Friday night May 4, Townes Van Zandt salute...

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    Mar 26, 2003
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    This Friday night, May 4th-

    Otis's Cruise Inn
    Cleveland, OH

    A salute to Townes Van Zandt. All Townes, all evening.

    GS Harper (me)
    Kate Kooser
    Austin Stambaugh

    In the round, 100% unplugged. Meaning zero amplification. Very intimate rendering of all your favorite Townes tunes, the way they were truly meant to be heard.

    Complimentary light munchies at 7, show at 8. Champagne reception following.

    No cover for THE acoustic music event of the spring.

    Bar and kitchen will be open for all of your food and beverage needs that exceed deli trays and champagne after the show!

    The room is very small. Arrive early for your best chance at great seats. This is a listening room environment. Cell phones will be silenced, and conversations should take place in the bar, or outside.

    C'mon down and enjoy the show!
IMPORTANT: Treat everyone here with respect, no matter how difficult!
No sex, drug, political, religion or hate discussion permitted here.

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