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Fender Guitar Headstock Shapes

Over the years Fender has created/used all manor of headstock shapes on their guitars and basses. Here is a listing of just about all of ’em.

Fender Headstocks
From the Top left to the bottom right:
Bass V, Bass VI, Bronco, Bullet, Bullet Bass, Coronado II, Coronado Bass,
Coronado XII, Duo Sonic, Electric XII, Jagstang, Jaguar, Jaguar Bass,
Jazz Bass, Jazzmaster, Lead I, Lead II, Mandocaster, Musicmaster.

Fender Headstocks
From the Top left to the bottom right:
Musicmaster Bass, Mustang, Mustang Bass, Precision Bass ’51, Precision Bass,
Performer, Starcaster, Stratocaster Large, Stratocaster Small, Swinger,
Esquire, Broadcaster, Nocaster, Telecaster, Telecaster Bass, Telecaster de
Luxe, Stratocaster Transition, 5 String Jazz.

NOTE: Known to be missing: Katana, Marauder, Lead III, Lead Bass, Bronco Bass, Jagstang Bass and Custom (and any others ??????)

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12 Responses to “Fender Guitar Headstock Shapes”
  1. twankster says:

    did don rich play a tele with a starcaster neck on it? it was on hee haw the song was johnny b goode. it was a red guitar looked almost like a mosrite. this has perplexed me ever since i saw this on hee haw.

  2. nasticanasta says:

    you also forgot the early 1970’s Telecaster bullet truss rods…

  3. blue56 says:

    What about the BASS V ?

  4. Is the John 5 headstock considered canon now?

  5. I have a Fender F-75 acoustic with a headstock like a Martin but with a little “V” cut out in the middle.

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