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Fender '57 Twin Amp Reissue
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3 24521 Wed February 1, 2012
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100% of reviewers $2,700.00 9.3







Description: Loud, Ballsy with enough punch to fill a room. 40 watts of all tube power through 2-12" speakers. It's a big of a drag to haul around at 70lbs, but if you have people who move your equipment for you, it's not so bad ;). Tubes were replaced with TAD 6L6's, EH 12AX7's and one vintage RCA 5U4 recty. Amp can operate with one, or both rectifier tubes. Pulling one results in more amp sag, with more distortion at lower volumes. Amp has a really smooth natural overdrive that starts to break up around 5-6. Doesn't have the clean headroom a later period ('65) Twin would have, but it's got that classic tweed sound. Fender got this one right! This isn't an amp for metal-heads, but would be perfect for a blues guitarist or even a country guitarist. It sounds almost like the '59 bassman RI, but better, with more balls.
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Registered: February 2005
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Del Pickup

Registered: March 2008
Location: New Zealand
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Review Date: Fri December 26, 2008 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Tone, tone and more tone
Cons: Handle is a bit flimsy.

Bought my 57 Twin a couple of weeks ago. I really wanted to NOT like it when I played it side by side with my Bassman RI but the Twin beat the Bassman hands down. It can do beautiful clean tones and with a couple of tweaks to the bass and treble controls can get you into Rolling Stones grind territory without the need for any pedals.

It appears to be very well built (as it should be at the price!). My only concern is that the handle doesn't seem sturdy enough to stand up to much use (Fender supply a spare with the amp!) and the tubes are a VERY tight fit in their sockets (that might be a good thing for transporting it to gigs but not when you're changing them!).

The Twin is a perfect match for my TB Clapton strat and my tele and other strat - absolutely fantastic tones from all of them. It has just as much 3D swirl as my old Bassman had but has a much warmer overall tone than the Bassman.

Fender really have excelled with this amp. It's way better than the Victoria Twin I've played through in the past which just didn't even come close to my Bassman for tone.

Someone told me that my tone is in my underpants. I'm not sure if that's good or bad......
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Sterling Indigo

Registered: September 2008
Location: East Lansing
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Review Date: Tue December 30, 2008 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Tweed Tone in Spades: Smooth and Responsive
Cons: Tubes hang upside-down , leather handle inadequate for carrying


<P> + Tone: Chimey highs, articulate mids, sturdy lows, Plenty of good clean headroom with smooth creamy compression on demand.</P>

<P> </P>

<P>+ Responsive: Super sensitive to pick attack</P>

<P> </P>

<P>+ Cabinet: Solid finger jointed pine cabinet, Floating baffle board, Lacquered tweed</P>

<P> </P>

<P>+ Speakers: Possibly the best thing about this amp 12" Weber/Eminence Alnico's.  Will not flab out even with the bass on 12.</P>

<P> </P>

<P>+ Chassis: Quality hand wired, Point to point wiring, Internal bias pot, GT6L6GE power tubes, Can pull one rectifier tube for more sag.  2 Normal, 2 Bright inputs, normal volume, bright volume, treble, bass, presence, standby switch.</P>

<P> </P>

<P>- Leather handle is not strong enough for carrying.  It's more for looks.</P>

<P> </P>

<P>- Tubes hang upside down like a lot of combos.</P>

<P> </P>

<P>Overall impressions: Big smiles all around.  Tonal varieties and incredible responsiveness.  Crystal clear cleans with smooth rich compression on demand, varying with pick attack and amp/guitar knob selections.</P>

<P> </P>

<P>This amp sound great at lower volumes too.  It can get dang loud when needed.  The only noticeable downside to mine right now is that the rectifier tubes rattle at lower volumes.  Not noticeable when the volume is up.  Potentially resolvable, only had it a month.</P>

<P> </P>

<P>Certainly not a one trick tweed pony but you wont be shredding on this amp.  Great for Blues, Rock, Country, and even Jazz.  ZZ, SRV, Neil, Keef, Messina, Clapton and more are all in there.  Works great with single coils and humbuckers.</P>

<P> </P>

<P>Hearing is believing, get out and try one, you'll love it.</P>

Tweed is in the underpants!
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Registered: January 2012
Location: Asheville
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Review Date: Wed February 1, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $2,700.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Great clean sound, lots of headroom
Cons: None

Great amp for any style music. Really shines with the chicken pickin style for me. No concerns with me. Proud owner since 2007
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