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Help me find a delay pedal...

Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by jguitarman, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Sounds Good

    Sounds Good Tele-Meister

    Oct 2, 2017
    Luton UK
    Sorry to repeat myself! already put this one up once on another thread but not a delayed one so here goes.

    A behringer echo machine is cheap as well and many features also.

  2. JJAdams1956

    JJAdams1956 TDPRI Member

    Dec 14, 2016
    Los Angeles

  3. sammy123

    sammy123 Tele-Meister

    Jul 25, 2011
    The Behringer Echo Machine is a nice pedal with nice features. So is the Reverb Machine (which also has an echo mode).

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  4. Rich_S

    Rich_S Friend of Leo's

    Dec 29, 2006
    Potsdam, NY
    What the heck are you people talking about? Effects loops? Preamp gain? Read the OP... ROCKABILLY BAND. We're talking cleanish amp, with dirt/compression mostly coming from the output stage of the amp. Delay pedal will be in front of the amp. He doesn't need versatility, he doesn't need presets, and he doesn't need tap tempo. He needs a good analog or tape slapback sound.

    I agree with the folks who say the DD-7 should be able to do it, but the DD-7 is different from previous Boss delay pedals. The DD-7 is all-digital, meaning there's no analog dry signal path. The whole guitar signal gets A/D converted to digital, then D/A'd back to analog at the end. I'd like to think Boss can do all that processing and have the pedal sound natural, but through a wound-up clean(ish) amp, maybe that's what the OP is hearing a "color".

    I don't play rockabilly, but back in the old days, I used some slapback delay for songs like The Pretenders' "My City Was Gone", and "Middle Of The Road". When I switched from a DM-2 to a DD-2 sometime in the early '80s, I distinctly remember thinking the DD-2 didn't do the slap as well. The delay stuck out too much, because of the clean digital sound. I simply backed off on the mix knob a bit, and for my purposes it was "good enough", but if I was really a stickler for the slapback, the DM-2 would have been better.

    Now of course, YMMV. Some people like the DD-3's clean repeats, even for slapback. The DD-3 does have an analog dry path, so the A/D and D/A conversions are not messing with your dry guitar signal, just the repeats. Used DD-3s are cheap and plentiful, so it's worth checking on out to see if is solves the coloration problem. I personally believe anytime anybody needs a delay and doesn't know where to start, a used DD-3 is the place to start.

    If the DD-3's repeats are a bit too clean, try analog. The DM-3W Waza pedal is worth checking out, though pricey. There's the Carbon Copy and if it's too dark, the "Bright" version. For real authenticity, look at some dedicated tape-emulation pedals, but be wary of the analog-dry-path problem. A lot of the super-booteek, super-verastile delays out there are going to digitize your whole guitar. The EHX Canyon comes to mind. It has both analog and tape emulations on it, and from all reports it sounds great, but it is a "no analog dry path" pedal. (I recently bought one, but haven't had a chance to fire it up yet.)

    There are cheaper delays out there. Of the recent flood of cheap mini-pedals, I only have experience with Mooer, and Ana Echo and a Yellow Comp. Both pedals sounded great, but their tiny controls were a bit finicky. Their build quality is good, but not "Boss good". If your rockabilly band is going to be gigging regularly, and especially if your delay is going to be used alone (no pedalboard) then I would spend a bit more for a quality pedal like MXR, Boss, or boutique. (Gasp! I'm no fan of the booteek pedal market in general, but I will admit that, say... Earthquaker Devices' build quality is way better than Mooer or Caline.)

    You're lucky in that the effects needs for rockabilly are pretty simple, and you don't need a whole lot of pedals or options. Start with the basics: DD-3, Carbon Copy, DM-2W. If none of them floats your boat, at least you'll have a good idea of why not, and which direction to head.
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  5. bacongrease

    bacongrease Tele-Meister

    Mar 27, 2013
    The SubDecay makes DD-7 sound like horse poo.

  6. Fiesta Red

    Fiesta Red Tele-Afflicted

    Nov 15, 2010
    MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay.

    Works great.

    If you want a larger pedal (lol),the Rocktron Short-Timer works very well for this purpose as well.

  7. chris m.

    chris m. Friend of Leo's

    I knew it was "rockabilly" but there are variants out there that are pretty heavy with a fair bit of gain. I didn't assume he was going just for traditional clean country sound.

  8. Sounds Good

    Sounds Good Tele-Meister

    Oct 2, 2017
    Luton UK
    Thanks Alot! sammy123 yes i have the reverb one as well, but tend to use the reverb on my amp, i also have a H & K replex delay which is nice, but i got it very cheap and now the little tube needs replacing but it lasted a long time.

    It would be good to have a favourite pedal thread, but i suppose that would be like a favourite players thread with what suits ones ears and tastes best.

    Still i search on utube alot but of course the sound is never quite the same as the pedal setup within your own rigs and using your own playing styles.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2017

  9. jguitarman

    jguitarman Tele-Afflicted

    Oct 14, 2003
    No CA
    My guitar, (for now) is an American Tele and my amp is a Deluxe Reverb. I play clean and at less than breakup volume. Thanks for everyone's input. The first thing I'll try is the digital setting on the Boss DD7 and if that doesn't work I'll start researching your suggestions. I don't see myself using tap tempo or the effects that some pedals offer in addition to delay so why spend the money.
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  10. chris m.

    chris m. Friend of Leo's

    If you want tap tempo in the future, you can add an external tap tempo button to your DD7 very cheaply.

  11. BWNadeau

    BWNadeau Tele-Afflicted

    Feb 2, 2011
    Lachute, Canada
    Rockabilly - Mad Professor Deep Blue delay. Sounds great in front of the amp, handles drive like a champ, and is half the footprint and price of an AD999, which does the same thing (maybe a little better) in a big, pink, pricey box. ;-)

  12. thefruitfarmer

    thefruitfarmer TDPRI Member

    Sep 26, 2013
    kent UK
    Way Huge Aqua Puss does a good bright sounding analogue slapback, which works for me.

    Pretty much any echo box will work as a slapback machine but it's a personal thing as to the exact choice. I put several together in the shop and ended up with the AP, but YMMV.

  13. DaveKS

    DaveKS Friend of Leo's

    Oct 21, 2013
    You do know slapback is 1-1.5 repeats at most, that's not 1:00, more like 9-9:30 at most.

    Put it in modulated mode... why? That pitch waver is what old worn out tape machines do.

    1. Level about 10-12:00? Why? your slapback should never, ever be louder than your original dry notes.

    I'm gonna be blunt, and I'm not trying to be rude or a d**k, but with those settings you listed, you really have no idea what slapback is. It's a delay that pops back at you once, maybe with a faint 2nd echo that you almost cant tell it's actually there, only in less busy passages can you even, just barely make out that 2nd repeat, that 2nd repeat if you can even make it out is more like a reverb than a repeat.

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