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Damn Crooks!

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by DonM, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. DonM

    DonM Tele-Afflicted Silver Supporter

    Apr 21, 2016
    I'm sitting here in bed reading tdpri and a text message pops up that a CitiCard purchase was made that I was not present for, for $16 at a Best Buy in Minnesota. I just finished reading it when another one comes up for $230. I knew they weren't mine and I remember when this happened several years ago they told me that a lot of times they'll make a small purchase to see if it goes through and then they'll make a larger one. I'm thankful I signed up for the text alert service so I was able to shut it down immediately. This is a card I use only for Internet purchases so it's easier to monitor but going to be a hassle changing the card out with vendors I have it registered with.
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  2. brookdalebill

    brookdalebill Telefied Ad Free Member

    Nov 15, 2009
    Austin, Tx
  3. RLee77

    RLee77 Friend of Leo's

    May 15, 2016
    Silicon Valley
    I have the utmost disgust for slimeball hackers/thieves. Parasites on society.
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  4. user34603

    user34603 Tele-Meister

    Dec 5, 2016
    Richmond VA
    ...get LifeLock and contact the credit card issuer to block the card use
  5. SecretSquirrel

    SecretSquirrel Tele-Afflicted Ad Free Member

    Jul 2, 2015
    Gads! Any idea how the thieves managed to use your card?
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  6. Fred Rogers

    Fred Rogers Tele-Afflicted

    Jun 8, 2013
    Long Island
    That sucks! I used a Wells Fargo ATM in Virginia about a year ago and suddenly my money in checking was gone. Luckily, my bank returned the money into my account.
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  7. daddyplaysbass

    daddyplaysbass Tele-Holic

    Mar 19, 2003
    Chandler Arizona
    "Damn Crooks!" 'nother band name alert

    All seriousness; I've had my Government card compromised twice while out on wildland fire assignments as a buyer and my personal one. I, too, have alerts from Bank of America whenever my card is used; the alerts is the way to go, banks are quite good to work with on these deals.
  8. moosie

    moosie Doctor of Teleocity Silver Supporter

    Jul 18, 2010
    Western Connecticut
    So, foreplay then?


    Sorry to hear of your trouble. Card issuer should make short work of it.
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  9. MDent77

    MDent77 Tele-Holic

    Jun 13, 2016
    New England
    Sad thing is the charges will get reversed for you (the majority of the time) yet the CC Co's rarely go after the thieves. Left to steal again...
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  10. Lost_N_Austin

    Lost_N_Austin Friend of Leo's

    Feb 18, 2004
    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
    I made a significant charge on my credit card to pay for new eye glasses prescription today. The optician started renting about his little credit card reader rejecting my "chip" then rejecting my card when he typed in the numbers. Handed me my card back and asked for a different card. The second card was accepted. bottom line the guy blamed his reader and thought something had changed at the beginning of the new year.

    After leaving his establishment and returned home, I saw where my first Credit card had been sending me a "text" to my cell phone # asking me if the charge we were trying to process was legitimate. All I would have had to do was text back "yes" and the transaction would have been approved.

    The text from the first card company have all the key information I would have need to approve or thwart an attempt to rip me off. I like this feature.

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  11. 24 track

    24 track Doctor of Teleocity Silver Supporter

    Nov 6, 2014
    kamloops bc
    had this hppen for one of our goverment gas cards for one of our fleet vehicles, they didnt have the card they some how had the number, good thing we has a security department they looked after it, 10 gas purchases in less than 24 hours on the same card in Hope BC
  12. Teleterr

    Teleterr Friend of Leo's

    Feb 7, 2011
    Lewes De.
    I had someone get mine and was able to figure out who it was , where , and when. I called up VISA and they took the charges off. So I asked if they would investagate. Not enough $. The threshold was in the tens of thousands range! When it became obvious that telling them what I knew might cause me problems I kept my mouth shut.
  13. BradL

    BradL Friend of Leo's Gold Supporter

    Feb 9, 2009
    Sussex, UK
    Had same happen to me a couple years back. Semi funny semi serious but makes you think..

    The wife and I were staying in Warwick, England to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We had seen Paul Weller play at the castle the night before and I booked us into a nice little bistro with a view to celebrating another year happily married. Anyway we enjoyed the meal but when I came to pay my company charge card was refused. The usual situation entails with the whole of the restaurant listening in as I (the presumably dodgy geezer) tried to explain to the sceptical waiter how it must all be some mistake. The card wasn't working though no matter what I did/said so I paid via another method and hurriedly left with a view to finding out what was going on. Innocent until proven guilty works so well in theory!

    It's actually quite a laborious process to get through security and especially late at night when you've had a glass or two of wine. Having to give proof of identity details to some guy in India (who BTW was the bastion of patience) while I struggled to remember those niggling security questions and meanwhile worrying whether I had any money left in the account puts a definite dampener on proceedings. Nonetheless I finally got through to the relevant people who told me a stop had been put on the account because of some recent questionable purchases. This is where it gets funny because the person(s) concerned had already used the card to buy circa EUR 14,000 of haute couture including (apparently) some underwear. Now I had the wife on my case as well and the whole week-end was turning decidedly sour.

