Guitars you've bought JUST because they looked cool

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  1. Chiogtr4x

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    Mar 29, 2007
    Manassas Park, VA
    I bought the Epiphone " Alley Kat" cousin to this Epi-it had a flame maple veneer top, but was heavy and tonally a P.O.S.- I guess I just did not pick up on this ' till I tried it out on a few gigs- not bad, so much as generic, boring sound.

    I sold it either on CL or at GC towards another guitar, It's been a while...
  2. Blazer

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    Dec 2, 2003
    The Netherlands
    Being a metal player I owned Plenty of BC Rich Pointy numbers.
    But found out that they weren't exactly the most comfortable to play, nor did they sound particularly good.

    I had this awesome looking shoreline gold CIJ Fender Jaguar.
    Beautiful looking instrument and from what I found out quite rare. But it sounded terrible.
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  3. Fearnot

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    Jan 17, 2010
    Decatur, GA
    A girlfriend gifted me an Ibanez Talman TC420 some years ago; I'd been going on and on about the sparkle blue Talman with the Bigsby and Super 58s, so she bought me a one... sort of. The TC420 was among the first MIK Ibanez models and it had a Strat trem with some mediocre ACH humbuckers, so... while I loved the look of it, I never really bonded with it.


    Today, I'd take that and mod the ever-loving **** out of it, but I think I traded it for a bass. (After the GF had moved on, mind you.)
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  4. telemnemonics

    telemnemonics Doctor of Teleocity

    Mar 2, 2010
    I guess buying an '80s Explorer is as close as I've gotten, but I also wanted that other HB sound.
    I bought a butchered '60s Firebird but that was for the sound and also because it had a great neck and felt really good.
    The Explorer I bought on ebay without playing it, and only hoped it would feel and play as good as other '80s Explorers I'd played, which are pretty useful guitars IMO.
    I have not yet bonded with it.

    Yeah, cool looks played a big role in that purchase.
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  5. Grandy

    Grandy Tele-Meister

    Sep 18, 2010
    I bought a Reverend Six Gun when they first came out. I liked strats and teles and it looked like a perfect combination of both. Played it at the store, it felt great but it didn't sound right. The pups were supposed to be fat sounding and they were, but I stubbornly wanted it to sound like a traditional tele/strat. I thought it would sound better through a Music Man amp I had at the time and bought it anyway. Later the designer Joe Naylor advised me on the Reverend forum to switch to 500K pots and that did the trick. What at first seemed like a disappoint and a mistake turned out to be one of my favorites that I still play regularly.

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  6. smartsoul72

    smartsoul72 Tele-Meister

    Nov 24, 2017
    In my hands? Not so good, haha.
    But here is a clip of someone doing a good job with one:
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  7. Blazer

    Blazer Doctor of Teleocity

    Dec 2, 2003
    The Netherlands
    The sound isn't really all that clear.

    Here's a clip with better sound but not that good playing...
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  8. Nubs

    Nubs Tele-Afflicted

    Aug 16, 2014
    Houston, TX
  9. Southpole

    Southpole Tele-Holic

    Apr 10, 2014
    Did anyone ever own a Peavey Razer in the 80s?
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  10. Blazer

    Blazer Doctor of Teleocity

    Dec 2, 2003
    The Netherlands
    Or the Mystic.
  11. Sparky2

    Sparky2 Tele-Afflicted

    Apr 15, 2017
    Harvest, Alabama
    I wish I had ordered mine from Sweetwater.

    For whatever unknown reason, I ordered my green Revstar 502T from Amazon, and it showed up with a cracked neck. (In a trashed-looking shipping box.)

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  12. charlie chitlin

    charlie chitlin Doctor of Teleocity Silver Supporter

    Mar 17, 2003
    Spring City, Pa
  13. JayFreddy

    JayFreddy Poster Extraordinaire

    Nov 6, 2006
    Dallas TX USA
    I have a friend with one of those. I agree, it sounds somewhat bland.

    I think the construction is virtually identical, but the mini hums are a better sounding pickup.

    The Flamekat is cool guitar, it just doesn't sound how you would expect.

    Maybe I just don't understand Rockabilly... It sounds more like a Jazz guitar to me.
  14. Censport

    Censport Tele-Holic

    Oct 1, 2010
    Oh man, I remember those. Used to sell them (or try to) at Hewgley's, downtown Nashville. Aside from the oh-so-80's looks, at least it sounded... no, the pickups were terrible. The necks were good though, best I can remember. Would consider one these days, for the right price. Only non-trem, in metallic blue or gold though.
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  15. LGOberean

    LGOberean Poster Extraordinaire

    May 31, 2008
    Corpus Christi, Texas

    My teles are all Logan Custom guitars, so I think of that in a different way. When I've told Bob Logan what specs I'm looking for, of course I think what I've specified looks cool, but it's not like finding a guitar in a shop that grabs my eye.

    The operative word in the premise of this thread is "just." But even then, for me, no, not really. I think I came the closest with FMIC's Deluxe Blackout Tele...


    I sure thought it looked cool, but I didn't buy it because I couldn't find one. Yeah, I guess I could have ordered it, but I wanted to play it before buying it. So the coolness factor didn't really sway me.

    But wait! I just realized that this one probably falls into this category of a fool for buying just for cool. I was looking for a cheap acoustic beater for a beach/bonfire guitar. I bought this, a Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy (below left). This looks cool to me because of the 1961 Stella by Harmony that Dad had back in the day (below right), the first guitar I ever noodled around on.

    05-25-2017 - My Gretsch Jim Dandy G9500 - 1.jpg [​IMG]
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  16. RB522

    RB522 Tele-Meister

    Jun 22, 2018
    Burlington, WI
    I'm guilty on three counts. A Jackson Kelly, A BC Rich Warlock, and an Ibanez Iceman . The Kelly and the Warlock didn't last long, as they looked better than they sounded. They didn't play that great either. The Iceman, on the other hand, was great all around. I let my son talk me out of it ( well, he traded me a Strat for it ) but I miss it. If I ever find another Iceman for a good price, I will definitely get it.
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  17. Mase

    Mase Tele-Meister

    Apr 20, 2016
    I know what you mean.I have pretty much only ever been interested in Fender style guitars, but that exact Revstar has really caught my eye.
    The tailpiece is a perfect bit o design for the rest of the guitar.
  18. markjames

    markjames TDPRI Member

    Mar 27, 2017
    My Ricky 620.... Always wanted one.....It's a work of art.....
  19. nedray

    nedray Tele-Meister

    Apr 26, 2003
    I'm not allowed to look at a Gretsch catalogue. I want 'em all.
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