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    Fender Balboa Orchestra Acoustic with Tele Neck

    Fender Balboa Orchestra NeckQuick: what is the best acoustic guitar you've ever played? If I were a betting man, I'd wager that you said Martin. Maybe Gibson. But definitely not Fender, right? Fender's first foray into acoustics goes back to 1963, when German Luthier Roger Rossmeisl designed the King and...

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    The Edge and Bono join Fender Board

    bono-sings-as-the-edge-plays-his-fender-guitar-1Fender Music Corp announced that U2's the Edge and Bono have joined the company's board of directors. “By adding The Edge and Bono to the board of Fender, we are taking an important step toward building a company that is able to meet its potential as a...

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    Guest Article: Fender’s American Design Experience

    american-design-logo-newThere’s an impending arrival in Amos Heller’s life that pretty much overshadows everything else. Home in Nashville between world tours playing bass in Taylor Swift’s band, Heller and his wife are expecting the birth of their first child. But another upcoming delivery has him excited too....

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    Fender’s new Reclaimed Pine Tele

    description-1The northeastern part of the United States used to be blanketed by forests filled with eastern white pine.  Due to its straight trunk and height (growing up to 150 feet), this tree was prized by loggers. By the late 1800s, most of the forests, some...

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    Fender has a New Executive VP

    fenderFender has promoted Richard McDonald to Executive Vice President. He will be in charge of "unifying" all aspects of the brand, and will now oversee Fender acoustics and accessories, as well as electric guitars, amps, and pro audio equipment. McDonald most recently served as Senior Vice President....

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    Making T-types with Reclaimed Wood: Ron Kirn

    DSC_7941Ron Kirn built his  first guitar when he was 16. “I was mesmerized by Fender, but I grew up in a family of fine artists, so I have the artistic curse, and I decided I wanted to redo the body and make it look a...

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    Gibson’s new Memory Cable

    MC-Article_01How many great riffs, chord progressions and solos do you lose a week? It’s not a problem if you’re constantly recording, but for me, that means breaking out the microphones, firing up Garageband and…actually that’s it.  But that process can still be a royal pain....

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    Fender Gets Rid of Guild Brand

    GlobalLogoFender has announced plans to sell the Guild brand to Cordoba Music Group, a distributor of nylon string guitars and ukeleles  in the United States. Originally founded in 1952, Guild was purchased by Fender in 1995. During that time, Fender moved production from Rhode Island to Corona, California,...

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