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Assorted Fender Factory Manuals

A very small group of Fender Factory Telecaster Manuals:

(Manuals above in Adobe PDF Format)

Sorry this list is so small. Why don’t you help us out. Send us a PDF of your Tele manual from the Fender Tele that you own. The older the better. Contact US via email if you have one you’d like to submit.

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2 Responses to “Assorted Fender Factory Manuals”
  1. twangsoul twangsoul says:

    Thank you to who ever put up the “Early Vintage Reissue Telecaster” manual. I bought mine used at a Guitar Center. I realized the 6 section bridge and figured that’s why they were letting it go for $900. When they brought out the case inside was the bridge cover. There was no manual. After reading it here now i know fender included both bridges. I don’t know if i can get the true vintage bridge but it would be nice.This guitar is sweet and plays like a bell.

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