Big Al Anderson's Rig

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    Before NRBQ he was with The Wildweeds out of CT.

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    PK Lavengood, a really good guitar player from Indiana, worked at a store in Bloomington Indiana back in the 80's. He told me that Big Al came into the shop one day looking for a Tele pickup (would have been for the Brown one with relief cut, most likely). PK told him he only had Seymour Duncans, and Al said, "No thanks," and left.
    BTW, I saw NRBQ twice in the early 90's, and both times he was using a MIJ Paisley Tele through a brown Super with 2 10's. He also told me he used Fender 354 shell colored picks, and had a hard time finding them, so I found a supplier and sent the info to their road mgr.
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    Lord have mercy! This is some good stuff.
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