    Fortunately I had taken her with me on the business trip so she knew I couldn't have been in France simultaneously with some mystery woman, buying racy underwear. But you can imagine how it looked: I went from looking forward to a romantic evening to wondering whether I was still going to be married come the morning! What saved the day in an ironic sense was the thieves over-stepped the mark. After maxing out the card they had apparently phoned the bank and asked for all the money in the account (it's my company so company account) to be pushed into the charge card account. Fortunately this set off various bells and whistles and everything screamed to a halt.

    I had done nothing wrong insofar as giving out the card details I could think of. Perhaps a prior hotel reception card swipe (they take money in advance at check in to cover incidentals) or an in-hotel meal a few days before where the waiter might have been too observant with my pin numbers? No idea. I just resolved to be even more careful in future. Anyway I never found out who stole my details or how they did it. The card was insured and I got all the monies back except for a reverse currency exchange which cost a few Pounds. Somehow (the female mind can work in mysterious ways!) I ended up being persuaded to buy the wife some new clothes as well but it all felt like a huge relief and that I'd gotten away lightly.
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  14. jaybones

    jaybones Friend of Leo's

    When I was just out of high school one of my mom's cards got intercepted from the mail.

    They were living in Springfield, Ohio at the time and several hundred in audio gear was charged at Best Buy in Dayton, and a Wilson's Leather also in Dayton. Within an hour and a half they hit the same stores in Indianapolis, Ind.

    The card company noticed the charges as not being within the regular pattern of her shopping, and froze the card.

    When they (and the police) heard she had 2 college age sons they said "Oh, that's it the cause. Your sons likely stole your card and charged that stuff. Talk to them."

    Turned out to be a woman in the sorting center for the USPS in town was taking card renewals out of the mail stream and giving them to her boyfriend.
  15. Sconnie

    Sconnie Tele-Afflicted

    May 1, 2017
    Denver, CO
    I recently got got by someone taking $203 out of an ATM (in my city, and yes you read the amount correctly), then another $300 out the next day. I got it all refunded despite it being a debit card and in my own back yard, so to speak.

    It makes me mad and I lose some faith in humanity that people can do that sh*t, then music makes me feel better and I slowly get over it.

    I'm glad it worked out okay for you, keep rocking!
  16. 3fngrs

    3fngrs Friend of Leo's

    Oct 30, 2017
    I am absolutely in favor of bringing back the stocks and public floggings for this.

    Actual identity theft should be the death penalty. I've seen a lot of extremely honest, upstanding individuals have their credit ruined, their lives wrecked and their good names dragged through the mud by these slimy worms.
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  17. Lost_N_Austin

    Lost_N_Austin Friend of Leo's

    Feb 18, 2004
    Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
    A group of old friends, couples and survivors of couples, get together every Wednesday at a different restaurant. I usually, almost always pay cash for our dinner. I don't like for my credit card to leave my sight while being processed. I like the cash transaction so I don't have to judge honesty of the establishment or the staff or go over my account statements to monitor the charges. Many of the places we go to as a group, automatically add a 20% gratuity to the check regardless of whether the "service" really was worth 20% in my view.

    Having said that, I saw a recent story covering the changes in the fast food industry and some establishments are going to "Cashless" sales and not accepting cash at all. Partially because of the threat to employees by armed robberies and partially because of the extra time involved with handling cash and bank deposits.

    Another trend to look forward to is the establishment adding the credit card "fees" to the check as an additional line item instead of absorbing the loss themselves. One high end restaurant reported their annual credit card processing costs to be $40,000 in one year.

    I for one may skip doing business with a "Cashless" establishment.

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  18. 3fngrs

    3fngrs Friend of Leo's

    Oct 30, 2017
    That's fine, if they won't take my cash they won't get my business.

    And I always tip cash and usually bigly even on the rare ocassions I pay my bill with a debit or credit card. Also, if they add the gratuity in automatically it guarantees that I'll never return.
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  19. Tele1966

    Tele1966 Friend of Leo's

    Jul 30, 2014
    I was paying for a purchase in a retail store a couple years ago with a credit card and my card was refused. I used an alternate card for the purchase and knowing I was nowhere near the limit of the refused card, when I got home I called my bank. My credit card had been used in a string of purchases all across the US. The bank was great, they erased all those charges in minutes.

    In the aftermath, I wondered how did someone get my credit card? There was only one thing I had done that seemed to be the cause: I'd recently bought a guitar from a Guitar Center from another state and I paid for it over the phone verbally with my credit card number. I assume my card information was written down and then stolen by someone. From that point forward I never pay with a credit card over the phone unless it's business transaction with a company I do business with.

    Bottom line though, there is one basic rules, which most of you know.

    Basic Rule #1: When you buy online only use a credit card. Never use a debit card online. If there is a problem with a credit card transaction it's the bank's money, not yours. Problems with a credit card transaction are solved easily. If there is a problem with a debit card transaction the bank is incredibly less helpful.
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