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    May 18, 2013
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    Hey there...I am getting ready to purchase a new neck for my next project and need some recommendations on fret-wire size. I have a guitar with vintage frets that I really like, and I also have one with medium jumbo frets that I also really like.

    I am getting my neck from Musikraft, and the choices they have that I am torn between are

    Vintage 6230
    Medium 6105
    Medium Jumbo 6150.

    I have seen others call Medium Jumbos 6130 (charts below)...Musikraft is calling 6150's Medium Jumbo (confusing). I am wondering if the medium jumbos on my Fender tele are 6130 or 6150.


    I am trying to replicate a 1960's Pre CBS Surf Green Tele, so there is also that aspect...period correctness.

    Any recommendation on sizes...what do you all prefer? Are medium jumbos standard these days?
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