First impressions of Timara B-bender.

Discussion in 'B-Bender Forum' started by Paul G., Mar 15, 2019 at 10:13 AM.

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    Not really a country player, but I do a lot of "Americana" and like the sound of a tastefully applied bender every once in while. A few years back I did have a Tele with a Parsons-style bender, but because of a displaced vertebra in my neck, using it made my arm go numb.

    Recently looking around for a non-invasive, easily installed substitute and came across Tim Wallis's site. Reasonably priced and easy install without drilling, filing or routing. Hell, it's only money, right?

    Bender assembly comes already bolted to an ashtray bridge. Bridge looks like a Wilkinson with brass compensated saddles, but it's steel and magnetic and should sound right. Remove your strings, unscrew 4 bridge screws, remove the pickup. Then screw the pickup into new bridge, screw it down, you're done. Bridge fit perfectly, with all holes lining up.

    String it up normally, except for the B string, which loads into the bender and through a hole drilled in the back of the bridge. Took 5 minutes to set the action and intonation. Easy. Well, easy-ish. The E and B intonation adjustment is a bit of a pain because the bender gets in the way somewhat.

    There are 3 adjustments on the device: allen screw clamps arm mount to bender. Loosen it to adjust where the arm will sit, then clamp. There is an allen screw that clamps the arm in. If you don't need the bender at all, just leave the arm off. I felt the arm was too high off the body to use comfortably standing up, but a small bend in my vise and it's perfect. The last adjustment sets the travel, you adjust it with your tuner for B - C#. I found a drop of oil in the saddle and the hole the string goes through makes the return to pitch more accurate.

    How does it work? No issues at all. Pretty quiet, utterly smooth. A quick shove gets that mechanical pedal-steel sound, it can even be modulated for smooth bends.

    So -- I need to practice with it a bit, but even now, I'm liking it. Photos show it on my guitar and bend I did to arm. They also make a version with a B and G bender. 20190315_095035.jpg 20190315_095022.jpg
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