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Flakey buyers online vs flakey buyers in-person

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by tjalla, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. tjalla

    tjalla Friend of Leo's

    Curious as to what you think is the lesser of two evils: dealing with people who come to your home, demo gear and then lowball you (if they even turn up) or ask you to reserve the item, or deliver it to them


    Paying listing fees and then chasing down non-payers online plus the requisite running around to package and post the gear.

    I've got a bunch of things to offload, but consigning it in a store and letting them deal with people, seems more and more attractive these days. What's hassle-free in your book?

  2. Chud

    Chud Poster Extraordinaire

    Dec 30, 2010
    New York City
    It really depends on the item, how easy it is to ship, and how quickly I need or want to offload it. I don't like to ship guitars (or other large/heavy stuff in general) if I don't have to because everyone wants free shipping and it can get bloody expensive. I've been known to hold onto items for months until the right CL buyer shows up and pays me my price, but I've also been known to dump a bunch of stuff on Ebay quickly just to get it out of my house.

    In short, I do both all the time and deal with the advantages and shortcomings of each as they arise.

  3. HoodieMcFoodie

    HoodieMcFoodie Doctor of Teleocity Ad Free Member

    Oct 22, 2007
    Tamworth, 'straya.
    If you are talking about consigning guitars or equipment, I'd seriously advise you check the financial status of the store you are going to consign through. Both Jacksons Rare Guitars and The Bass Player here in Sydney went belly up, leaving a lot of consingors in the dark as to where their gear was. The short of it was if the gear was unsold you could get it back from the creditors, but if it was sold, then hasta la vista, baby.

    I guess it's a part of due dilligence.

  4. Colo Springs E

    Colo Springs E Doctor of Teleocity Ad Free Member

    Mar 4, 2003
    Colorado Springs
    Consignment fees here in the US are ridiculous, at least in the shops I dealt with. It was usually 25-30%. Screw dat.

    If someone is coming over to look at/check out some gear, I figure they're serious about potentially buying it. I don't mind if they don't buy it or throw out an offer that's low. I've tried out stuff before and after seeing it/playing it, decided I didn't want it, or didn't feel it was worth the asking price. But I went into it seriously intending to buy if it met my expectations.

  5. clayfeat

    clayfeat Tele-Afflicted

    Jan 19, 2005
    bloomington, in
    Yes, I am more in this camp. Or, I hang on to stuff until I really want something else and then trade. I know I could get more if I sold it myself but I just don't want the hassle.

  6. mad dog

    mad dog Friend of Leo's

    Jun 27, 2005
    Montclair, NJ
    Consignment to trusted sellers is a great option for certain things. Such as more valuable, vintage stuff. The guys I deal with get lots of traffic. If they sell something, that's most of the way around the typical suspicion and bull**** you can get from one on one sales. (I expect lowballing, but the assumption that I'm a liar and stupid gets really tiresome.)

    For other stuff, I'm willing to do the face to face thing. Done some really good trades this way, more than outright sales. Lots of cool trades out there if you're adventurous.

  7. CrisHendrix

    CrisHendrix Tele-Afflicted

    Feb 11, 2011
    Plano, TX
    Craigslist is easier for me, especially on bigger items that I might dread packaging, having to go to the post office, etc.. vs somebody coming over with cash in hand and taking it with them, no worry about PayPal chargebacks, etc..

    When selling on ebay I've never had to 'chase down' a buyer though, most of them pay, and if they don't pay you simply relist the item and ebay refunds your fees

  8. sax4blues

    sax4blues Friend of Leo's

    Apr 14, 2006
    San Jose, CA
    I am lucky enough to live in a major population area so CL is always my first choice. Ca$h in hand, deal done.

    For hard to sell items I've gone to Ebay after a few months on the local CL. I usually get higher sales price on Ebay but then, as you say, I have all the fees and packaging work.

  9. Hiker

    Hiker Friend of Leo's

    Jul 20, 2008
    Honest is just a word. Don't expect it as a seller, or buyer. Buyers will show in response to an online 'local' ad for gear after saying (through a phone), "I want it, or I'll buy it." Sellers may not reveal defects, and only talk about positive aspects.

    What they choose not to say over the phone is..."at a lower price." That's the way it's played, not stating that they're wanting a better deal before showing up to complete the deal.

    It's the American way! However, if you're dealing with someone from the state of Kentucky...they never say what they'll pay, they insist on the seller telling the lowest price he, or she will accept.

  10. tjalla

    tjalla Friend of Leo's

    I used to advertise locally until once I received an unnerving phone call from someone who called from a blocked number and said he'd come around with cash at 2pm the next day to see what interested him - I was selling a bunch of pickups, pedals, speakers and a guitar - soon as he got my address he hung up and never showed.

    That was my previous residence, and since have never given out my home address over the phone. Now that I'm trying to offload quite a few things again, I'm leery of dealing locally. Once bit twice shy.

    Perth, while affluent, doesn't exactly have a massive population. The AUD-USD parity has made many buyers here trigger happy on ebay. I get the feeling there's a gear glut at the moment, the only way to move things is to price them at a bargain.

    Store consignment is generally 25%, so that'll hurt. I heard about Jacksons going bust - good point.

  11. Shorecaster

    Shorecaster Tele-Holic

    Feb 23, 2011
    Lantana, FL
    Hmm, I'm at the point that I would like to just pile my stuff up and burn it rather than deal with the hassle of either.

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