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Will it Float??

With apologies to David Letterman, and without the pretty models, here is the answer to the age old question: will it float? Thanks to a TDPRI member for the dedication to learning the truth about everything Telecaster for this useful bit of information.

One stock 1970’s Telecaster:

Hold it just over the water:

Gently it let go:

It starts floating away. Its headstock just under the water:

Now you know the rest of the story.

Photos submitted by former member 0le Fuzzy

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37 Responses to “Will it Float??”
  1. Badabing Badabing says:

    The Question I want to know is “Will It Work” after it has floated in water????

  2. jrich99 jrich99 says:

    total sacrilege………….

  3. Thin69 Thin69 says:

    Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad !!!!

    Do you know how staving guitarists there are in the world!

    Leo will not let you have another!

  4. CharlieS says:

    I dont want to put my tele on any form or body of water!!

  5. zag1 zag1 says:

    Wrap it up, I’ll take it!!!

  6. samdrub says:

    If it floats, then it’s a witch (Monty Python and the Holy Grail) watch out for the ignorant and intolerant might want to burn your baby at the stake. Float, Float on!

  7. samdrub says:

    can you play anything by the Drifters on it?

  8. catstevens says:

    So when I am on a ship and it starts sinking, I can just keep holding my tele and i will be safe?

  9. weslee_1990 says:

    Wow i wish i was their cuz i would have stole the tele and ran!

  10. vintageNut vintageNut says:

    Incredible. is there anything worth doing that a tele cant do?

  11. nasticanasta says:

    I’m just shocked people had to learn the wood floats all over again. Was this really nessasary?

  12. chuck_zc chuck_zc says:

    “In the event of a water landing, you’re Tele can be used as a flotation device”

  13. northradley says:

    For years I’ve heard Teles referred to as boat paddles…now I know why!

  14. Jonder jondo says:

    now plug’er in and test her out!

  15. Duncas Duncas says:

    why oh why would you want to know if it floats?

  16. Bolide says:

    My question is “Can you do a proper J-stroke with it while canoeing, or do you need to use alternate strokes instead?”

  17. Bluesman81 says:

    phew. I can sleep now that I know the answer.

  18. wahcat wahcat says:

    I had my car stolen and they thief drove it into the river off a boat ramp. My tele and strat were in the back of the car and soaked in water for about 20 hours. I sent them to have a service by a well known luther and they are fine now. This happened in 1995 and I still have both.

  19. That’s Hilarious!! Is there ANYTHING a tele CAN’T do?

  20. Gnobuddy says:

    I agree with “nastycanasta” above. We all know that wood floats (with a very few exceptions like ironwood). There isn’t much metal in a Tele to weight down the wood. And a weigh-scale and a couple of simple middle-school-level physics calculations would be enough to show that the weight of the metal in a Tele is not enough to overcome the buoyancy of the wood.

    As nastycanasta said, was this senseless cruelty to a guitar really necessary? Why would anyone expose a vintage guitar (now 40 years old) to severe water damage to prove a point that didn’t need proving?


  21. sqrat51 says:

    It must have seemed like a good idea at the time, after too many beers at poolside. As well built as they are, I am sure no damage was done. Unless, of course, it was plugged in right after the short cruise.

  22. urquhart says:

    What else floats in water?

  23. firemedic says:

    How about a vintage trolling motor on that vessel?

  24. tbundick says:

    Once I saw mine *walk* on water. 😀

  25. Deeve Deeve says:

    This little test reminds me of the second-best musician joke I’ve heard:

    Q: What do you do when your bass player has fallen into the pool?
    A: Throw in his amp.

    Peace – Deeve

  26. blue56 says:

    cmon its only a 70’s model — cant hurt a tele anyhooo

  27. Gitt4rs says:

    That’s funny! When I went to the NAMM Show in Anaheim some years back, that’s the very same question I asked a man who made replicas of the Vox Phantom guitar, and shared one of our client-endorsees (I was in MI PR, then) as he was showing me his latest gold’n’cream, top-of-the-range, Brian Jones model…’I beg your pardon?’ he replied. ‘I said: “Does it float?”‘ He stared back at me blankly. For a moment, I thought I might just have stepped over that little line…but then finally, to my relief he laughed! ‘That’s very cruel,’ he told me with a smile. ‘Well’ I said, ‘you’ve got to ask…’


    Don’t worry…I don’t believe that is a real Fender Tele.
    Front pickup is too big and too far away from the neck…and the decal is a stick-on.

  29. ringodingo ringodingo says:

    Is it because it has a floating bridge or something?

  30. Alamo Alamo says:

    You can save shipping cost — just let it float.

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