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Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by 6stringcowboy, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. telemnemonics

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    Mar 2, 2010
    That can be so sad to see even as we/ I can be glad to have a local ecosystem that's healthy enough to support all levels of the food chain.

    Somewhere I have pics that I wouldn't post of a hawk sitting on a struggling dove and ripping the meat from its still living breast.
    Once I saw it I knew that the dove would not survive if I decided to play God and intervene. Doves seem a favorite hawk food, slower and dumber nice size meals are a treat those smaller raptors cannot resist.

    I've also chased a hawk off a captured mallard with her drake standing by helplessly watching. She was hurt but OK and they came to like our backyard as a seeming safe haven. The ducks weigh a good deal more than the hawk.

    Many times our dove flock has been thinned by at least two varieties of back yard hawk.
    I've also seen a Golden Eagle fly low over the roof of my garage, and gauging by the eagle wingspan being easily 1/3 the 24' roof width, this was a huuuuge raptor with close to an eight foot wingspan.
    These massive birds don't land in the yard, that would be pretty awesome to see, a giant eagle face to face.
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    Mar 4, 2010
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    I would have never imagined raptors in cities, but it dawned on me when I lived in Boston just how good a place a city is for them. There's a legendary bird called The Fenway Hawk that lives on rats.
  3. 6stringcowboy

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    Sep 14, 2014
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    after some more research, I think you're right Luther, all the adolescent red tails i could find have a white patch on their chest.
  4. boris bubbanov

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    Feb 24, 2007
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    Some of these buteos and accipiters are bigger, in female form than in male form. So, if you see an especially large bird of a kind, my first suspicion is, it is gonna be a female.

    I don't really mind at all if a dove's life is to feed a predatory bird. Some people see suffering, but I see beauty. What's not beautiful are beef livestock being crammed into fattening facilities and living along their waste until the machines eviscerate their bodies. That's the picture we shouldn't share with our friends here.
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    May 31, 2008
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    Looks like the one that's killed some of our chickens. We even had one get inside the chicken coop once. One of the chickens was trapped in the nesting box. I've posted about these incidents before.

    A hawk in the hen house in later December...
    12-29-2017 - Hawk in the hen house.jpg

    Then a couple of months later, back in February, I actually caught pics of one that had just killed another one of our hens. The hawk was too small to carry off the hen, so it was going to eat her right there. I interrupted its meal, but it refused to leave. Even as I moved closer, it flared its wings to make a big presentation to scare me off. I eventually scared the hawk off its kill (didn't harm the hawk). We took the carcass inside, plucked, dressed and cooked the chicken.
    02-09-2018 - Hawk kill - 1.jpg 02-09-2018 - Hawk kill - 4.jpg
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    We had this little chap spend a day on our window-sill. A small Masked Barn Owl. It didn't seem too bothered about having us on the the other side of the glass. When the dusk set in, it walked out onto the wooden beam, and went through a highly entertaining series of stretching exersices and grooming rituals before taking off for a nights hunting. This is the smallest of the three owls we get around here. The next largest is the Long-eared owl, of which for the last few years, we have had one to three spending there days in the chestnut in our frount garden.....nice but noisey with their night-time screaching sounding like a rusty swing. The third is a large pale coloured Barn Owl species, which we spot occasionally.
    upload_2018-6-24_22-22-38.png upload_2018-6-24_22-24-49.png
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    Jun 23, 2017
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    well, the amateur photographer in me took over as this hawk was devouring a pigeon 3 feet from my patio door.

    the soft hearted me watching chunks come off of the pigeon as he still tried to fly away was not so easy,
    but, it's a tough world out there i guess

    DSC_4736 send.jpg DSC_4788 send.jpg
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  8. Lonn

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    Dec 13, 2007
    I saw the most badass bird on the planet on a youtube video a couple of days ago. It was some sort of Eagle that flew down and picked up a GOAT by the back and started flying off with it. The goat didn't want to go for a ride though and wiggled enough that the bird had to adjust it's grip and at that point they both started tumbling down the rather steep mountainside still attached to each other. The bird hung on for what seemed to be forever before finally letting go. Found the video.

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