was an architect who studied in Europe, and who was an officer in the IJA, he was also one of the designers of Tokyo Tower.

    You can find some fascinating stories if you are interested in genealogy.

  9. boris bubbanov

    boris bubbanov Telefied Ad Free Member

    I've wondered about this.

    I was trying to visualize a bunch of individuals in Uganda or Botswana who had nothing better to do with the vast sums of money in their bank accounts, but to have their DNA entered into the database. No, the overwhelming numbers of these individuals are simply not in the "system" and it stands to reason, there's therefore no probative way to determine if I'm related to these people, or not. These genealogical tests are marketed to the First World. IMO there's not going to be a statistically significant number of people in the base from Greenland, from Papua-New Guinea, or from Sri Lanka. That means, someone is gonna have to do some guessing.

  10. boris bubbanov

    boris bubbanov Telefied Ad Free Member

    Yeah, but the story about your wife's grandfather sounds interesting, even if he'd never had a family.

    I like reading biographies and books about history, and imagining myself in the company of or working with or against that famous person. Thinking about how their work might have been seen, in real time and within the community they lived in. And how were they seen by their countrymen, their associates, or their adversaries.

    The #1 thing about Genealogy that bugs me is, if you buy 100% into the importance of the stories of YOUR forebears or your spouse's forebears, then you've precluded consideration as to whether it could make sense not to have children. You've decided, before you know it, that you need to have some descendants that can look back one day and imagine your life, and revere your life. Personally, I think this is a trap. I'd just as soon be impressed with what someone's elses forebears did and then hope, maybe, that the grandchildren of some stranger one day might look me up in the history books and possibly be inspired.

    In other words, why is there a need for a family or a blood connection? When are we going to start looking at one another as all seeds from the same tree?

    A zero sum exchange: The more we pump up the actors in our tribe, the less significance we assign to other human beings not in our tribe. No, thanks.
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  11. VikinginLA

    VikinginLA Tele-Meister

    Sep 15, 2013
    Los Angeles
    Im interested. Im supposedly 100% Swedish, whatever that means, but clearly at some point, even if that was a 1000 years ago, we came from somewhere other than Sweden.

  12. Allen Peterson

    Allen Peterson Tele-Meister

    Sep 15, 2016
    Katy, Texas
    Yes, in those small population areas or areas that do not make the statistical radar, DNA will not be effective as a research tool. However, if a person from say England moves to Greenland, etc., then DNA may be effective.

    As a side note, a former co-worker had his DNA tested for ethnicity. He is 1.3% indigenous Amazonian. My friend is mostly of European Jewish descent. DNA bears this out with 53% Jewish descent. He's a mathematician and calculated that the Amazonian connection had to have been made within the last 5 or 6 generations. The problem is, where would one go to find the paper documentation to prove it?

  13. Allen Peterson

    Allen Peterson Tele-Meister

    Sep 15, 2016
    Katy, Texas
    Thanks peterpicker. What I said about the LDS Church is still true. They are not involved in DNA research. They "joined hands" with Ancestry in sharing digital images of documents and database indexes, not DNA results. I'm sure about this; I am heavily involved with FamilySearch.

    The second article is very interesting. Thank you for this info. It will be interesting to see if Ancestry and 23andme will put up a fight when they receive requests from law enforcement in the future. Looks like both groups have an uphill fight.
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  14. kelnet

    kelnet Telefied Ad Free Member

    Apr 17, 2008
    Port Moody, BC
    I would like to hope that this ancestry stuff might cause people to rethink their ethnic biases and prejudices. Imagine the KKK member who discovers some Ethiopian DNA. Or the anti-semite who finds a strain of Judean ancestry in his report. Or perhaps the Celtics fan who finds out about his Californian great-grandparent. Talk about breaking down barriers!
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  15. Lake Placid Blue

    Lake Placid Blue Friend of Leo's

    Sep 24, 2016
    That’s a good point.

  16. TimothyC

    TimothyC Tele-Afflicted

    May 12, 2016
    Not very. My dad immigrated to the US before I was born and tends to shun most things associated with his heritage. He worked hard to assimilate to American culture and never really looked back. Thus it was never terribly important to me. Most people have no idea what my ethnicity is and I rarely correct the myriad of guesses I used to get, I dont care. Even having traveled a few times and seeing where my dad grew up, it's not something I connect with.
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  17. 24 track

    24 track Poster Extraordinaire Silver Supporter

    Nov 6, 2014
    kamloops bc
    I do know me Ma came from Scotland with Irish & Welsh roots ( but that alone means there are probably itaian from the romans & viking from the hoards) My father was from Quebec city with roots back to France and Metis ( we are appearently associated to to owners of the Renault car company in France) judging by my stature , high tolerance to pain , and,I do not feel the cold even in sub zero, I more than likley am associated to Neanderthal roots.

  18. String Tree

    String Tree Doctor of Teleocity

    Dec 8, 2010
    Up North
    Call me paranoid but, once you turn your DNA over to those people, they can do as they wish with it and, without your Consent.
    Think about it.

  19. Mike Eskimo

    Mike Eskimo Doctor of Teleocity Ad Free Member

    Nov 9, 2008
    ^^^^ I have thought about it.

    A Lot.

    And what I came up with is folks like ME believe it is truly anonymous (and you can take simple steps to further insure it) and other folks do not believe it is anonymous.

    (“Those people” sounds ominous.)

    I will not completely freak you out by explaining the mechanics/record-keeping of blood drives...:eek:

  20. Despres

    Despres Tele-Holic

    Aug 14, 2012
    Northeast again
    An aunt of mine is into tracing the family tree and had it done. To the OP, she is the one relative I have who lives in the 'south' so the southern culture vs northeast theory doesn't hold up with my sample size of one.

    I am not very interested in the 'way back when' aspect of it - I forget what the percentages were, but there were some odd-ball mixes that are probably traces of unknown affairs or wars many generations ago.

    I find the stories of the people that can actually be tracked down much more interesting - on both my parents' sides of the family, there have been some overachievers who have been able to piece together family trees back to colonial days, with places they lived and some stories, which are pretty interesting. Whether or not every child on those charts was legitimate and/or what the genetic composition of people several hundred years ago is not as interesting to me.

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