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    1. BeatlesAreMyJam
      Hey Soulman! It has been a while since I've logged on here. How are things?

      Sorry to bother you but I just don't know who else to ask. I wonder if you can give me the number to Becky's Workshop in LA. I used to have it and I cannot find it anywhere on the internet.

      Much appreciated.


    2. peavey30
      Hi I read in a thread that you own the Egnater Tweaker 15 + cab 112x. I have a question about the weight of the cab. On the website of the Egnater the weight is 45 lbs. I believe that this weight is not correct because the weight of the 212x is 46 lbs. Do you know what the real weight is?
      1. soulman969
        The Egnater 1x12 cab is listed as weighing 30lbs as per the Sweetwater listing for it. The head weighs just 16lbs. The 1x12 combo itself is listed as weighing 40lbs so it must be a misprint. I'm actually using two 1x12 cabs that are not Egnater brand so I can't actually weigh one and can only depend on what is listed by a dealer but 30lbs seems about right. Maybe a little less.
        Feb 6, 2017
    3. Akille68
      They removed my 3d....this a good move to give an hand...
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    Englewood, CO
    Financial Consultant
    Your amps and other gear:
    Roland Blues Cube 60
    Roland Cube 40xl
    Bugera v5
    Egnater Tweaker
    Ampeg GVT-112e
    tc electronic BG250
    Zoom B3 Bass Preamp
    '00 CS 51 Nocaster
    '06 "Nashcaster"
    '95 MIM/Nashville
    '10 Squier CVC
    '14 Squier CVC FSR
    '15 Telecaster Custom
    '08 Epiphone '56 Gold Top
    '15 Epiphone ES345 "Lucille"
    '14 Taylor 214ce-dlx
    '09 CV Jazz Bass
    '12 CV Precision Bass

    '95 Roland Blues Cube 60
    '15 Egnater Tweaker
    '15 Ampeg GVT-112E Cab (2)
    '12 Line 6 Studio 10
    '12 TCE BG250 1x15
    '11 Bugera v5
    '14 Acoustic AG120S


    CS Nocaster, Nashcaster, Squier CVC, Squier CVC/FSR, Nashville Tele, LP '56 Gold Top, Epi Casino, G&L ASAT Spec., Taylor 214ce-dlx, Takamine GN93ce, BOSS Katana, Roland Blues Cube, Egnater Tweaker, G&L L2500, CV JBass, CV PBass, tc BG250 Bass Amp; Zoom B3.
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