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1 piece versus 2 piece maple neck

Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by golfnut, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. golfnut

    golfnut Tele-Afflicted

    Jan 15, 2008
    Can anyone tell me what the differences are between a 1 piece maple neck and a 2 piece? Advantages or disadvantages for one over the other.

  2. iansmitchell

    iansmitchell Tele-Afflicted

    Depends on configuration.
    Usually 2 piece means separate fingerboard and back, same as a maple neck with a rosewood board. I don't think zappa, johnson, or lassie could hear the difference.

  3. onenotetom

    onenotetom Tele-Afflicted

    Jun 27, 2009
    Colbert, WA
    Depends on who made the neck and how it was made. On a two piece if the grain is switched around before it is laminated it should make it stronger.

  4. mellecaster

    mellecaster Former Member

    That would be my take on it also.

  5. golfnut

    golfnut Tele-Afflicted

    Jan 15, 2008
    Where ever Bill Crook gets his necks. He told me but I forget. How he explained it to me is that I might have better luck with changing seasons going from humid to dry conditions as far as it staying intonated ect. His claim was no tone difference whatsoever.
    I'm just wondering if there were any other reasons why someone might choose 1 piece or 2.

  6. nvilletele

    nvilletele Friend of Leo's

    Jul 4, 2008
    On the ASAT Deluxe I had, the neck was a two piece, but not in the manner described above - the neck itself was two joined pieces. Not sure whether all G&L's are such manner of two-piece necks, but that one certainly was.

    I dont know of any particular advantages or disadvantages, but those G&L necks sure are beautiful, regardless of how many pieces they are made from. However, that guitar was just not a keeper, tone-wise, so it found a new owner.

  7. tiktok

    tiktok Poster Extraordinaire

    Jan 11, 2005
    I believe that any two-piece neck of a given wood is stronger than a one-piece example. Tonally, you'd have a hard time narrowing it down to that one change.

  8. woodman

    woodman Doctor of Teleocity Ad Free + Supporter

    Nov 28, 2004
    Mint Hill, NC
    agree 100%. also agree with ian on this:

  9. Zillinois

    Zillinois Friend of Leo's

    Feb 25, 2009
    The overall size of the neck makes a difference with regards to the tone of the guitar, but I doubt the number of pieces really matters tonewise that much.

  10. FilthyTerrible

    FilthyTerrible TDPRI Member

    Oct 7, 2016
    If you're manufacturing rosewood and maple necks on the same production line, then a two piece maple neck simply streamlines production. I think Fender, after it was acquired by CBS, concentrated on rosewood fingerboards, but then offered the two-piece maple neck (maple fingerboard) in 1965-1968. After that they returned to a one-piece maple neck. It's a bit easier to drop in the truss rod when there's no fingerboard.

    Like all things when it comes to guitar, most of these decisions, are driven by lowering the cost of production. But when irrational consumers get it in their head that one thing or another makes a guitar better, then a company will spend a few cents more... or less... to meet consumer preferences (much of which driven by superstitious or irrational thinking). Handwound pickups vs. machine wound, big pots vs. mini pots, alder vs. ash, one-piece bodies vs. two or three piece bodies - these are all inconsequential differences driven only by production cost vs. consumer preference to create the most profitable model. Men are as rational with guitars as women are with purses. And just like women and their purses, we often need intangible rationalizations to justify spending $3,000 on a guitar that contains $80.00 worth of raw materials.

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