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Logan Custom Guitars Telecaster-style Electric Guitar
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1 7255 Tue July 20, 2010
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Description: A custom-made Telecaster style electric guitar built by Bob Logan, Mahogany solidbody, Birdseye Maple neck and fretboard, Vintage style bridge plate, Vintage style bridge pickup, P-90 neck pickup
Keywords: Logan Custom Telecaster Tele Mahogany Birdseye Maple Vintage P-90
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Posts: 6,861
Registered: May 2008
Location: Corpus Christi, Texas


Registered: May 2008
Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Posts: 6861
Review Date: Tue July 20, 2010 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $769.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Appearance (fit & finish), tone, playability
Cons: weight

Up for review is my Mahogany solidbody Tele-style, built by Bob Logan of Logan Custom Guitars. I've had her for two years now, but TDPRI's review feature apparently has been under construction and was not readily available before now. After Paul clued us in Saturday in his sticky post to the Guitar Club Owners sub-forum and outright encouraged us to use this new (revamped) feature, I thought I'd give it a go.

I have two Logans at present, but this review is about the first one I ordered in July of 2008, my Mahogany solidbody Tele. Here are the basic specs on that guitar:

Body: solidbody electric, Telecaster style, Mahogany, Darkened Mahogany stain, nitrocellulose lacquer.

Neck: Birdseye Maple neck and fretboard w/ a custom amber tint, 25.5" scale (of course), 21 medium jumbo frets. "Modern C" profile, 9.5 radius.

Appointments: Gold appointments - control plate, Wilkinson sealed tuners and vintage 3 saddle style bridge.

Pickups: Wilkinson/Mighty Mite pups w/ Alnico 5 magnets, Vintage Tele style bridge and P-90 neck.

Pickguard: 3-ply black.

Electronics: .047 Sprague Orange Drop tone capacitor, 250K audio pots, 3-way toggle switch pickup selector.

Price: $769 delivered

Where to buy:

As the name "Logan Custom" indicates, we're talking about custom guitars here. My reviews (both this one and the one following) are therefore very specific to my two instruments. Unlike mass produced models, each Logan is essentially a unique creation. There are a remarkable variety of options available to you with a Logan custom build, and the precise combination of variables (tonewoods, body weight, neck profile, pickups, switching, etc.) make your custom a distinctively unique instrument. That's the beauty of a Logan Custom guitar; you can get just what you want, and it's uniquely yours.

You can't review a Logan guitar without talking about the man himself, Bob Logan. All Logan owners seem to come away from their ordering experience talking about this. The experience of getting a great guitar made to order is just enhanced by the pleasure it is to deal with Bob. He's a an intelligent, likeable guy, and he knows his stuff. Take my experience, for example. When I contacted Bob, I was not new to guitar playing, but I was pretty new to electric guitars. I had played them on occasion, but I'd never owned my own. Bob patiently helped me work through what would best suit the tone and versatility I was looking for.

My Mahogany is a beautiful guitar, as you can see in the pics. The pictures of her are great, but they don't do her justice. I get nothing but compliments about her. Bob did a wonderful job on the finish. The amber tint to the Birdseye Maple neck enhances the subtle gold tones in the Mahogany body. The gold appointments bring that out even more. So the overall look of the guitar has a light/dark contrast while at the same time having a complimentary balance and continuity to the hues of the woods.

But more importantly, she's a versatile, resonant and eminently playable guitar. It's fun to play unplugged. This guitar is amazingly resonant. But when you do plug her in...Wow! Both pickups are Wilkinsons, distributed by Mighty Mite. I could have opted for more expensive pups, but being pretty new to such things, I opted for these. They're on the more economical side of the pup equation, but they're good. I'm happy with them.

Slap the toggle switch back to the bridge pickup position and you've got the telltale Tele twang. Not the ice-pick-in-the-ear variety, but twang nonetheless. The middle position of course brings the bridge and the neck pups together, and the sound is just so warm and round and full, due in large part, I believe, to the combination of the tonal properties of the Mahogany body and the P-90 pickup. And speaking of that P-90, it brings a great dynamic to the tone equation. Play through the neck position and that pup will get as gritty as you want it. It can be downright muddy, if you so desire. But it can also do a beefy, bluesy sound or some pretty jazz (or what passes for jazz in my playing ).

Perhaps the best thing about my Mahogany Logan is the playability. To say that "it almost plays itself" is of course hyperbole, but once you've played a Logan, it's easy to see where the exaggeration comes from. I'm better on my Logans. My Mahogany is just so easy to play, I execute riffs more cleanly. It is so much fun to play, I play more. In my 14th summer when I first took up the guitar, I played for several hours every day. Forty years later, when I got my Mahogany, I did pretty much the same thing.

And this playability is not just a fluke. As I said before, I presently have two Logans (and I want more). But I also ordered a Logan for my son and my son-in-law. Both guitars (Thinline Tele styles) are players. So I've had my hands on four Logans to date, and all four feature the same fantastic playability.

In fact, that's a comment you hear often when owners describe their Logans: "It's a player!" The guitars feel good to play; they are well balanced. And the set up on Bob's guitars are just perfect. The action and intonation are great, and the frets are well dressed and just perfect. In fact, one Logan owner has coined a new term: "Loganized frets." In his words: "Who needs a Plek machine when you've got Bob?"

And the price! Logan owners don't say that the best thing about Bob's guitars is the price...but it is one great advantage! The base price for a Logan solidbody Tele is $599. If you opt for all features that come standard then the only additional cost will be the shipping, $35, in which case your handmade, American made Logan Custom guitar will cost you $634. From what I've seen, most people do opt for special features; after all, it is a custom job, and it is so reasonable. That's what I did. The Birdseye Maple neck, gold appointments and P-90 neck pup were extras, but even with these special features I ended up with a Tele customized to my specifications for a mere $769 delivered. Compare that to the FMIC Teles that you find available at the local Guitar Center. In that price range you'll find mostly Mexican made, mass produced models.

But again, the playability is the thing with Logans. I've played the FMIC products. I've played MiM Standards, a couple of the Deluxe models (the Nashville and Blackout Teles), a Road Worn and several Highway Ones. None of these could compare to my Mahogany Logan in feel, playability or tone. I've also played American Standards and the AV52RI. These came close to my Logan. So for an FMIC American made guitar that is even equal to a Logan, you're going to pay a lot more, and it still isn't going to be handmade, let alone customized to your personal specifications.

If there is a down side to my Mahogany, it's the weight. She weighs 9 lbs. 2 oz. I pretty much knew what I was getting into, though. I figured that with a Mahogany body, it would probably weigh more than some Teles I'd played, so I wasn't surprised. And except for a time or two in the last two years where I had thrown out my back, the weight has never been a problem. It's lighter than a lot of Les Pauls I've tried, and once I strap on my Mahogany, I generally play for an hour or more before I even realize how much time has passed. But if weight is an issue, if you have a bad back, you might want to consider opting for a body made from Swamp Ash.

So, my conclusion? Two thumbs all the way up. Five stars. Ten stars. 100%. However you want to rate things, I highly recommend Logan Custom guitars. So if you're looking for a guitar buying experience that's not just off the rack, if you're looking for something more than a cookie cutter, run-of-the-mill model, then do yourself a favor; consider a Logan. In my experience, I do not see how you could possibly get better bang for your buck.

Larry G

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