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    Fender’s New Short Scale Teles?

    fender_4-620-80Fender has a new series of Telecasters out, and they're already coming up short. So what's the big deal? Actually, it's small: one and a half inches. That's the difference between a normal Tele's scale length (25.5") and their latest, the Modern Player Short Scale Telecaster (scale length...

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    Sound like 1956 with Magna-Sonic pickups

    guitar_closeup75If you play an electric solid body guitar today, you’re tipping your hat to Paul Bigsby, whether you know it or not. In 1948, Bigsby built what many believe to be the first modern solid body— a single pickup beauty for Merle Travis. After that, the...

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    New Micro-Sized Pedals from Fender

    fender-micro-sized-pedals-620x344Christmas is too far away to be talking about stocking stuffers, but if you're trying to get a jump on things, these new micro-sized pedals from Fender might be the ticket. In fact, why wait for Christmas? Buy one for that special someone (you) right now. First...

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    Turn your Tele into an Organ

    16Ever wanted your guitar to sound like an organ? Danny Gatton did—all he needed was an amp with vibrato, a pick and his fingers.  It's just that simple. (Providing you have monster technique.) Now, there's an easier solution in the form of a pedal: the Electro-Harmonix...

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    Builder Profile: Harden Engineering

    Harden-Broncobuster-07Bill Harden has a great background for a professional guitar builder. He worked in a machine shop. He worked in a cabinetry shop. He worked as a professional musician. Through it all, Harden was always a Tele man. But he was always “slightly dissatisfied” with...

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    Fender Balboa Orchestra Acoustic with Tele Neck

    Fender Balboa Orchestra NeckQuick: what is the best acoustic guitar you've ever played? If I were a betting man, I'd wager that you said Martin. Maybe Gibson. But definitely not Fender, right? Fender's first foray into acoustics goes back to 1963, when German Luthier Roger Rossmeisl designed the King and...

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    The Edge and Bono join Fender Board

    bono-sings-as-the-edge-plays-his-fender-guitar-1Fender Music Corp announced that U2's the Edge and Bono have joined the company's board of directors. “By adding The Edge and Bono to the board of Fender, we are taking an important step toward building a company that is able to meet its potential as a...

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    Guest Article: Fender’s American Design Experience

    american-design-logo-newThere’s an impending arrival in Amos Heller’s life that pretty much overshadows everything else. Home in Nashville between world tours playing bass in Taylor Swift’s band, Heller and his wife are expecting the birth of their first child. But another upcoming delivery has him excited too....

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