A Couple Nice Guitars vs. A Lot of Okay Guitars

Discussion in 'Other Guitars, other instruments' started by 6String69, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Quacky

    Quacky Tele-Meister

    Aug 19, 2012
    Fort Lauderdale Florida USA
    I'm in the same boat I currently own three decent electric guitars. a bass and an acoustic but I long for a clear cut number 1 I've been trying "Relish" guitars and looking at Fano's and Friedman t styles. Truth be told I want that Fender -62- Strat that someone repainted and changed the pickups out and needs the cash fast but I just can't seem to find deals like that anymore.
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  2. TG

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    Jan 23, 2004
    The wild west of Ireland
    I currently have 11 here and a couple over in Virginia. When I was busy gigging couple decades back I was also raising a kid and building a house. I only ever had 2....a main gigging guitar and a spare. Couldn't justify any more. Now I've retired and only gig occasionally I'm amused to have a collection of pretty well every type of guitar I'd want, and they all get played regularly. They are all budget or midrange, but as I know how to set up guitars nicely, they are all nice.
    Several of them would function perfectly well as an only guitar, but I do enjoy the variety.
  3. Anacharsis

    Anacharsis TDPRI Member

    May 12, 2019
    United States
    I have four really "nice" (moderate-to-higher priced) guitars, and a dozen others that are fun, along with a Bass VI. I follow the idea of spending more on some things that really hit me, but being more moderate on guitars that are more occasional/niche for my uses. I also like buying some with intent to swap pickups or even necks, not something I would do at a higher price.
  4. flatcat90

    flatcat90 TDPRI Member

    May 29, 2016
    Kabul, Afghanistan and Cambridge, MA
    I have several guitars / basses I don't use which I could probably sell at some point, but they aren't worth much (and I didn't pay much for them). Plus - they're in storage and I haven't seen them in a long time. So maybe when my traveling days are over, I'll reassess.

    I have one guitar which I will keep because I can't sell it: it needs a LOT of work. In my fantasy life, I would buy some books and figure out how to restore it myself. It was my first electric guitar, I bought it for $400 in 1986: a previously owned, badly amateurly refinished 1960 Gretsch Single Anniversary. Gruhn assessed it about 10 years ago as being worth only about $700-800 in its current, very wrecked condition. I'd love nothing better than to restore it, or have it restored, because it is just ... I just love that guitar, even though it's never been easy to play and never been really right. I know more now than I did when I bought it, and I'm a better player now than I was when I bought it, so I think I could make it into something really great. But it would be a lot, lot, lot of work and I would have to really educate myself to try fixing it.

    Right now, my best acoustic (a 74 Martin D-35) lives in the States with my family. My other acoustic (a 1990s Martin 000-1), my Tele (2014 AmDeluxe - red with white binding), my Strat (2002 AmDeluxe in teal), and my not-for-export late 90s Japanese Gibson/Epi ES-335 (cherry), plus my Lakland 55-01 bass, are with me on my current overseas assignment. I also have an original Line6 Variax, one of the MIK ones, and that is actually a nice guitar and I love the versatility, super useful for recording - that one is also in the States. So I guess I *have* all my desert island instruments with me. The other ones, in various storage facilities, are ones I don't play as much.

    All those guitars are guitars I got really, really good deals on, and would likely make money if I ever decided to resell them, particularly the ES-335. But I'm not sure I'd ever really want to. I do a lot of recording, and I love having the variety of sounds.

    There's really only one more guitar I'd like: a 2002 Am Deluxe Telecaster in teal, which matches the Strat. I wouldn't mind the Am Deluxe P-bass in teal too - I think they're really nice looking (and you don't see that many of them). And I wouldn't mind another electric 12 string, when you need that sound, nothing else will do. I had one and sold it, and am sorry I did.

    I have played out with all of those instruments.
  5. Skydog1010

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    Apr 20, 2019
    North Carolina
    A lot of nice guitars, that are player status and continue to be enhanced as necessary.

    I'm not saying how many I have, but I will say that if I find a Squier that really like, I will buy it, and tweak it.

    I'm not one to invest into a vintage guitar retirement plan.
  6. Owenmoney

    Owenmoney Tele-Afflicted

    Oct 20, 2012
    Green Lane , Pa
    I buy EB pink packs 12 packs on amazon, cheaper and don’t have to get tempted to buy more at the store. Plus there no good guitar stores nearby !

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