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1998 American Deluxe First Edition

Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by radarwaz, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. radarwaz

    radarwaz TDPRI Member

    Hello all. So happy to have joined this forum!

    I recently bought an absolutely beautiful 1998 American Deluxe Tele first edition, crimson red, with toggle switch, five way selector and three original noiseless pickups.

    I fell in love as soon as i saw it, but was informed soon after that the bridge pickup had to be taken out. I had wanted to keep everything stock but now will most likely replace all.

    Have decided on the Dimarzio Tele Area T's for neck as well as bridge (not hot), was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a possible middle strat replacement (noiseless), with consideration given to the relatively low output of the area t's.

    I play mostly clean into a HRDlx, with open harmonic chord structures and plenty of delay.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who has any ideas.

  2. missinglinkwray

    missinglinkwray Tele-Meister

    Jun 11, 2008
    Baja Arizona
    I don't know anything about middle pickups. BUT welcome to the forum!

  3. DOGMA Dunn

    DOGMA Dunn Friend of Leo's

    Mar 2, 2011
    Sounds like an awsome guitar. How is the neck radius?

  4. radarwaz

    radarwaz TDPRI Member

    Thanks guys. Nice to feel welcome.

    Maple neck, 9.5" radius
    22 medium jumbo frets
    25.5" scale length
    chrome hardware

    I was originally planning to buy an American Standard 2010 (which is a great sounding guitar) but decided to look around for something that was a bit different. Kind of wanted to tap into the rich telecaster history. Was very lucky to find this guitar in Perth.

    Now I just hope i don't regret not forking out for a set of Kinman AVn60's!
    It was hard to justify the extra cost. Love Chris Kinman's story though.

    Any middle strat pickup idea's anyone? I was thinking maybe Dimarzio 58, 61 or 67. Any experience with these in the middle of a tele?

  5. rirakuma

    rirakuma Tele-Meister

    Dec 17, 2010
    Brisbane, Australia
    I reackon keep it as a traditional 2 pup tele. Btw how come the bridge pup has to be taken out? Im not familiar with the extra switch in a deluxe tele but if you're looking for a good an inexpensive tele set I'd recommend the fender nocaster set but if you do this I dont think you can keep the extra positions and switch.

  6. McGlamRock

    McGlamRock Friend of Leo's

    Maybe the fender "vintage" noiseless strat middle pup? I had a set of those in my old Strat and they sounded great. Too bad you don't need one for the bridge position; I think I still have that one lying around

  7. radarwaz

    radarwaz TDPRI Member

    The bridge pickup was probably broken when i bought it. Guess i stuffed up there. Fender guy who serviced the guitar for me said that the original pickups had been removed, replaced, and then put back in, with a big mess left behind.

    I have tried Nocasters in a Japanese body tele, and they were very good. Thought about those as well as a few others. My top three were Kinmans, Area T's and Bill Lawrence in that order. Initially, out of convenience and with consideration to budget, i put an order in for some Area T's. Changed my mind though and am now seeking advice from Kinman about which will suit my style of composition.

    Obviously something that works would be great.

  8. strat1962

    strat1962 TDPRI Member

    Dec 2, 2007
    London, UK
    Hi I also have a first edition tele deluxe. I really like American deluxe models, strats too, especially the early models 1998-2000.

    For me they have a different vibe when compared to the American Vintage reissue series and consider them to be very consistent, versatile instruments. Great for recording too, straight in the audio interface of the DAW with NI Guitar Rig 4 as an insert.

    Pickup wise I replaced all Fender vintage noiseless with Fender SCN's as used on the series 2 American Deluxe. (I haven't tried the version 3 American deluxe with N3 pickups). Whilst I was happy with the clean sound of the vintage Noiseless I found them to be a bit muddy when using overdrive.

    So in my tele I have Fender SCN tele pickups in neck and bridge and for the centre pickup I have a Fender Strat SCN middle pickup and couldn't be happier.

    If I wanted an absoulute facsimile of the classic tele sound I would use my 52 reissue with vintage bridge and pickups but for a modern take on the Tele theme the American deluxe is hard to beat.

    Hope this is of use.

    Best regards from the UK, Steve

  9. radarwaz

    radarwaz TDPRI Member

    Thanks for your post Steve,

    I have been emailing Joe at Kinman about selecting the best pickups for my guitar, as well as anyone i can think of around Perth who might have something to say about it.

    I have been heavily urged to modify the guitar to a tele-strat-strat pickup configuration (bridge to neck). This will allow me to enjoy knopfler-esque tones from position 4, amongst other advantages.

    As you would know, there is not a great deal of information available about these 3 pup teles, let alone pickup configuration discussions etc.

    I am getting close to making a decision though. Glad i didn't just rush out and buy pickups quickly for convenience. This guitar is definitely a keeper for me.

    I remain surprised that the 1998 american deluxe tele (first edition) was a commercial and critical flop. What a world of options it provides.

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