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Different PU select, wiring help?

Discussion in 'Tele-Technical' started by varakeef, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. varakeef

    varakeef Tele-Afflicted

    Sep 7, 2007
    I have this build going on here but now I'm running into a problem with wiring. I have a readily assembled and wired control plate that is factory wired like this:


    It's a bit strange compared to what you'd find in Seymour Duncans website. Like the condenser (?) that is normally soldered in the tone pot (pinky in the pic) is in between the tone and volume pot. Also the wires to putput jack both come from the volume pot (and not from tone pot middle and vol pot middle lug). Mic selector has eight pins in a row (not in two rows).

    Therefore I don't know where to solder the wires from the pups. I've tried some options but the middle position is not working like it should. The middle should connect bridge and neck pup together, but it's more like a vintage strat now -suitable for three mics (middle position mutes the bridge and neck). So I probably solder a jumpers somewhere, but where?

    The selector is connected in a way that
    - pins 1 & 6 are for bridge pos
    - pins 3 & 8 are for neck pos
    - pins 2 & 7 are for middle pos
    - pins 4 & 5 every position is on
    if the black wire from the mic is attached to pin A in the picture above.

    Further problem is that I still have just one pu, so I must simulate where the bridge pup wires would go.

    Should there be a wire from volume pot center to mic selector ground (A or B, they're same)?
  2. Deaf Eddie

    Deaf Eddie Friend of Leo's Silver Supporter

    I'll take a shot at it...

    That drawing is all GOOD.

    1. The drawing just shows another way to hook up the tone CAPACITOR into the circuit - this style is how Gibson typically wires their caps in, BETWEEN the volume and tone pot, rather than between the tone pot and ground as Fender does it.

    2. AND SO, the lead from the volume pot to the output jack is correct.

    3. IF you were using this 3-way switch in a two-pickup guitar:

    Solder the bridge hot lead to lugs #1 AND jumper it to lug #2, solder the neck pup hot lead to lug #8 AND jumper it to lug #7. Wired that way, both the bridge and neck pups play in the middle switch throw.

    This drawing may help (it sez they are Strat switches, but 3-ways are the same):


    You can see that these are all two-pole switches, each pole has three switchable lugs and one common lug. Your 3-way matches the "import" drawing. The two POLES of that "import" switch, rather than being side by side as on a CLR or other 3-way lever, are in TANDEM - one after the other. Counting top to bottom, lugs #1 through #4 are one pole, with lug #4 as the common; lugs #5 through #8 are the other pole, with lug #5 as the common.

    4. I do not know what your "A" and "B" tabs are, but my best guess is that they are just grounding tabs. One should be wired to ground, but that might not be necessary if you are mounting it on a typical Tele metal control plate.

    5. Uhhhh... I do not know what you mean by that. if you only have ONE pickup, you do not need the 3-way - just wire it straight to the volume pot, no?


    Maybe "A" and "B" are the mounting screw holes?

    Ohhhh... Are you saying, you only have one of the two pickups now, and will get the bridge pup later?
  3. varakeef

    varakeef Tele-Afflicted

    Sep 7, 2007
    Thousand thanks!

    Thanks, you've cleared the situation for me completely! Import switch it is definately.

    And I am indeed, just a regular tele wiring.

    Yeah, they're just for grounding.

    Yes, that's what I tried to say. And now I got the pup. Now into soldering. Gig tomorrow...

    But now when thinking about it, you probably remember helping me out a few weeks ago with too trebly bridge pup issue. This one:

    This picture was the conclusion of the discourse:

    So with this import switch and Gibson like wiring should I connect the wire from tone pot that has a capacitor on it straight to lug 1 (and thus jumpered to lug 2 also) of the mic select to cancel the tone pot from neck pup?
  4. Deaf Eddie

    Deaf Eddie Friend of Leo's Silver Supporter

    Yes, I think you have it - one leg of the cap would go to the common lug on the A/B switch, the cap's other leg goes to the tone pot's middle lug as in the "GIBSON" drawing.

    OR, you could just wire the tone pot and cap like the (above) drawing, including the jumper from the tone pot to the A/B COMMON lug.

    The other jumpers from the A/B switch would go one to the 3-way to lug #1, the other to the volume pot. Same for either tone pot/cap scheme.
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