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Asher Guitars WD Music Products Amplified Parts Mod Kits DIY Nordstarnd Pickups

Hi from Norway! What’s this stuff on my neck?

Discussion in 'Welcome Wagon' started by Dan Country, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Dan Country

    Dan Country TDPRI Member

    Jan 23, 2019
    B1BD4DEF-D1B9-46CB-8432-775F85672718.jpeg 10444719-5435-4DF6-8BC2-04392A830EF1.jpeg 04C17349-80D8-44C2-9944-CBAD4B5B7B61.jpeg


    I’m finally making an intro post after getting lots of help from all of you the last few weeks. Under that old sofa material turned amp cover is a Vox AD30vt. It’s living up to the good reviews and advice. Just learning some country music and I haven’t fiddled around more than 5 minutes with different settings, but there’s a photo of how I have it currently. Manual with the Vox amp voice, clean and with some reverb.

    The affinity is nice for my first electric :) what’s that stuff between the neck and body though? Also, the jack sits a little further out when plugged in. Is this normal? I can push it in another eight of an inch nearly and it just pops back out to where it likes to sit.

    Cheers again,

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  2. Preacher

    Preacher Friend of Leo's

    Apr 17, 2007
    Big D
    Maybe the edge of a shim?
    If it plays well I wouldn't worry about it. If it bothers you, loosen the neck and see if it comes out.
    Although you will have to probably do a set up if you remove that shim. If could just be a bit of fuzz though.

    And the Vox AD30, great little practice amp!
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  3. SandyMays

    SandyMays TDPRI Member

    Feb 1, 2019
    Cant really tell but might be a shim of some sort maybe take the neck off and see. The prong in the input jack might be to tight bend it back a little.
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  4. corliss1

    corliss1 Friend of Leo's Platinum Supporter

    Sep 13, 2008
    Lansing, MI
    I would throw out a vote for polishing compound.
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  5. unixfish

    unixfish Poster Extraordinaire

    Apr 20, 2013
    Northeast Ohio, USA
    Nice setup. Welcome!
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  6. Dan Country

    Dan Country TDPRI Member

    Jan 23, 2019
    FE06CC31-C7EB-4225-83F6-F7D27F48CEBB.jpeg YEah I thought it was a shim at first, but the more I look at it, the more it seems to be some glue or residue of sorts. Would a shim have a more normal shape? The finish in that area in general is quite poor really (check out the section on the side). Sounds good though, so I guess it works and should last a while :)
  7. brogh

    brogh Assistant Admin Staff Member

    Jun 26, 2010
    Admin Post
    does it play nice ? don't bother .. just play ;)
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  8. magicfingers99

    magicfingers99 Tele-Afflicted

    May 7, 2015
    take the strings off first or put a capo on the neck to hold the strings - you should still slack them though before taking the neck off.
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  9. Lonn

    Lonn Friend of Leo's

    Dec 13, 2007
    Looks nice. Not sure exactly what you're expecting from a $179 Squier though.
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  10. Dan Country

    Dan Country TDPRI Member

    Jan 23, 2019
    Yeah, that’s exactly it. It sounds good, and at my level is such a pleasure to play. Getting a lot more practice hours in now that I can play whenever I want :) I played some in high school and after, but haven’t played in a while. After Christmas I bought an acoustic, but quickly found out that it was a little too loud after 10pm... flatpicking in the day, lead guitar at night!
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  11. Stringbanger

    Stringbanger Telefied Ad Free Member

    Jan 18, 2013
    West O' Philly, PA
    Welcome to the fold!

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  12. Charlie Bernstein

    Charlie Bernstein Poster Extraordinaire

    Apr 26, 2003
    Augusta, Maine
    It's probly a shim. If the neck is fine, the shim is doing its job.

    As for the plug, if it works, it works. So as Mr. Natural said, don't mess with it!

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  13. FrankJames

    FrankJames Poster Extraordinaire

    Aug 9, 2008
    Ohio, USA
    Welcome to the forum !!
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  14. Welcome!
    Great artistic photos!
    I feel strangely excited, same as when I visit IKEA.
    Scandinavian design and me, we resonate, like a Stratocaster with 'vintange' springs.
    (I crack myself up...):D

    addendum: that guitar would love a single-ply black pick guard.
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  15. Dan Country

    Dan Country TDPRI Member

    Jan 23, 2019
    HAha, actually we’re renting a furnished apartment so none of it except the stuff in the shelves is ours... our next place will be stocked with Scandinavian design though I’m sure, whether it be from ikea or otherwise :) I’ll have to try find a pic of one with a black pick guard. I like the white though. My buddy calls the body a custard colour. I don’t know where the term arctic white fits in...
  16. Fenderdad1950

    Fenderdad1950 TDPRI Member

    Feb 4, 2019
    Welcome to TeleTalk. Play & enjoy your rig. Vox amps are very good amps
    I play thru a Vox AC10c1, lightweight tube amp, it is a real workhorse of an amp.
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  17. Dan Country

    Dan Country TDPRI Member

    Jan 23, 2019
    Yeah, I was considering that exact amp or the ac15, but a need for headphones and budget eventually ruled out tube amps for now. I also enjoyed the sound of the blues jr I tried in the store when I was trying out the affinity. Lots to lust after :)
  18. tery

    tery Poster Extraordinaire Silver Supporter

    Sep 21, 2012
    Nice rig :cool: … Welcome to TDPRI .
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  19. Finck

    Finck Tele-Afflicted

    Oct 11, 2017
    São Paulo - Brazil
    Years ago I found a big chunk of wood inside the neck pocket of my son's Squire.

    Welcome aboard!
  20. Dan Country

    Dan Country TDPRI Member

    Jan 23, 2019
    haha, was it a chunk missing from the neck? I've only ever changed strings on my acoustics before and would be worried about taking the neck or anything else off.

    Is it easy to break anything when servicing these? The first thing I'll get around to is that jack plate I think, but I'm not fussed for now.
  21. TokyoPortrait

    TokyoPortrait Tele-Meister

    Dec 10, 2017
    Tokyo, Japan
    Hiya & welcome.

    I tried to zoom in, but things got fuzzy fast. As far as I can tell, whatever it is, it looks a little compressed between the actual body and neck, and expanding a little as it comes out? Which gives me a feeling of something plastic or rubber or foam caught there, being compressed. Or, glue (which would be odd) or finishing compound (as someone else mentioned) coming out. But there's no real way of telling without actually seeing it. If you poke & scrape it with a needle, how does it feel? Wood-like, or plastic, etc?

    Basically though, I'd say, if it is playing well, don't mess with it.

    Right, now I'm going back to watching Vikings - I'm on holiday and my current location get's me different Netflix content, so I'm playing catch up. After that, I might try something with "Border" in the title...:)
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