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    Sorry Stratocaster—Springsteen’s a Tele Man

    bruce-springsteen-born-to-runWhen it comes to seriously iconic Telecasters (and Esquires), a few immediately spring to mind: George Harrison's rosewood. Roy Buchanan's Nancy. Keith Richard's Micawber. Jeff Beck's '54. Steve Cropper's '63. The list goes on an on, and it's fun debating which one is number one.  Somewhere near...

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    Are 3-D Printed T-Styles the Future?

    steampunk-3-1smallMuch of the time, the Winter NAMM show provides pretty much what you expect-a lot of cool guitars, rockstars and wannabe rockstars and the combined din of 300 Guitar Centers on a Saturday morning. But then, sometimes you run into something that can only be...

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    Michael Kelly 1950′s Guitars—Yowza!

    Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 11.01.07 AMMichael Kelly calls its philosophy "boutique within reach," and that's certainly the case with this new line of 1950s T-Style guitars. Designed in America and made in Korea, these T-styled axes look like a real bang for your buck. There are five models, each featuring an...

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    New T-Styles from Shabat

    Avi smallerAvi Shabat was a successful sound engineer when he got the guitar building bug, and it was all because of one bad bass. “I bought it in Germany. It turned out to be awful and had major problems that I couldn’t fix.” As luck would...

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    Fishman’s First Electric Pickup: The Fluence

    2621_mediumSince 1981, the go-to name for amplifying an acoustic has been Fishman. So why is it that after 33 years in business, Fishman is only now going electric? Founder Larry Fishman says there was a good reason for the delay—there were "plenty" of great electric pickups already...

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    Tim Lerch’s New Signature Mike Lull Guitar

    Tim-Lerch-LargeGuitarist Tim Lerch “had a romance” with Telecasters, but it took a while to blossom.  “A good Tele isn’t necessarily easy to play,” says Lerch. “Struggling with it is something that every player needs to learn how to do.” Now based in Seattle, Lerch spent...

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    Five Watt Class A with built in Tube Screamer

    IMG_4080As NAMM '14 fades away, we are left with nothing but sore feet, bags full of brochures, and a persistent buzz in our ears.  That convention center is loud, people. So keep that in mind, because none of us could actually hear how this new...

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    A new volume pedal from Fender

    Fender Volume PedalPerhaps you've mastered the Roy Buchanan volume swell*, but if your pinky can't seem to reach the knob, don't call your plastic surgeon. Perhaps a volume pedal is in order. Hey—if they're good enough for pedal steelers, they're good enough for you, right? New for 2014,...

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