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hot wet summer and relief problems, also a truss rod nut theory

Discussion in 'Tele-Technical' started by allamid06, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. allamid06

    allamid06 TDPRI Member

    Jul 7, 2015
    De Los Horneros m121 s11
    Hi! it's been a while since my last post, -I'm always around but just reading-,
    and it's been a while since I have my most valued guitar (even when it is not my most expensive one).
    It's a MIM telecaster, maple neck, from the 2012.

    ***You can skip this intro***
    Well, I live in Uruguay -that's why my english could be wrong or weird-, and here we have like up to 80% of humidity. The seasons are super weird, and we have super cold days, followed by super hot days. The last summer was incredibly hot and wet. The problem started there... I realized that my tele had a 0.011" or more of relief (capo over the first fret, finger over the last fret, checking the 8th fret). I was using 0.010" strings, E tuning, and keeping it with 0.009" or less of relief until that. I adjusted the truss rod, but three days after I realized that the bow rose so I had again 0.011" or more of relief. I adjusted it again, and it kept "OK" for a while, but I had to tight it even more since then. In fact the summer is coming, and even when I'm using 0.009" strings now, I had to tight it even more the last days.
    All this thing is freaking me out, because of the sentimental value of this tele. I've talked to my technician, and he said to me that the last summer was super bad to guitars, that his own american strat (also with maple neck wich seems to be more soft) reached the end of the truss rod. He fixed it by just letting the guitar without strings and adjusting it when the summer went more normal.

    Since I've been adjusting my truss rod and it's getting tight and tight (It's not that easy to turn like my other guitars), I've been looking for some indicators that could tell me if I'm reaching the end of truss rod. Call me obsessive if you want, but I've been feeling like I can't really enjoy the guitar, I feel like it's going to bow in any moment and I'm not will be able to adjust it anymore, and I like it with low relief and low action like all my other guitars.

    So my question here is, how large is the range of adjustment that the truss rod can give? Any experiences to tell? There is a lot of posts like this over the internet, but I wanted to tell the whole context and also, share with you the following...

    ***The nut theory***
    I have an hypothesis that I want to share and see what you think about...

    Most of the truss rod nuts that I've seen, have the bottom perforated -like there is an irregular hole as you can see in the picture-. I think that this prevents from air pressure, and it could give a way to lubricate the truss rod. Since the hole is in the bottom, with the nut fully coiled into the truss rod, the top of the truss rod itself, should make contact and close the hole. So, my guess is: if you can insert a needle into the gap and touch the truss rod, then you could measure how deep have you gone, and that would be a reference of how much you can adjust (tight) your truss rod. Am I right?

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